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Google Ads conversion tracking

Google Ads conversion tracking

You have created campaigns and you are getting
many conversions. You are getting calls, You are getting online
sales, You are getting those leads. But how to track all these conversions? How to know which campaign is bringing the
conversion? Coming up. Hi! everyone, I’m Sundeep and welcome to our
YouTube channel. In this channel we talk all about Digital
Marketing. If you did not subscribe to this channel, consider
subscribing this channel. In this video we are going to talk about conversion
tracking. First of all conversion is a desire action
you want your users to take. For example, I want my users or my web visitors
to call me whenever they visit my web-page. Or I want my users to buy a product whenever
they land on the landing page. Or I want my users to fill a form whenever
they land on the landing page. These are called conversions. And tracking those conversions are called
conversion tracking. You can do this thing on google Ads, Facebook and
many other platforms. On google Ads every sale is not conversion,
only the sales which are done by google Ads are considered as conversions. Conversion rate equals, total number of conversions
by total number of clicks times 100. So always aim to increase your conversion
rate or conversions. So you get more money, more ROI, more revenue. To let google track your conversions, you need
to do these two things. First one, Thank you page. You need to create a specific thank you page. Whenever a conversion happens, you need to take
this viewer to the thank you page. For example, If i buy something on your website,
after the purchase you need to take me to the thank you page. And the second one, Conversion code. You need to go into the google Ads dash board. And you need to take the conversion code and
put it in the header of the thank you page. That’s all you need to do. To create google conversion tracking code,
First you need to log-in to your google account, click on tools then select conversions. Click on plus, you will see four types of
conversions. Which is website conversions, app, phone and
import. If you wanna track phone calls or app downloads
go with these two. But for this video, I’m going to track website. Click on website, I’m going to name it as
EntitleMedia conversion. And there will be couple of categories here,
where i can track purchase, Sign-up, leads and other things. For this video I’m going to track purchase/sale. Then I’m going to set the value, which is
$999/conversion. Then i wanna count everyone. Let’s talk about conversion window. Lets say if someone came to your website today
but he converted after 10 days, then also it counted as a conversion from the link. And you can set the duration right here. I’m leaving it as 30 days by default. And if you are satisfied with all this things, you
can create and continue. Here you can take the code. For this tutorial I’m installing the tags by
myself. So I’m taking this HTML code, and I need to
paste it on the header of the thank you page. Once I’m done with that, i just need to click
on next button. Done!. That’s it. My code has been installed successfully. To check whether the tag is installed correctly
or not, you need to install this tag assistant extension. on your browser then load your web page and
click on tag assistant. Now you will see all the tags which are installed
on your web page and working perfectly. So i have three tags here, which are google
Ads, Google analytics and google tag manager. So these are working fine. This is how you will check, whether your tag is installed properly or not. From this point on, you can track every single
conversion, and based on this report, you can increase or decrease the budget of your
campaign. In our next video we are going to talk about
Re-Marketing. This is one of the key feature in google Ads. Anyone can do marketing, only brilliant people
can do intelligent Re-Marketing. So, if you wanna watch that video subscribe
the channel right now. And if you like this video, like it. And if you have any questions please do comment
below. Thank you have a good one.

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