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Google Ads for Flooring Retailers Explained by Ex Googler | Smart Partnerships

Google Ads for Flooring Retailers Explained by Ex Googler | Smart Partnerships

(energetic music) – Today is the very best
day there has ever been to be in the floor covering business. On the Floor with John Weller How you doing Todd, welcome to Sarasota. I see that you’ve settled in very nicely with your short pants. Todd is the CEO of
AdHawk in New York City, he’s down here on vacation
and he was gracious enough to come spend some time
during his vacation and hang out with us at FloorForce. – Yeah, I got to get out of the snow, we had, I think, eight
inches of snow in New York. So coming down to Florida,
had to rock the shorts. – Awesome man, so let’s get into it. So, for people who
don’t know Todd’s story, Todd was a Googler, worked at Google and worked on the AdWords team. And I gotta ask the
question, what prompted you, what inspired you to start
AdHawk and actually jump out of the work heaven environment? – Yeah, so a little on my background, and then I’ll get into that. So my confounder and I both came from the AdWords team at
Google, there we worked with, you know, thousands
of small businesses, helping them grow their AdWords accounts from a couple hundred dollars
a day to a couple thousand to tens of thousands of dollars a day. And our job was to help
them do that profitably. Google’s a great place to work, right? You can sit on beanbags,
you get a free lunch. There’s really nothing not to like. The real honest truth is, if
you wanna have a bigger impact, if you wanna do more than
just your day to day job, you wanna kind of get into
the grind a little bit, have an impact with individual businesses, dive a little deeper,
really help them explore the opportunities outside of just Google, you obviously can’t do that within Google. So, for us, we knew that
Facebook was important. We know that AdWords is important. We know that websites are
important for customers. And it’s really, you’re
kind of pigeonholed a little bit while working at Google. – What would you say to a
flooring retailer who says, hey man, I’ve tried AdWords,
I’ve actually done it twice. It doesn’t work in my market, and it just doesn’t work for us. – Yeah, I would say a
couple of things, right? When people come to us and say that, we’re able to look under the hood and within a couple of minutes,
identify why it didn’t work. So, the first thing I would look at, if you think it doesn’t
work in your market, I would really look at
yourself in the mirror and say, did I give this a professional
and expert level setup? Was I optimizing this every
single day or every single hour? Or did I just watch a YouTube video online and try to get this set up? So, at it’s core, was it set up correctly? I think something we’ve done
really well for customers that say that is do an audit, right? Data speaks for itself, so
we can look in the account, and say, hey, here are the
five reasons why it didn’t work and actually give you an honest answer if it’s gonna work for you in the future. But I’ve seen AdWords, I’ve
seen AdWords specifically in this industry work
for over 700 retailers, so I’d be really hard pressed
to say it doesn’t work. Now, you might get a higher
CPA based on your location just because it’s more competitive or you might get a lower
CPA in your location. But to say it doesn’t work and
you can’t do it profitably, I mean look at Google, right? They’re a massive
business, we see hundreds of flooring retailers doing it well. You just might have to
take a different strategy than what you’re typically used to. We have some retailers
that search campaigns work really well. We have some retailers
where marketing works well, call only ads, Gmail
ads, and that’s also part of why you need to work
with, you know, an expert. Because there are so
many options out there. Almost too many options that, yes, search might not work for you or marketing might not work for you,
but you need to know all of the options that are available before you just say,
this isn’t going to work. Because the truth is, if this isn’t gonna work, then what’s gonna work? You’re not gonna advertise
in the Yellow Pages anymore. You know, Google really is
where people do their searching, they type in, flooring store near me. Or they type in, you know,
buy hardwood flooring, you need to be there. – So Todd, I think we have
about 700 flooring retailers that we now work on together with AdWords. You know, and I think
about this all the time and we do a lot of testimonial videos, but in your mind, does any story stick out as one where we really
did have an impact on one of these flooring retailers
that you wanna talk about? – Yeah we actually had a
flooring retailer come to us, that you brought to us, I
think about two years ago. They were managing themselves, they were kind of hesitant to
work with us, if you remember. But they came to us, I think their CPA was about 60 dollars per lead. Came to us and the account
was done pretty well, right? It was optimized well but we knew for sure that if we put technology and
algorithms to the account, we could see better performance. And I remember, after about two months, after, you know, we were working together on the account, we saw the CPA drop from about 60 dollars to 35 dollars. And when I looked at how that
was done with our algorithm, I mean we really leveraged the data that you guys provided
us on the location level. So what happened was, they
were targeting this one city but what they weren’t doing is using what’s called location bid adjustments across all the small neighborhoods. So instead of targeting
one city with one bid, what we were doing was
targeting over 150 neighborhoods with individual bid adjustments that were changing on an
hourly or daily basis. And then, on top of that,
with some of the information you guys provided us, we were actually layering income levels on top of that. So we kind of leverage
the power of demographics of customers that we have at
scale that you provided us on top of the bid adjustments
we’re able to do in AdWords and we saw the CPA decrease
by about 50 percent. – We do AdWords right now with about 50 percent of our clients. So there’s 50 percent of our clients, over 500 of them have never done AdWords, have never done digital marketing. So, being that you’re an
ex-Googler and you’re here, I’d love to hear just the basics from a very high level
view, how does AdWords work? And if you’ve never done it
before, what should you expect in your first endeavor of
advertising on Google’s platform? – Yeah, so AdWords works,
when someone types something into Google, there’s text ads on top of the Google search results. Now the really awesome
thing about AdWords is it’s pay per click, sometimes
in the industry known as PPC. And what that means is you
only pay when a customer actually clicks on your ad
and gets to your website. So you don’t pay for
customers just to see it, you know, you think about billboards and other things like that,
you’re paying for impressions or people to see it, they’re
not actually physically visiting your store or visiting your online store, your website. Whereas with Google,
you’re actually paying for someone to come to your website. So it’s a much more qualified visit than your typical billboard or Yellow Pages ad or something like that. Now once you launch your
first AdWords campaign, I gotta be honest, you shouldn’t expect results three days in. Anyone that promises you that
is selling you snake oil. You know, once you launch
your AdWords campaign, it takes time to optimize
it, find the right audience because we don’t wanna just get you leads. It’s important to get quality leads, if they’re not quality
leads, your phone will ring with people asking you nonsense questions and kind of wasting your time. So, I tell all retailers and businesses that are just starting
up, the first 30 days is all about data gathering. Making sure we have the
right data on your customers, on the demographics, on what
a qualified lead means to you. You know, 30 to 60 days
is really optimizing and trimming the fat,
trimming all the wasted spend, really narrowing focus in on the most qualified customer for you. And then from then on out,
I would say about 70 days or so on it’s kind of a race
of, how can we push the needle? How can we move the budget? How can we get more leads into the funnel? And that’s kind of how we look at it, but again, the really great
thing about AdWords is, at bare minimum, these people
are clicking on your ad, going to your website, and
learning more about you. Sometimes we can track these leads, right? If they call you, we can track that lead. If they fill out a form,
we can track that lead. If they don’t do either of
those, we can run retargeting which is when that ad follows
them around the internet and says, hey, don’t forget we offer this really awesome flooring,
come back to our website. But I think the one thing
that I’ve heard most from retailers is they’ve seen
their in-store traffic go up. So a customer can go to your
website, click on your ad and decide, alright,
this is really awesome, I’m not gonna call them right
now but I’m going that way, I’m gonna pass their office
when I go to work tomorrow, maybe I’ll stop in their store. So there’s this brand
initiative with Google, with AdWords as well, this brand awareness that isn’t very trackable
but from what we’ve seen over the last, you know, couple of years, it’s pretty impactful. – The number one question
I get from retailers when we’re having a
conversation about AdWords is, I’m a retailer, I’ve never done AdWords. It scares me to death, what should my budget be to start doing AdWords? – Yeah, it’s definitely a tough question and we definitely get asked this a lot. I think, in order to
come up with your budget, you should first look at
what is your goal, right? Like what are you trying to accomplish? Is it five qualified leads every month? Is it 20 qualified leads every month? And then based on that, we
have a ton of historical data from the 700 somewhat retailers
that we’re working with, you know the conversion rates that, you know, we see on the website. We can analyze the website traffic, the cost per clicks in the location and then we can actually
back out an answer to what the budget to
be based on all of that. Now, you know, if I was hard
pressed to give an answer, I would probably say a
thousand dollars a month is a good target to start. But that said though, Google
takes time to optimize, right? We need statistically significant data in order to make good decisions
and in order to optimize to decrease the cost per lead over time. Now if you’re spending
500 dollars a month, we might not have
statistically significant data for six, eight, or even ten months. However, if you’re spending a thousand or two thousand dollars, we
may be able to get to that maximum level of optimization
in just three or four months. So, really what I would tell
anyone who’s thinking about starting on AdWords and, you
know, trying to figure out what their budget should be, I would focus on your goals rather than the budget. And then from the goals,
the FloorForce team can kind of do a deep dive
in your website traffic, the demographics of your customer, the cost per clicks in your city. And they can actually back out a number of what your budget should be. And we’ve done that for a lot of customers and we’ve seen, you know, pretty good success doing it that way. – When Todd came for the interview, he said to me, can I get to do a fun fact? (both laugh) So what is the fun fact
that you would like to share with our audience here at FloorForce? – Yeah, I’ve had to practice
fun facts for awhile, you know, working at Google,
you do a lot of ice breakers, you do a lot of these games to
get to know people around you and the fun fact I always go with is, I have over 140 brothers and sisters. – Wow, what is that? – So when I was growing up,
my parents did foster care. So, from about the age of 12 to 18, we had different people
living in our house, and that was either one day,
sometimes it was a week, sometimes two people
actually stayed with us for over a year. I still keep in touch with
as many of them as I can. But when I tell that fact,
I get the same type of look from you which is like, how
in the world do you have that many brothers and sisters? But yeah, it was definitely
impactful for me growing up and it’s something I hope to
continue later on in my life. – That’s awesome, that’s really cool. Thanks for coming while
you’re on vacation, hanging out here at FloorForce. Tell your girlfriend, thank
you for letting you come at seven o’clock in the
morning and hang out with us. I think it was insightful,
I hope everybody got value out of this conversation and we hope to have you back. – Yeah, thanks so much for having me and I know, a couple months ago, we brought a couple of
FloorForce retailers out to our office in New York. We actually gave them
a tour around Google, did a little digital marketing summit. I’d love to make an offer to
anyone watching this video, if you sign up with FloorForce and end up, you know, getting online
with digital advertising, we’d love to take you on a
tour of Google in New York. Our doors are always wide
open, so please feel free to come by, reach out to John, I’m sure he could help get that set up. And for anyone that’s still
considering getting online, I’m willing to offer
any FloorForce retailer 365 dollars in free AdWords spending. – Who’s paying for that? – We’re gonna split it. – Deal. – So, any customer that’s thinking about spending money online
and is hesitant about it, again, we are going to
comp your first 365 dollars in ad spend and on top of
that, please come to our office in New York, we’d love to
tour you around Google. And in the next few months,
we’re gonna put together a FloorForce AdHawk summit at Google for FloorForce customers only. – Thanks, Ben. – Yeah, take it easy. – Good seeing you.

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