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Google Ads Course – Learn To Do Goolge Ads Like a Pro

Google Ads Course – Learn To Do Goolge Ads Like a Pro

Today, we’re talking about Google Ads courses. What you should probably be looking for, what
I cannot stand when I find in an Google Ads course and kind of show you a couple of options
you may have for learning more about Google Ads. Stay tuned. Hi, Mike Mancini with ppcvideotraining.com. If you’d like more videos like this and videos
about Google Ads, do us a favor, hit the subscribe button below and the little notification bell. That way you’ll be notified when we release
new videos each and every week. So, today we’re talking about Google Ads courses. Now, why am I talking about it? Because I happen to have one but I want to
give you an idea of what we’d like to teach in our courses, kind of how we like to teach
it and give you an overview and take a look inside our Google Ads course. So, we used to actually have a couple of different
options for Google Ads courses. One was for beginner users who are looking
to start a Google Ads account or campaign and looking how to build it out, how to get
keywords, how to write ads, how to make it, organize it and how to basically get the structure
set up correctly because that’s where the majority of Google Ads mistakes are made,
is in the set up. So, that was one course and then another course
was our Google Ads Optimization course, which was designed for the more advanced users or
for people who already have Google Ads accounts set up and it would show them the different
things that we would personally so inside a Google Ads account to make changes, to make
it better, to always keep it always in the right direction and increasing on conversions
or leads or sales or whatever else it might be. Since that time, we have combined the courses
because some people, they might already have a campaign set up and they wanted to go back
and just make sure that they set it up correctly. So, maybe they just wanted to look at a few
of the videos. Other times, people wanted to be able to not
only set it up but how to keep it moving forward and how to keep it improving. So, we literally just combined them but we
do keep them separate. So, if you followed me there, let me give
you an idea and take you inside our Google Ads training. So, here we are in the dashboard area and
you can see right here, here’s our PPC Profit System. That is our beginner course, that’s how to
set up your Google Ads campaigns. For anybody that has never set one up or somebody
does have an account, they can go back inside their accounts and maybe tweak them a bit. So, here we are inside the course and you
can see there’s modules, some different questions, what we need to do with Google, how to set
up a Google Ads account, intro to Ads Editor, how to set up call trackings. Here’s ad creations and ad examples and uploading. And everything is broken down into very digestible
chunks. So, we like to keep our videos short. We like to keep them to around five minutes
or shorter. Some do tend to go a little bit longer but
we reasonably like to do that is because as the technology changes or something changes
inside Google, that way we only have to create a very quick video and it’ll be updated right
away. Or because we’d rather have it where you can
find these different tasks easily. There’s nothing worse than having a training,
at least what I personally can’t stand, is when I buy a training and it’s like a vault
with four videos and each video is three hours long. As you’re going through it you’re like, “Oh,
where was that one huge nugget of information that I personally need?” This way it’s really easily found. You can kind of jump around and as you’re
in these modules you can mark them off as completed. So, for instance, if you are in set up conversion
tracking, once you complete the module all you do is you just click that little green
check mark. It shows up as completed and then you can
see that it’s also checked off here so it’s really easy to keep track of what you’ve done. But basically that’s our getting started training
course. Even if you are familiar with Google Ads,
this thing goes so into deep on keyword organization and how not to write your ads and how to set
up your landing pages correctly. So we think it’s absolutely worth it to go
in a check this out. Now, our second area is our ads optimization
area. Now, that is, once again, where people will
go in and they already have an account running and they might want to just basically figure
out what’s wrong with it, where it might be broken, how to make the right and correct
changes and different things like that and here we are inside that area. There’s a few modules in here where we’re
essentially adding more as we go but there’s a lot of different things in here that will
help you improve your Google Ads account. Also in our training area are our PPC tools. Now, these are custom tools that we have and
it’s different things like how to write multiple ads in minutes versus hours, how to set up
your campaign, there’s a checklist for that, how to organize and gather all your keywords
in one place and make sure they’re all organized so you can just literally upload the spreadsheet
right to Google, just kind of with a few clicks. There’s a spreadsheet for that. A negative keyword list, which is key, we’ve
got over 2300 keywords in there that you can use and put them in your campaign if they’re
obviously appropriate. And just a few other different things that
we have that are free tools that we have actually put together for our users. There’s also a community area, it’s a Facebook
area, where you can go in and you can actually ask questions and we will answer. We try to get to everything that we can or
at least point you to where the answer would be because I think that’s absolutely key. When you are looking for Google Ads training
you are going to have individual questions and we want to be there to help answer some
of those. We produce new YouTube and we just kind of
put them here for our users so they can find them easily. Noon updated. When we update a module or update a lesson,
we let you know in here so that you don’t have to search around be like, “I wonder if
there’s anything new or if they’ve updated anything.” We let you know here. We have a PPC News area or Google Ads area
so when new things are released by Google and different changes are coming, we will
try and put some different resources there. And then obviously our support area. Now, I think one of the questions we get asked
the most is, “Can’t I learn how to do all of this on YouTube and other free platforms
around?” Absolutely you can. You can 100% learn how to do all of this. The problem with that is, are you doing them
in the right order? And I think we’ve all been there going down
the YouTube rabbit hole where you’ll find one video and then there’s a suggestion and
you look at that one and it might contradict the other one and you’re not quite sure who
to follow so on and so forth. Our system is very easy to follow. The videos are just like what you’re watching
right now where we have screen share where we show you exactly step by step and give
you examples the entire way. So, I think where our system works best for
a lot of people is it broken down into two different areas. One for the people who are looking to set
up or maybe check their settings or make sure the campaign is set up correctly. The other one is for most advanced users or
people who already have their Google Ads set up but each and every one of our videos are
set up where even the most beginner user can follow them and literally just watch what’s
going on the screen and do it in their own campaigns. I think another feature of our Google Ads
training is because we don’t just set up one training and just leave it, put it up forever
and ever change it. We know that the technology is changing. We know that Google is changing and we want
to make sure that our training is as up to date as possible so you get the best information
right away. We’ve also organized it so well where you
can literally go back and find what you’re looking for very, very quickly because if
you’ve ever gone through a training there’s always that information or a piece of information
that you heard that you want to refer back to and we make that very easy to find. We’re also there to help you. Go into the Facebook group when you have questions
and we’d love to try and answer them. But it’s also for our community. It’s only for our PPC members and you can
not only get help from us but other people in our community as well. So, if you are interested in our training
courses, there will be a link below in the description area right to our sign up page. And if you’d like to see some more information
about how we actually train in our video, take a look over to your right and you can
see exactly how we run our training inside our course area. Let us know if you have any questions. We hope to see you inside.

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