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Google Ads (Google Adwords ) Nedir?

Google Ads (Google Adwords ) Nedir?

Google Ads in this video So formerly We’ll talk about Google AdWords. Friends Google Adwords is a digital advertising platform. So.. here.. There are advertising models that we can open over the internet. With different ad models in Google AdWords we can bring our products or services together with our customers. For example; Search Ads Search ads are the ads shown on the results page. Search ads are the most widely used ad model on Google. Because google results page we all use. No matter what product we are looking for … When we search for anything on Google at the top of the result page listed Google Ads ranked first or third and writes AD with a green writing on the edge. For example, when we write “plumber” we see people advertising the word plumber in the advertising section. ads are also listed according to an ad rank. and charged accordingly. therefore, people searching on Google usually because it clicks on the ads that appear at the top here you can reach your customers. Suppose you have a website. You’re gonna have to drive traffic. There are certain methods of attracting traffic. For example, social media or per-click ads Like Google ads ads. Or blog sites, promotions, etc. In fact, Google ADS is one of the biggest channels you can get traffic from. That is Google Adwords. You can create per-click ads in Google AdWords. you have specific keywords … … clicking on these words will reduce your click balance from your budget. We call it ads per click. Google Adwords also has different ad models. For example, ads per sale, ads per acquisition Shopping ads, Gmail Ads Display Ads There are different advertising models according to different business models. What business concept you have is important Which advertising model suitable for you. After determining this in the relevant concept ads. Using Google AdWords is absolutely free. Entering Google AdWords’s own website opening an adwords account,
Start advertising on Google But here to advertise required technical knowledge and training in your first campaigns unnecessarily, you spend a lot of budget. For example, if you don’t know what cost-per-click is, or if you don’t know which keyword to advertise you may experience too much budget loss. To avoid spending unnecessary budgets you can work with an expert, agency. In this way, your job will be professional and … you don’t waste your budget. Otherwise, your money could go to the trash. For example, if you are advertising for the first time different from the keywords you write for the ad users can come from words.
Click your ad. Therefore, because irrelevant words are generated and irrelevant clicks come, your balance, your budget may end soon. This is one of the first things that will happen to you. This is because you don’t set your keywords to match exactly. Exact match is: Show my ads if only the keyword you type is written. For example you “samsung j7” key
When you advertise with, if you make it exactly matched, is shown only when this word is typed. If you do broad match … phone, mobile phone, mobile phone case. Since this will be shown in different words such as ridiculous irrelevant clicks happen and irrelevant customers come. Your budget ends quickly. Google Adwords is fully focused on finishing your budget. Because you’ll finish your budget, you’ll upload new balance. finish, upload new balance The system works this way … So if you’re not optimizing your budget You may be wasting your money … Google shopping ads,
It is the advertising model used by e-commerce sites. This ad model includes product image, product name, vendor, and product price. These shopping ads are usually displayed with images at the top of the search results. or on the Google Shopping tab. Therefore, the product picture can be viewed directly in these shopping ads clickthrough rates are high and suitable for e-commerce sites. If you have an e-commerce site, I recommend using Google shopping ads. Another ad model is the Display Network. Display network, display is an advertising network where banner designs are published. Using the display network,
In Google’s partners, or Adsense publishers we can show our ads. For example, on a blog about automotive automotive products on our website. Making banner designs related to automobiles, using google display network we may display our banners on these websites. When making banner ads,
It is very important to make different sizes. If we use the Responsive Ad model that Google has provided to us … the creative template we’re writing opens compatible with all devices. When talking about Google AdWords,
We need to talk about Youtube. Because all the ads you see on Youtube
It is issued via Google Adwords. Since Google is on Youtube, all of the work here is done through the Google Ads panel. What is your target audience, interest? Friends, by age, by gender, by educational background, by parenting status we may select an audience on Google based on the region it lives in and location. We can show ads to any country, any city. If your business is limited to that city, we can only show ads specific to that city. For example, suppose we are a carpet cleaning company. Let’s just imagine that we serve the city of Sinop. We can only prepare for Sinop, visible to the people in Sinop. I’ll share more specific information about Google adwords in the future. So if you have not subscribed to my channel,
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