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Google Ads: Fastwork.co แหล่งรวมฟรีแลนซ์คุณภาพ

Google Ads: Fastwork.co แหล่งรวมฟรีแลนซ์คุณภาพ

My friends and I had a dream to create a company that could make a positive impact on Thailand. In Thailand, there are many freelancers who have lots of expertise but are unable to find recurring work. At the same time, there are small to medium businesses looking for skilled and talented people to help them, but they don’t have the budget to hire big companies. We saw it as an opportunity to bring together the first group, skilled freelancers, and the second group, SMEs. So, that’s how Fastwork began. The first challenge a small company like ours faced, was how we could let freelancers know about us… as freelancers are a small group of people within the 70 million people in Thailand. That’s when we found Google Ads which helped us tremendously as we could advertise to freelancers who are looking for jobs on Google Search. Using Google Ads isn’t difficult. I have only one team member who works on it which enables effective marketing. Google Ads is the primary channel we use to recruit freelancers and our customers. We’ve now recruited over 7,500 freelancers and more than 300,000 businesses. In the first year, Google Ads recruited over 50% of these people to our company. I’ve seen many freelancers who have worked with us from the beginning who have grown alongside our company. I wanted to leave my full-time job to become a freelancer; so I tried to search for jobs on Google,”getting freelance jobs”. And, I found Fastwork was the first link. It changed my life greatly. At the time, my brother was hospitalised and I was able to look after him because I could be more flexible with my time. Google Ads is a really important factor in helping our company grow. It helped our company grow from a small team of 4, to a company of over 40 people today. In the next few years, we want to expand Fastwork to other countries and we see that Google will help us achieve our goals.

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