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Google Ads Full Tutorial For 2019 – How to Grow Your Business With Google Ads

Google Ads Full Tutorial For 2019 – How to Grow Your Business With Google Ads

Hey, what is up guys it’s Rafael here your seven-figure e-commerce coach And today we’re gonna touch the topic of Google ads and we’re gonna talk about the best Google ad secrets or the best Google ads ads techniques for 2019 A lot of people other gurus are teaching you only Facebook ads only focus on winning products only There’s a lot more to this business. There’s a lot of more ways to make a lot more money with way less costs less worry less stress and more profits I’m gonna teach you right now the things that you need to focus on For Google Ads how to make a lot of money on them and how my students are my clients are Making money on Google ads Before we jump on this video Remember to subscribe to this channel like this video if you enjoyed it, and that’s it Alright, so as you can see here in Google ads, this is one of my accounts from one of my students. He has 44 clicks 4540 impressions at a CPC of 62 right? Well the $27 spend on his campaign for the day and remember it’s like 10 in the morning right now when I’m doing this video So it’s gonna spend a lot more than that throughout the day So as you can see here in the smart shopping campaign, there’s two ways to do campaigns on Google well There’s a lot of ways to do campaigns on Google the one that I recommend you start off with if you’ve never done a Google Ads campaign it’s a smart shopping campaign from Google and the way you do that is you go to the app section on your store and then in the app store for Shopify you’re gonna download the app called Google Shopping and Google Shopping What you can do is essentially do everything from that back end. You can set up your Google Ads account You can set up your Google merchant account as you can see here It’s very very customizable and very easy for you to set everything up You don’t have to you know The old way was setting over merchant account setting up a Google Ads account Connecting them through Adwords and it takes a little bit of time to get the process through this way It’s very very easy and very simple for any beginner to get started so once you start out at Google Shopping once you start the Google Shopping app You’re gonna have to upload your products and it’s gonna take a little bit for them to get approved So as you can see here, it takes up to 10 business days for Google to approve a pending product. So Right now, it’s Christmas right? It’s almost Christmas. There’s a Wii six six days left It’s gonna be even more volume of requests from people wanting to sell on Google So it’s gonna probably take longer maybe 10 to 15 days what you want to do is start out today and Download the Google Shopping ad upload all your products to Google Shopping so that they get approved for 2019 right when you start off the new year you start off right with all those Google products approved So what you want to do is you want to go to Google? Smart shopping section and create a campaign as you can see here The smart shopping campaign that I’m running total at spin is 97 total sales are 180 GBP. This is in pounds That’s about two hundred and thirty two hundred and forty dollars. So for every dollar that we’re spending we’re making 232 right for every dollar that we spent on this particular campaign We’re making 2 dollars and 32 cents which is absolutely mind-blowing right some some people get excited over a facebook ROAS of 150 of 180 of you know, maybe – we’re getting a 2.30 – Consistently here ready to point 32 consistent ras on Google through the Google Shopping app and the Google Shopping campaign Now this is only 100 dollars spent and this has been through the past two days, right this student just started Google Ads And they just started it, you know yesterday So the fact that in two days, you can be profitable through Google by just spending a hundred dollars, right? you don’t need thousands and thousands of dollars like gurus say like Facebook Ads guys say you just need 100 bucks and now you make 232 and you’re absolutely crushing another way to do it would be to go on the Google section and click the campaign section and Create a regular shopping campaign. So how you create that is you create a new campaign here on the left and Then you click shopping Sales smart shopping, then you click standard shopping not smart shopping smart shopping. You already created one You already create a 1 through Shopify. You created a smart shopping one and now to create a standard regular shopping you continue that and Then after you click there, it’s gonna take a little bit to load. But now essentially you answer the I am campaign number one test and then bit settings All you want to do here is click madam eyes clicks and then maximum CPC bit you want to set this off at 80? Cents to a dollar I recommend around 85 cents. It’s pretty good to start off that with click maximize clicks there’s a lot of people saying that you should put Manuals should be see that gives you really really high CBC’s i’ve seen in my experience, you know I’ve won hundreds of students doing this doing google ads and my clients doing them on high volumes So maximize clicks is a better one. Trust me then What you want to do for budget is you want to start out with like ten to twenty dollars in the beginning the first couple? The first 24 hours is gonna start spending very slowly But if you set out like fifty dollars a day The next 48 hours is gonna boom it’s gonna blow past that budget because it’s it’s a daily budget Based on the day. So it’s gonna be fifty dollars today if it doesn’t spend that fifty dollars It’s gonna spend the remaining tomorrow. So it’s fifty dollars every 24 hours So you kind of have to be careful there if you want to do you know twenty dollars here you can do twenty dollars then campaign priority what you want to do is set both too high right said the smart shopping one from Shopify from Google shopping on high and then this one set it on high what that means is that when somebody searches for a keyword, let’s say they search for Digital camera on Google the campaign that has a high priority is the one that’s gonna pop up first So if you leave this one at low, it’s not gonna pop up at all. Right, so you want to go ahead and do high then search that work you want to take that out and the location is obviously depending on what countries you want to sell to you can go ahead and do that save and continue and Then the ad group name. We’re just gonna put ad group number one save and That’s done. The new campaign has been added to the old campaigns and now it’s gonna start spending in the next you know 12 to 48 hours and that’s essentially those two campaigns are the ones that you have to basically fight or Go against each other so you want to have a smart shopping campaign from the Shopify back-end right here the Google Shopping app and then you want to have a regular shopping campaign from Google there’s other ways to do campaigns on Google which is search and how you do that is you go to the campaign section all campaigns and you Want to do the same thing create a new campaign. You can create them all from AdWords You don’t have to keep creating them from the Google Shopping app on Google. That is the first one, right? I’m talking to a lot of beginners here So I know that when you start off with google shopping create it off of the smart shopping one on on Shopify I’m the Shopify Google app Yeah, and the Shopify Google app, but then when you start creating other campaigns who want to do them from the AdWords section So what you do here is you create a new campaign You go to search sales again Select the weights you’d like to reach your goal. Obviously website visits you type in your business website I’m gonna put in here my coaching website. I’m not gonna put the students website San figure shop comm Yeah, if you go to seven finger shop comm there’s a special free training that you can get All right so sales search and then you want to take you want to just put search Network and you want to take out Display Network and Their locations obviously you choose your location budget I’m gonna put $10 a day and For audiences, what you can do here is basically select them based on demographics targeting a specific interest that they have specific websites that they visit you want to do that if you want to test that you can obviously test that for example You can also do remarketing obviously how they’ve interacted with your business before but who they are You can choose education if you’re doing college students, if you’re doing people that are home owners you can target through here That’s a great way one of my students in my myface group was asking Hey, how can I get group a homeowners through Facebook? Well, that’s harder now. It’s very easy to do on Google So that’s that’s you know, Google has more data on that. Well, they both have the same data. It’s just Facebook at that scandal so Google can you can still target homeowners through here now when it comes to the The ads the actual ads that you’re gonna create for the campaign here You want to do bidding based on conversions and then cost per action you can set that but that’s like setting a manual bid for For Facebook. So at first you want to leave it off and then see how it spends the first hour That’s why I recommend keeping budgets low, see how it spends the first day and then from there on set a target cost per action What you want to do for the ad is we’re gonna set it up right now in just a little bit and Then the ad group so that well before we go on to the ad the ad group keywords This is where the targeting comes in right the targeting and that you do on Facebook. This is how it works on Google So what you want to do is choose keywords that are not too broad so you don’t want to choose huge keywords, like for example if you’re selling Let’s say you’re selling cameras, right? You’re selling camera. You don’t want to do here camera book Because one people are searching for just camera are probably not super intended to buy a camera Like I talked to my free masterclass Like there’s active buyer intent And then there’s inactive or latent buyer intent on Google You want to target that active buyer intent, but the thing with active buyer is it depends a lot on the keywords, right? you can’t just put camera or Whatever what I was selling swimsuits. This is a great story when I was selling swimsuits back in in the summer I had one guy a one agency when Google Ads agency come in and all they did was take keywords like swimsuit bikini summer suit things like that and just put them all on there and What we had was you know It was sad, but in one day we spent five hundred dollars with I think it was like five clicks, you know We because one these keywords are way too broad We didn’t get any cell is obviously off them and to the competition is so high For these keywords is ridiculous. If you go and search for let’s say swimsuit on Google You’re gonna have mass competitors, it’s like American Eagle is on here. There’s these, you know cup she Venus. These are huge players a so’s You know you have massive players on your Bloomingdale’s You’re not gonna compete against these guys. If you’re a new Shopify store owner, you’re not gonna compete against massive keywords now if you do long tail and very very targeted keywords, for example if you sell Red high-waisted swimsuits, right someone that looks for a red high waisted swimsuit is Probably in the market to buy a red high waisted swimsuit And what you want to do is put them as a phrase match not as a broad match like that or as an exact match with the little Little things on the side of the keywords So essentially that is you have to go for those long tail those not general but a very specific high active buyer intent right someone I just searched for a camera isn’t gonna buy a camera someone that searches for cheap cameras or affordable cameras In New York They want to buy a camera in New York right and you can target them by location, too So you can just do it at affordable cameras in New York and then put a special for New York So right something like that, right? Yeah, I don’t know the types of businesses that you guys have the tightest niches But you can drop them down in a comment below and I can tell you some more tips But yeah, this is how you do it, right? you do the phrase match instead of doing the broad match because if you just do the broad match then The broad match. Oh and what I want to say too is if you do a broad match on this, for example That is a very very bad mistake to do because broad match will take whatever keyword triggers, right? So if cameras triggers a search That’s that’s what Google is gonna give you an ad for right? It’s you have to do the phrase match I’ll explain those more in detail later on about keywords in Google But you have to do the phrase match because then if you don’t if someone just searches for New York your ad can pop up Right because it’s a broad match. It picks, whatever keyword it wants So you want to do that the phrase one. Anyway after you go onto that you just click save and continue and Now we’re going to talk about the ads a little bit or a copywriting how your ads need to look like So what you want to do for ads is look to your competitors. So let’s say I want to sell a red swimsuit our Red swimsuit. I Go ahead and look what my competitors are doing. So for example, this one women’s swimwear and cover-ups at Neiman Marcus You know, that’s it’s a big brand people people know what that means. I want to go a little bit more targeted so let’s go with Let’s go with toys for Christmas toys toys for kids Christmas And now let’s see if anything pops up boom right Toys for Tots seven days until Christmas toys are Most popular children’s toys holiday toy list from Amazon Right you get inspiration from your competitors from people that are bidding first on these keywords Those are the ones that you want to Want to take basically inspiration and we’re right here copy off of don’t copy them straight off Don’t rip them off, but take it as inspiration And I forgot to say this in the beginning but the difference between shopping and search is this right? This is shopping these are the shopping ads and all you need is like a good capturing image and These are search ads if you want to learn more about them there’s a free training in the description below but that’s essentially the two types of ads that you want to run and The ways that you do them, so that’s basically it that’s those are the ones you need to start running I want you to test them all together Search campaign smart shopping campaign and then regular shopping game page see which one works the best and then scale that to the moon We’re scaling this, you know what am I what am I my own stores were scaling it to about two thousand dollars in Spend per day on Google I want to scale it past that it’s a little bit hard to scale past that it’s easier to scale on Facebook But now a lot of people are competing on Facebook A lot of people are just like throwing all this traffic at facebook facebook facebook You can do it on Google and be in your competition, right? You can beat that competition through Google and absolutely crush them Thank you so much for watching this video If you liked it Give me a thumbs up down below subscribe to this channel and check out the free training in the first link in the scription I appreciate your watching this check out the other videos here and I’ll keep if you like this video Let me know in the comments. So I make more Google ads Videos and I keep you know teaching you guys the secrets to crush it in 2019. Thank you for watching I will see you in the next one

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