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Google Ads Agency Tips #3 – Conversion Tracking

Google Ads Agency Tips #3 – Conversion Tracking

– A really important
key to success for your Google Ads campaigns is having
conversion tracking set up. So conversions are actions
that you’d like your web visitors to take once
they’ve arrived at your website and Google Ads and
Analytics have a number of different ways that you can track them. So one feature of Google
Ads that we love using for our clients is called
website call tracking and it means that if
someone clicks on your ad, goes to your website and
then calls your phone number we can track that phone
call back to the keyword that they searched for before
they clicked on your ad. And this information is
really awesome for helping to optimize your campaign. Other examples are if
you have an online form perhaps an inquiry form
on your contact page, there’s different ways
you can set up tracking for the form submissions. If there’s something that
you want people to download you can set that up as
what’s called an event and track that and most importantly if you do have an e-commerce
store, regardless of whether or not you’re running ad words, I would encourage you
to have Google Analytics e-commerce tracking set
up, because it means you can track the number
of transactions and also the revenue value back
to the traffic source that bought that person to your website. So all these different
conversion trackings are available to you if
you are running Google Ads and these are the kind of
things that your agency should speak to before you get
your campaign up and running.

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