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Google Ads Agency Tips #7 – Separating Ad Costs & Agency Fees

Google Ads Agency Tips #7 – Separating Ad Costs & Agency Fees

– When you’re deciding
which Google Ads agency to work with just understand
if the costs are transparent. So it’s actually one of
Google’s third party rules that an agency always
makes it clear to you how much you’re spending on the ad spend and how much is their agency fee. So they need to itemize that for you and if they’re not, if you ask they need to get back to you with the actual answer. So always ask how
transparent the agency is with there fees, what
will be the ad spend, and what will be the management fee. We actually set it up so the
ad spend is charged direct to your credit card from
Google and you can login anytime to download an
invoice or a tax invoice to actually be sure which
was the ad spend part and then we invoice directly
for the management fee. So it’s always absolutely
clear which part goes to us as an agency and which
part’s going to Google.

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