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Google Ads – Adwords, Support, Ripoff, Scam, Sucks, Geo, Locations

Google Ads – Adwords, Support, Ripoff, Scam, Sucks, Geo, Locations

In August of 2018 I reported a
geo-targeting issue to Google ads that has literally cost my company thousands of dollars in junk clicks It’s now five months later and I’m more than a little frustrated with how this has been handled I’ve contacted support many many
times and spoken to a lot of reps that just don’t seem to understand the
problem. Heck, some of them don’t even understand basic AdWords functions so
I’m making this video as a visual aid to help explain the problem to the next rep
and anyone else who will listen or can help this geo-targeting issue happens so
frequently that I didn’t have to look hard to find an example to use for this video the following example happened yesterday …
now before I continue it’s important to note this Google Ads account is for a
service business in Allentown Pennsylvania USA the business advertises
to a 28 mile radius around itself here we have somebody who searched for
Blairstown plumbing jobs Blairstown is a small town in New Jersey and despite
Blairstown being outside of all of our campaign target areas Google served this
user an ad and they clicked on it and they clicked on it despite the ad title
explicitly saying Allentown Pennsylvania in it and that click cost us 72 dollars
and three cents in a town with a population of around 6,000 people that
alone smells fishy but back to the geo-targeting issue if you look at the
location settings for this campaign it is set to exclude people in or who show
interest in your excluded locations they shouldn’t have been served an ad now I
should mention that I have confirmed and reconfirmed with about every single
Google support rep I’ve spoken to that any area that is not included in your
target area is excluded whether you explicitly exclude it or not also the
Google ads documentation states there’s no need to exclude areas that you
haven’t already targeted we won’t show your ads in places unless you explicitly
target them clearly because otherwise you would have to explicitly exclude every continent then every country in North America then every
state and then every city that isn’t in your target area it would be very
time-consuming so again when the user was searching for
Blairstown they were in fact showing interest in my
excluded area the next question is was the users physical location inside my
target area and when they did the search is that what triggered the ad well
looking at the user location report we see the answer is no in fact the user
was even further outside the target area all the way out in Edison New Jersey for
now I’m only concentrating on this particular click but if you look through
the list you can see several other places outside of the target area
the most obvious one being New York New York USA so to recap Google is showing
ads to users that I am NOT targeting then these users are clicking these ads
even though the ad copy has little to do with what they’re searching for
and in this case that single click cost a hundred and fifty percent of my entire
daily budget for that campaign and again this is just one example things like
this happened almost every single day for the life of this AdWords account and
Google has done nothing to fix the problem or refund the money for these
clicks actually that’s not entirely true we are out about ten thousand dollars in
refunds at this point and a rep once offered me an insulting hundred dollar
credit once just on that day that he offered that credit we had over $90 in
these types of junk clicks so needless to say we didn’t accept that offer now
if you’re thinking this example is an honest mistake that may have happened
because Blairstown is somewhat close to the edge of my target radius think again
some other examples include New York Virginia Florida Wisconsin California
and many many more this is just what I had conveniently laying around at the
time I made this video there are hundreds of these and this ads account
is less than a year old so there you have it we’re paying for junk clicks and
Google Ads support has offered no remedy or refund I’m in what feels like and
never ending loop of re-explaining the
problem to some rep at support who tells me they’re going to talk to their team
and call me back but that call never comes and I have to call back and re
explain it all over again and wait for yet another call that never comes reps
have also gone as far as trying to convince me that all of these clicks
have already been refunded which they weren’t I used to try and check for
these junk clicks daily but I don’t anymore because there seems to be nobody
to report them to at this point I’ve been lied to and ignored for over five
months and nobody at Google seems to have noticed or care how is this a thing
fix this

10 thoughts on “Google Ads – Adwords, Support, Ripoff, Scam, Sucks, Geo, Locations

  1. Google ads is a scam, do not track false click, have not got any refund for about 500 false click who according to my tracking software spend 0 sek on the page..

  2. Dude I set up 3 campaigns and they take forever to be approved like days. By the time it gets approved I'm no longer interested in selling my product.

  3. I have the same problems with the Location targeting. Google continues to show my AD to people outside my requested target area . ..

  4. Google Ads as Adwords (the Google Employers) and the Biggers Search Engines Need to Learn that they have the Responsibility to Prevent Click Fraud as free Service and they (Adwords) need to Inform the Advertisers Before and not After that they Should use a Click Fraud Prevention Company, without this it is a fact that Google Ads as Adwords (the Invalid Clicks) Does Not Work, In Long Term Google Will be Broke by Massive Claims [Hurting the Economy 1$-Loosing will become Helping the Economy by 100$-Winning and the money does flow] [Fake Traffic to Sites will become Real Traffic to Sites ] – [Fake PPC Clicks will become to Real PPC Clicks!]

  5. I paid $1000 for about 500 clicks. When I look closer at the users demographics in Google's Analytics, they were all on for 0 seconds…

  6. Yeah, the infinite customer services loop. They told me I would be refunded…but now I'm blocked and I can't even talk to anyone.

  7. Also, this needs to be shared – Less than 500 views?? Any lawyers out there who want to take on Google. This definitely a class action law suite cooking.

  8. I see the problem Craig. Instead of People in, or who show interest in, your targeted locations (recommended). You should of CHOSEN, "People in your targeted locations." You want your customers to be inside your targeted locations. I made the very same mistake because the reps. aka google tell you to choose the recommended one! However, you are right on google adwords is a scam in so many ways! I was clicked by someone yesterday that was not in my targeted locations and was charged. I have the right function which is: PEOPLE IN YOUR TARGETED LOCATIONS. Every time I call google adwords the reps from Indian MOST don't know how to run any campaign and they make it very hard to get your money back when indeed it is google in the wrong! I tell them if I have to get an attorney to get my money back I will. Some times that works if you just keep on asking for a supervisor to take over your call but the rep. will fight you on this because it is bad for the reps. image! The reps can not credit you back bu the supervisor can. Don't do adwords it is set up as a scam and a total rip off. The only people who are very successful are the million dollar and billion dollar Freemason companies worldwide and google is Freemason and is only their friend!! Google is a beast that will chew off your head aka and destroy your business or most offend take your money out of your bank account though plenty of scam loop holds!!! I have spoken to many business owner who end up leaving adwords because instead of earning money, Google takes of with it without any problems! Google has to much power over the world this is the very reason they get away with it.

  9. Check out this article for WSJ about Google's click fraud scheme. They're being sued right now, but that doesn't really mean anything in this country.

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