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Google Ads API ワークショップ – 2019年春季 – AdWords API と Google Ads API の比較

Google Ads API ワークショップ – 2019年春季 – AdWords API と Google Ads API の比較

hello everyone welcome to the last session of the day a cure cyclization Frank stop my name is Ben Karl I’m a dpe in the New York office hey Ben car the most this mono New York office in the whole correct my staff the bed of programs engineer SVP I’m here to talk to you about some specific differences between the AdWords API and the Google ads API there’s no water snare ague otherwise it’d be I thought Google ads API know nothing about you guys again yeah how much things like so a quick overview we will talk about some technical and functional differences imagine I shown you this name I saw you guys so no mo no Maggie’s technical thing Carano GI Joe at all McGee no no oh we do not see is we will look at some comparisons of code examples yeah you know me nah so what you got me dick that all we must look at the lifecycle of a campaign a campaign no they only saw the master arrived Cyprus Amazon oh oh oh oh whoa Jim man need a coca Tom optimist I’ll show you an example of reporting its regret though the pootatuck say it’s the demo day or any tightness lastly we’ll get some logging and troubleshooting just airtight when ye Marzano good top or troubleshoot or is it a big that so to start with some technical differences must actually stick you not see going on this guy so the Google Earth API has to API is a REST API and a gr PC API yeah absolutely I know who it is though or no API thought as a garage erp she know it yet as we mentioned all the client libraries use the GRP C API client library no they were the snare you know orgy RPC no FBI God’s got a team us one thing to note G RPC is built on HTTP 2 and not HTTP one there’s a direct I know honno-ji RPC no oh wow HTTP soo obeisance to Remus one more diverse am in terms of their encoding the REST API uses JSON that coding the encode organization look at the motion a stall or rest of over J so motsek optimus the GRP C API uses product protocol buffers also known as per the bus the court instead GRB chinois roto corn muffins coos Ted protobuf ooh more you Paterno skeptics when transmitted protobufs are are serialized they’re not human readable the Madison he canceled Okinawa CDR cast a man ingonyama domain I a cat instead aku Tomas one thing to note about the Google ads API is that new features are backwards compatible their Google API nobody that I know ah alchemist Canoga that there’s more grants a backwards compatibility chantho or pathologies of within this so unlike adwords we can release new features much more often yes Eldo grab a mask SCARA tsukino whoa Mayura he bunny Yas Kodaka the hadouken Optimus so in terms of differences in functionality think as we’ve mentioned the biggest difference is with reporting saga Chicago depicted moi the portal sucks in the coolest generating reports and retrieving objects are now encompassed by a single unified query model sorry you know yeah when generating reports and retrieving objects are both encompassed by a unified query model high station or stop and all the bottom success all over the coastal waters net you mean find or create a model oh you know that you’re waking up this market akhirin optimist mutations are pretty much the same you are creating a list of operations and passing them to a mutate method they’re suddenly a mutated more product i.e a cart a Mustang and my operations notice the wargs good stead what are still eating at dmoz okay let’s look at some code examples we’re gonna look at the life cycle of a campaign so we’ll create will update will read and destroy a campaign [Music] campaign no life cycle is hope that a mother’s I saw or Sachs a usted and Martha Costello step and psycho go through a course you start off Oh Sergio Mateo comedic documents ok let’s create a campaign the campaign nor or maxi cards socks a wall or stigmas all so this is what it looks like to create a campaign in the AdWords API notes in Python or Ruby we’re using a literal dictionary object yeah no all dictionary object book you the wall Python Ruby who directs customers so unless you spent a lot of time reading documentation you may not know the names of these specific fields or values there but you the curry my documentation Wakanda NATO or the pink opal I come Sam Sam so in Google Ads we have the same process we create an operation operation no or create or success math the differences we don’t use a literal object night in Python you have an object that exists and you just said its key value pairs their personable you are over you must know that so they were all set days their toe you punish must as you said key value pairs key value pairs of you go there as if those must that this must yeah and one thing that’s nice is that this is more or less the same in all of the client libraries well it’s a mess so this process is the same in all the client libraries and all crimes are already submitted by UNIX process there and how you one thing that’s nice in Python and Ruby especially is that you can’t if you modify this object in a way that’s inconsistent with the proto definition it will generate an error you know all over that’s their King Coast is my mask off or chunko Iraq are stick reviewed nothing’s so that means you’ll hit errors before making requests and you won’t use your your request quota validating your requests my requests don’t know ikuo Tao or scour not demo but I can suck them okay let’s retrieve a campaign yeah you can’t be no or stuck ooh whoa or still be myself in AdWords API we have the AdWords query language aw cute otherwise query language note the limit clause there so they meet the bugatti must in order to retrieve multiple pages of results okay or by photos must all you have to change the first parameter in the limit clause they no no Oh sighs oh no parameter right there to go to I see oh nothing much so in the Google ads API pagination is handled at the request level there for interesting paging you talk about my page he shows it Scott according our decrease or a bit of that score attentiveness so here the limit clause refers to the limit of results that you get yeah c’mon you can meet the Pope you know wha designee a high stick wahoo okay cut no or say against oh you good anonymous also notice that we are retrieving a campaign and metrics hominid campaign door or geomechanics more oh so cool so we’re actually able to filter the campaign’s that we receive based on the number of clicks that they have solo or Madison mode optical campaign no heater power okay here we go now let’s look at how to update a campaign in my soul so here’s an example in the AdWords API otherwise the API no by no date is similarly we’re creating an operation passing it to a mutate method as part of a list that operations know all these thoughts good mutate us there we must take note here we use the campaign ID to refer to the campaign the campaign lost eternally campaign IV World Cup famous here’s the same example but in the Google ads API the same process we create an operation operation no or success instead of the campaign ID we use the resource name to identify it there’s a QR camping I knew all Scottish station my second small condo I be source mail or not name what you saying it’s got dead stay anonymous what’s interesting here is the field mask we must in the lower left corner is an example of what a field mask looks like ye fear the mask you don’t feel mask just tells the API which fields are being mutated on the object that you’re sending me you dog ah ah hey co-op you know API style no not gonna feel the musculus all the client libraries have examples and utility is to help you construct field masks no mask Sega not Dimas yesican Optimus lastly and let’s look at how to remove a campaign yeah saccuzzo all be resolved so again in AdWords we just create an operation pass it to mutate as part of a list no pollution was accessed there and you take on the horny what a scope you could only not be must you may know by being AdWords users that the way that you remove an object varies depending on which object you are removing there and you know cannot remove the Schism or knowing that I dunno Bozek thought I’d show you silicon you there who knows kappa gasps aha Coco Naruto oh you job do this now if instead of a campaign we were removing an ad group ad we would use the operator remove and the status disabled open a state that’s the hope or removal who’s there so it’s inconsistent in the Google Earth API removing objects is consistent for all types or fashions at the mall whoa oh my god can’t say got something with the human is that we simply set the resource name as the value of the remove property on the operation this awesome a war or set this there that is there and operational there remove though for that remove will not obey so more I kind of said what that’s terrible okay now to look at reporting before I make it so my god the socks at home did my salt to just emphasize instead of having report specific resources is also Madonna the more we use the Google ads query language to query for objects directly Google ads at home where he can go it’s got that and Chuck said sir oh I thought I could over the killings and as we saw before you can filter those objects based on metrics similar to how you would do in a normal report in Adwords so no I so forgettable ridiculous since the response he received contains objects directly you can use them to more easily make mutate operations yeah yeah mother mama either object or you don’t never go so the quadratic you also see a report on you can see oh yes and one thing to know for discovery and AdWords we had the report definition service and Google Ads we have a similar service called Google Ads field service the definition a Google moat or field I’m sorry has filled the Guru has the field of service no use no madness otherwise a peon who do I report of the finish or services the Google Earth API and Hoda WA bluegrass the field of service you know in ten o’clock step taken in just a little more detail – all sigh Oh me dick must all on the left side we have old camp or old reports resources from the AdWords API yeah you gotta go you didn’t know otherwise API you must ah the prototype with Maggie’s portal is so slowly peak at the moment us and on the right we have some generalized queries in the Google ads API the Amiga know who you are yo-dee-hey no technical accident all Google’s API ego or quai de gaia Davis note the bottom to view resources Rob you not famous views are read-only resources that segment objects by specific criteria they’re equal abused you know this net need all the resources that object or top 1000 kazuma base ye segment de vacas team us so here’s an example of a keyword performance report in the Google ads API Oh token no notice we’re selecting campaigns ad groups and AD group criterion all at the same time that I know our campaign door or other groups I can either go to procreate Diddy yeah now go whoa Oh Sonny eat all you need is a little syphilis the API will implicitly enjoin these resources so that you don’t need to use a join clause in your queries there is an API over there you don’t think you need Medusa career ago joystick we must do yeah but ze join boom war kind of the most super dollfie with a goodness and this is what a response looks like notice we get a campaign and an ad group and an ad group criterion objects and this is just a single row so to tie these two slides together should I go saying for example we want to reduce the bid value for all of our criterion by half your son I think I’m honest I know that my new subsidy no Kakaako walk more modern or for my mother no tomorrow no harmonious is my type of beat the buy here we take the response from the previous slide and we iterate over each row that is sponsor base Yi Roboto ye gym bunny imitating us we make a copy of each criterion as we loop there so no Yi did ya go no hope you will all suck six months we set the value of CPC bid micros on the copy criterion to half the value of the original CPC we thought my Carrasco oh you know buddy – you know wall or they could be don’t know he won’t know Gigi then we use the field mask helper to create a field mask yeah fill the mask whoa Oh George there’s the Sweden film masks will tell the API that only the CPC bid micros field has been updated CPC beto micros no yoga Hoshi stay at the computer and after this all of our beds will be reduced by half yeah gosh must all be dull oh no I submit there honda-kun me thanks so to wrap up I’m gonna touch briefly on some logging and some troubleshooting tips we’ve talked about logging already today thingy my one takeaway for you is that logging is configured in almost the exact same way as it was in the AdWords API the money I don’t you open your would no good because otherwise API go all night except a staircase with this keep in mind the REST API is not something we recommend using in production yeah come on musical motifs so if you’re in the hole wha production there you’re shown it’s cruel there I’m buddy Goren wha I managed to submit the only person but it can be a useful resource for troubleshooting cut our proposal by a new uh Connie even Yanina Sue’s not at all – and also experimentation Oh Sarah Connor I thought Tommy she don’t Africa at the me tightly denim buy anymore Oreste API yeah that’s not so in summary and I go Muhammad is got the Google ads API has ER PC and a REST API and Google ads API and you are less wapi though OG RPC no API toxicological you an assessment reporting has changed significantly but it should be much easier to use and much more flexible the default access the critical Erica Optimus gah momaday or pseudo simple it’s Kai ask you not to deny Kanako ohm Optimus almost all the services have been added to Google ad square language or to Google ads API with a few exceptions services Google API no whole demo or this so stage a coup de gallo I’ll miss Gilmore and on our website you should find some guides to help you translate from reporting in AdWords to reporting in Google Ads the Matano or website on there otherwise APN hotel or the photo sucks a Oh Canada’s new grass API general photo suck we suck same horny Mike owes to do ten cans to do you know Nick I gotta take your austerity bus and similarly for services there should be a guide for that as well the amount you need Somoza – obviously demo or guide yoga take your sanity – has this and lastly here’s some resources that should be useful for you so you should all receive a copy of the stack feel free to click through these links yeah no no no present no dignity of representation Wow I’m nice and horny no joke we only 9:30 must know that my question is also click Negara all mediator I get about you know we must

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