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Goodbye AdWords… Hello Google Ads!

Goodbye AdWords…  Hello Google Ads!

Hi everyone, I’m Sandeep with your Digital
Marketing Moment. You may have heard a buzz this week about
Google changing the name of their AdWords platform. They’re now calling it Google Ads. When they started Google AdWords over 15 years
ago, it was with 350 advertisers. Since then, that platform has grown to service
millions of users and businesses that are using Google Ads to promote their businesses
online. Initially, it was a way to get your website
to show up on Google faster than waiting for organic rankings, but since then it’s evolved. Besides Search, they are now letting you optimize
YouTube videos, place ads on platforms like Gmail, Google Maps and their huge network
of partner websites that are now letting you serve ads to a wider audience. In a nutshell, you’re not going to see a really
big change in your capabilities, as always, Google is looking to improve their AdWords,
or Ads platform with the latest and greatest to help marketers and business owners alike. Don’t worry, Google Ads or AdWords is here
to stay and is continue growing. As always, you may want to keep on top of
it and make sure you’re taking advantage of the enhancements they are making available
to business owners like you everyday. I’m Sandeep and that’s your Digital Marketing
Moment for this week. Stay tuned for next time where we continue
helping marketers and business owners like you, win on the web.

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