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Google Ad & Analysis – Reunion

Google Ad & Analysis – Reunion

– Hi everybody. Welcome to the Storytelling
For Business channel, dedicated to helping you
unleash your stories. So today, I wanna take a look
at this advert from Google. It’s been viewed tens
of millions of times. It’s been covered by
the international media, places like Forbes, Fast
Company, Adweek, and many more. And hundreds of thousands
of people have left comments saying how it brought them to tears. So what’s going on? Well, I spent hours and hours and hours looking at this video and kind
of reverse engineering it. And what I found were four really surprising storytelling techniques that I’m gonna share at
the end of this video. They’re easy to do, easy to implement and they’ll have a dramatic impact on the storytelling that you do. So, all this and more coming right up. (upbeat inspirational music) Okay, so let’s get started. Take a look at this video,
it’s called Reunion, and it’s from Google India. So, let’s watch the video, and then I’m gonna talk a
bit about it afterwards, and the four storytelling techniques that you can find there. (singing in foreign language) (speaking in foreign language) (woman laughing) (speaking in foreign language) (children yelling in foreign language) (happy piano music) (singing in foreign language) (phone ringing) – Hello (speaking in foreign language). – Fazal Sweets? (speaking in foreign language) – Hello. (speaking in foreign language) (singing in foreign language) (speaking in foreign language) (singing in foreign language) (doorbell ringing) (speaking in foreign language) – Yusuf, Yusuf. (speaking in foreign language) (laughs) (singing in foreign language) – What did you think? Have you got a tear in your eye? If you have, then you’re not alone. I’ve shown that video
literally hundreds of times all around the world when
I’m talking on stage, and the reaction is always the same. So, what can we learn from this video in terms of storytelling? Well, the first thing is
when you think about it, it’s not really the typical
story you might expect from a company about its products, and that’s the secret. It’s to connect to your
audience using stories they want to hear as opposed
to the stories you want to tell because that’s a very small difference in terms of how you look at
deciding what stories to tell but it has a huge impact. So, don’t think about what are the stories I want to tell as a brand but think about what’s
the stories my audience might want to hear. Now, the second thing that
you can learn from this video is that it’s steeped
in core human emotion. It’s a story that’s about childhood and friendship and separation
and reunion and love. These are all things
that we can connect to on a on a very fast level. So, think about what are
the types of emotions that your story is going to invoke. The third thing that you
can learn from this video is about the role that both the brand and their customer play in it. Normally what you see is when a brand or a company puts out a piece of storytelling, the
brand is the hero of the story. And this is a bit of a hangover from decades of consumer marketing. But what we see today is the companies where they put their customer
as the hero of the story they’re the ones that succeed. And we see that in this video. The hero of this story is the
lady who’s trying to reunite her granddad with his childhood friend. So make your customer
the hero of the story. The fourth and final thing that you can learn from this video is that when the products
are being showcased, it’s not showing what the product does, but it’s showing the change
that it helps to make. Again, a very small
difference but very powerful. So, don’t talk about
what your product does, but talk about the change
that it helps to make in the life of your customer. Okay, that’s it for today, I
hope you enjoyed the video. If you do please hit the subscribe button so you know when the next videos come out, go unleash your next story. Good luck, bye for now. (upbeat music)

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