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Google Ads (Google AdWords) Quality Score

Google Ads (Google AdWords) Quality Score

We all know the importance of Quality Score
of your keywords for your Google Ads campaigns. But with all the recent changes in Google
Ads, especially with machine learning and artificial intelligence, how important is
quality score right now in 2019. So let’s go a bit deeper as to what Google says about
quality score right now. Hello I’m Uzair and thanks for joining in.
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take a look at the definition of Quality Score, what Google says. So we all know that it is
made up on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. So as for the
Google Ads help centre, they define it as Quality Score is an estimate of the quality
of your ads, keywords and landing pages. That is made up of these three components, right?
Higher quality scores can lead to lower prices and better acquisitions or ad rank, which
is fine. And you can see your quality score recorded on a one to 10 scale. Now we go down
a bit further and say it’s your quality score is an aggregated estimate of your overall
performance and ad auctions. And it is not used at auction time to determine
ad rank. Now I know a lot of us fuss very much about quality score and we sometimes
see three out of 10, but that keyword is performing really well, so how does that work? So right
now in 2019 what Google is saying is that this metric is not taken into account at the
auction time. So what they’re saying is the 1 to 10 quality score shown in your account
is an aggregated estimate of your overall performance in your ad auctions and not at
that particular point in time. Therefore, it can be used at auction time to determine
ad rank. Real time auction specific quality calculations of expected click through rate,
ad relevance and landing page experience among other factors, are used to calculate ad rank
and auction time. So these factors which are based on things not only at the time of the
auction can heavily influence the quality of the user’s experience. And that’s what you need to now think about,
and the most important thing which I would highly recommend is this, more and more of
your impact which is going to have on your campaigns is through the landing page experience
because Google wants to give the user a great landing page experience. If your website or
your landing pages are very slow to load up, you will end up paying a very heavy price
in organic rankings as well as in paid ads because with more and more people using the
smartphone and the smaller devices, it is absolutely critical that you, you have a very
fast loading website. And for that I would get you to look at AMP, which is the accelerated
mobile pages and that will help you get a great user experience on your landing pages.
Obviously the click through rate and ad relevance is important as well, if you have got your keywords in the ads and
make your ads more relevant, you are going to get a higher click through rate. So the
landing page experience is totally in your hands, because you can make it really good
or really bad. And then if you have done all the things which Google is asking you to do,
you will increase the conversions. As simple as that. You know having a faster page load
time increases the conversion rates. So if you are asking people to take a specific call
to action, be it to sign up to a form or make a purchase on your website, then make sure
that your websites are lightning fast and they load up fast and it’s easy to navigate,
the headings and the message is crystal clear. So when somebody lands on your pages or on
that specific page, that is absolutely clear as to what you offer and what you are all
about. So have a look at your landing page experience. Go to the Google page speed test
and try your landing page and if it is a bit slow. Then you need to speak with your web
masters to get it right. So that’s it for this video. I hope you enjoyed it and I look
forward to seeing you and the next one. Bye for now.

4 thoughts on “Google Ads (Google AdWords) Quality Score

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  2. I have a very difficult time with google choosing the right ads to show and by choosing the wrong ads to display for a keyword, it goes to the wrong landing page, which turns to decrease CTR, Reduce Quality score and increase bounce ratio.

    Typical Example:

    ADS keyword
    1. ADS12 ——————–[Buy shoes]

    2. ADS34——————–[Buy shoes in Poland]

    Noting that these are exact keywords match to particular ads

    When some one searches on google or using diagnostics in google.

    These are the results you get below:

    ADS keyword
    1.ADS34 ——————–[Buy shoes]

    2. ADS12——————–[Buy shoes in Poland]

    How can I fix this so i can get the right CRT, Increase quality score and reduce bounce ratio:

  3. Hi sir
    Thank you for the wonderfull video
    Im working in googleads
    But i have problem the ad not working all day and when i search on google it say that
    Your ad leads to a similar or identical landing page as another competing, higher ranking ad
    How can i solve this problem
    Thank yyou

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