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Google Ads (Google AdWords) Remarketing 2019

Google Ads (Google AdWords) Remarketing 2019

Many advertisers on Google ads struggle to
set up a Google remarketing campaign the right way. The reason being is that they don’t know
how to segment the list of the audience and how to include or exclude those audiences
from the remarketing list. So, in this video I’m going to show you how and why you should
set up your Google ads custom segment list in Google analytics. Hello, my name is Uzair and thanks for joining.
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one. In this video, I’m going to show you how to create your audience list for remarketing
purposes in Google analytics and then always can be important in a google ads so that you
have a dynamic list of those who you want to include in your list and those who you
want to exclude. What most people do is they put everybody in under all visitors and remarket
to them, and it’s not the best way to remarket and here’s why. Let me open up my notes and
here’s what you need to do. First, you need to make a list of those who you wish to include
in your campaign and those who wish to exclude. The exclude ones or the exclusion list, those
who bounced off the website. This is a list of people or visitors to your website who
bounce off within 5 seconds or less. If they have bounced, there’s no point in going after
them with your remarketing ads, you’re going to waste more money. So it’s best to exclude
them. The other ones to exclude, are converters , converters could be somebody who has already
signed up, made a purchase on your website or taken any other call to action you want
them to take. Again, if they’ve converted, you don’t need to remarket to them with the
same offer or the product. So, let’s concentrate on the include list doors, who you wish to
include in your campaign, and how I would set my list. So what I do is I would include
those who achieved a micro goal. A micro goal could be certain time on site, visited number of pages,
maybe viewed a video, downloaded a pdf or a white paper or anything like that. I want
to go after them because they have not quite crossed the line. They’re not quite converted,
but they have showed interest, um, in my product or service. So definitely I want to improve,
these people in my, in my list. So then what I do is I set up a remarketing campaign and
then I would have separate ad groups. So I would have one ad group which will be for
site abandoned 3 days, another ad group abandoned 15 days, another one side abandoned
30 days. Now you can remarket for more than 30 days as well. But it all depends on your
niche and industry. For some businesses, the conversions happen within a very short period
of time. Whereas in other industries i.e like when somebody is buying a house or a car or
a high value item, the conversion time could be a lot longer. So you can remarket for a
longer period of time should you wish to. But the process is the same. The reason why
I would separate these out in this way is first of all my bidding, I can bid very aggressively
over here. Let’s say if I got, my bid over here as $2 for argument’s sake.
So what I’m doing is I want to target those people who gave came to my website and then
left but did not bounce, right? So they are the site and maybe viewed a couple of pages
or spent a certain amount of time. So I want to follow them with my ads. So the first three
days of them going off my website, I will bid very aggressively and you’ll see other
companies do to you when you go onto Amazon or Ebay and then you don’t buy that product.
You will see that product follow you all over the place. Right? So we are bidding extremely
aggressively because that is where we want the conversion to happen fairly quickly. Your
company, product or service is fresh in the minds and they’re more likely to come back
and buy again from you. Then bidding or bid less aggressively, let’s say we go to a dollar.
So then after on day 15, I would then follow them with my remarketing campaign ads and
they will drop into my ad group which has got the abandoned 15 days list, right? So
they’ve gone from the first ad group and now they’ve gone into the next one and this happens
automatically. So I’m going to bid a little bit less aggressively. And then from the 16
to day 30 if they haven’t converted over here I bide a bit less. So it could be fifty cents
or something like that. So setting up a campaign like this and this structure, you can then
have different messages or products. If they did not buy your original offer, then you
can set up an ad for offer one, if they did not take up on that. You can try something
different so you can be as creative as you like. And the creativity in creating these campaigns
is only limited by your imagination as to who to include, who to exclude. The time as
to when you want them to go from one group to the other. So it really is a very sophisticated,
yet very simple way of putting ads in front of somebody who has not converted but has
shown a fair amount of interest in your product or services. So in the following videos, I’m
going to show you a list of your audiences, which will be custom segmented in Google Analytics
and we’re going to create a list for bouncers, then we will have site abandon 3 days, site
abandon 15 days and the last one is the 30 day list and we’re gonna put in our converters as well.
But you can have asked me the more audience lists as you want to create in Google Analytics
and these lists than get imported into AdWords for us to remarket to them and some of them
will be included and some of them will be excluded from each one of these ad groups.
So that’s it for this video. I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you in the next one. If
you have any questions or comments about this video or would like me to create other videos
similar to this one, then please put your comment in the comment box below and I’ll
do my best to create a video for you. Thanks for joining in and I really do appreciate
it and I’ll see you hopefully very soon in the next one. Bye for now.

25 thoughts on “Google Ads (Google AdWords) Remarketing 2019

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