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Google Ads Agency Tips #5 – Transparency & Reporting

Google Ads Agency Tips #5 – Transparency & Reporting

– So when you’re choosing a
Google ads agency to work with reporting is really important. It’s fine for you to ask them what reports they’ll provide to you, how often they’ll provide them, and what information’s included, and I would also recommend asking how they communicate with
you in the mean time. For example, if you send an email to them, what’s a reasonable
amount of time for them to get back to you if you
wanted changes to your campaign? So, with reports, I think
monthly is quite reasonable and I would expect people
to put some recommendations or give you some personal feedback about how your campaigns actually running and what they recommend,
if they have suggestions for different campaigns to add, rather than just sending
you an automated report that comes out of the box
and send you the numbers, but you have no idea
what they actually mean.

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