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Google Ads Expanded Text Ads

Google Ads Expanded Text Ads

Google AdWords [Ads] have recently rolled
out their brand new ad format which makes the ads even bigger than what they used to
be. So in this video I’m going to show you how you can use the new ad format. Hello,
my name is Uzair and thanks for joining in. In this video I’m going to talk about the
new Google Ads format. These ads have just been recently rolled out. last year Google
Ads or AdWords as it used to be called before, made the ads a bit bigger, but this year as
of September 2018, the ads are now even bigger, so there’s good news and bad news for you.
If you are an advertiser, the good news is that you can put more in your ads and if you
are an organic ranked website where you’ve got rankings on Google, your rankings are
going to be shoved down even further on the page because the ads are going to take up
more space at the top. It is especially going to effect click-throughs on the mobile devices,
because the majority of the ads are going to be at the top and organic rankings are
going to be pushed even further down. So if you are running a campaign in AdWords or Google
Ads as they are called. So let’s head off into our ads. So you will notice that you’ve
got this new green button in front of the headline three and description line two. So
previously we used to have two headlines, now we’ve got a further third headline up
to 30 characters, and the description which used to be just one line and was up to 80
characters. Now it consists of up to 90, so you can drive more in your ad. You will also
notice that there is a bit of a warning symbol over here and it is just to put in your ‘https’.
So make sure that all your webpages are secured with an SSL certificate. So what that means
is if you haven’t updated your ads, your ads will continue to show with just headline one,
headline two and description line one. So if your competitors have taken advantage of
the new ad format, obviously their ads are going to be a lot bigger than yours, so I
would highly recommend that you update all your ads in your campaigns. Now what this
gives us as advertisers is a great opportunity to promote our products or services in the
way we want. So let me bring up my note pad over here. So here’s how I would write my
ads because now we’ve got so much room to play with, previously it used to be a bit
of a struggle to put the whole message across in our ads, but not anymore, well personally
I don’t believe it is because. In the headline one, I would recommend that
you put in the keywords where the relevancy is always there upfront, so if somebody was
putting such term, or query on Google. The first line they read is about that keyword
or key phrase. H2 I tend to put in the offer, what the offer is. H3 or the headline three,
is about the pricing. Now pricing is important and a lot of people don’t like to put pricing
in the ads. But I would disagree with that because I want to pre qualify the click or
that visitor, because if I put in a price of my product in here, let’s say it’s £10
or £100 and they can’t afford that price, they’re not going to click on it. But if they
can afford it, then obviously they are going to look into it and it will be a lot more
attractive for them to go onto my landing page and the chances of them converting on
my web page or the landing page is far higher than somebody who’s not qualified. So I would highly recommend that you put in
the price in H3. Then in the description line one. Now we’ve got 90 characters to play with,
put in the feature, about your product or service and also put in that keyword or a
different variety of that keyword. So it is a bit more relevant. And in description line
two, you can put in the benefit of that product or service, and always include your call to
action as to what you want them to do. Obviously you can’t put in the word click here that
won’t be approved by Google, but you can put in a call to action like sign up or visit
website or buy now or whatever it may be. So now the ads can have a lot more information
about what you offer or what your product or service or business is all about, so that
when someone reads and looks at your ad, they know exactly what they’re going to get and
when they click through, I believe there will be a lot more pre qualified then compared
to the previous versions of the ads where due to the limitations of the character count. We couldn’t put in all the information about
the offer which we were promoting on Google. So this is how you utilize the new Google
search ads format. Make sure that you put in your H3 and the description line two and
update all your ads in all your campaigns. If you are struggling with your google ads
campaigns, then just get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to offer you a free consultation
as to how we can help you get more out of your campaigns. So thanks for joining in for
this video and please do subscribe and hit the bell notification button to be the first
one to be notified when I upload similar videos like this. That’s it for now. I’ll see you
in the next video.

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