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Google Ads Agency Tips #9 – Google Partner – Is Your Agency Recognised?

Google Ads Agency Tips #9 – Google Partner – Is Your Agency Recognised?

– So another important question to ask when you’re considering which
Google ads agency to work with is whether or not they’re in
the Google partner program. So there’s two different
levels of partner. There’s Google partner and
there’s Google premier partner, which is the agencies that
Google have recognized as adhering to best practices and looking after their
clients at a higher level. People can also be what’s called a Google qualified individual and not a full Google partner, which probably means they work for a smaller agency or by themselves, and personally, I think it’s still great to work with Google qualified individuals because they’ve passed exams, and they’ve shown commitment that they wanna do a good job with Google ads. And I compare this to any
number of, sorry guys, but the web designers, web developers, and well-meaning social media agencies that run Google ads for clients, but it’s not what they specialize in. And I’ve looked at way too many accounts that were set up in this manner that didn’t get the best
results for their client. So I would strongly encourage you to ask your agency what
their experience is, how many campaigns they’ve worked on and particularly, if
they’re qualified by Google or even if they’re working
on that qualification you know, in the next three to six months.

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