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Google Ads (Google Adwords) Conversion Tracking

Google Ads (Google Adwords) Conversion Tracking

Hello, to run any kind of paid advertising
effectively, you must track your conversions. That’s what you’ve always been told. So when
we are running AdWords, and we try and set up conversion tracking. Why is there an option
to include or not to include these conversions in your conversions column. And this creates
a fair bit of confusion. So in this video I’m going to demystify this, when you should
include it and when you shouldn’t include it. Keep watching. Hello and thanks for joining in. My name is
Uzair and if you like videos like this one, please subscribe to our channel, where we
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So lets go to the topic of conversion tracking. When you are trying to set up a conversion,
why do you have this option? Why isn’t this mandatory where it is always included in the
conversions? Well there are two types of conversions in AdWords. One is micro and macro, which
I’m going to talk about in a bit, but let’s go back to our interface and you see a column
here for conversions. Obviously this is a test account, so there isn’t any data in here,
but when you go under your modified columns and go in to conversions, you also see another
one called all conversions. So this is what most people don’t have it selected. So what
you want to be doing is when you are tracking different kinds of conversions, you want all
of these to be shown so that you can see what’s happening
and you’ve got all the other options, like conversion, value per cost, conversion value
per click or value per conversion. So it depends on what you are tracking. So you can select
or deselect whichever columns you want. So these four and these three, are more than
good enough if you are tracking or running GDN, [Google Display Network] campaigns, then
click on the view through conversion as well as for the video campaigns as well. So this
one I’m going to, keep it unchecked. And what I tend to do is I’ll just name it so that
I don’t have to keep going in here and keep selecting it, it will save it as my default
view. So now I’ve got my all conversions, cost per conversion, conversion value. Now
if you want to rearrange them, all you need to do is to go back in there and from here
you can go all conversions to be together and your cost, so you can just drag them up or down, however
you want to view your campaigns. So that’s all good. I can rewrite it or overwrite it.
Now I’ve got my columns the way I want to see. So we’ve got our conversion and we’ve
got our all conversions. What’s the difference? So let me explain this to you. I’m going to
bring up my notepad. Now they are two types of conversions, one is called the micro conversions
and the other one is called the macro conversions. Okay. So we’ve got both our conversion. So
what a macro conversion is. It could be a sale, a lead, sign up to your newsletter or
to your blog post, email, subscribers, somebody who downloads a piece of content when they subscribe or
any other kind of conversions which you may have set up. So that is the call to action
which you want someone to take when they visit your website, the conversion rate of macro
conversions are usually quite low. So for e-commerce websites, it could be one or two
percent and the majority of the traffic, just going away without converting, you may have
a higher percentage when somebody signs up to your lead magnet or become an email subscriber
or any other call to action which you want them to take. This is where we can track with
micro conversions, the likelihood of someone converting into your main or your macro conversion.
So when someone comes to your website and they bounce off after five seconds or 10 seconds,
they are never going to convert no matter what you give away and what you offer. Even if it’s a free gift, they will never
convert full stop. So what we want to do is keep more of the good ones to see whether
our campaign is heading in the right direction or not. So the micro conversions could be
someone who watches a video on our website, stays for two or more minutes per session,
visits let’s say three plus pages per visit or any other kind of goal which you can set
up in Google analytics and then remarket to them through that. So the conversion rate
over here would be quite a bit higher than the macro conversions. So then what you want
to be doing is targeting these audiences to get even more conversions over here. So the
micro conversions, they go under the all conversions column and the macro conversion goes just
under conversions. So we don’t want to include these conversions in the main conversion because
it’s really going to fog up our conversion rate. You will see that the conversion rate just
jumps up quite a bit, which is not a true reflection of the actual conversion. So if
you went to your client and said, well you’ve a got 15 percent conversion rate, your client’s
going to around and say, well, no because I haven’t got 15 leads or signups or whatever
sales. So what you need to do separate these two out and this is where, when we go back
over here to our conversion action when you are about to set up. So lets say, you say
this is a two plus minutes per session. I save that and then I’ll just go through that.
And when I go into here, I’m not going to include this in my conversions because this
is, I’m going to go in the conversion column this says over here, include these conversions
in your conversions column. So if this was a lead or a signup or a sale, an actual conversion
or a macro conversion, then you are going to include this in conversions. So I hope
this helped you understand when and where, you should not include your micro or macro
conversions. So thanks for joining in. If you have any questions, you know what to do,
put it in the comment box below and I’ll be happy to answer them for you. That’s it for
now. I’ll see you in our other videos. Bye for now.

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  2. Thnx sir ji🙏🙏ye conversion ka lafda jyada palle nahi pada😢but kabhi na kabhi mere bhi samajh me aa hi jayega😁

  3. Hello
    I just checked your video.
    thanks for teaching me.
    I want to ask a question.
    I have a Raise bid script file.
    I want to insert here get all conversion function such as
    while(iter.hasNext()) {

    var kw = iter.next();

    var stats = kw.getStatsFor(DATE_FROM, DATE_TO);

    var cost = stats.getCost();

    var conv = stats.getConversions();

    //I want to use getAllConversions() method. how can I use that?
    var cpa = cost / conv;

    if(cpa >= CPA_BELOW) { continue; }



    I want you to teach me.
    thank you

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