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oh my god I’m scared ready yeah
do I look like Harry Potter yet my little businessman is back it’s not going well
yeah made that look cool yeah boy oh hello team good morning so today is Tuesday it
is my typical filming day and I’ve been filming something very funny this
morning it’s already up on my channel it is me creating well recreating
should I say the Harry Potter movie poster and I’ve basically just seen what
I’d look like if I was a boy so it was very interesting I’ll insert this little
clip here of me having a little giggle at myself do I look like Harry Potter
yet oh my god right but yeah I’ve just finished taking the
photos for that my room is fully trashed because that’s where I took them so I’m
gonna start editing them now be sure to go and check out that video to see how
they turned out because it’s just a bit of an odd one isn’t it but I
really enjoyed making them I sound a bit snotty because the council have been
cutting the grass near us and oh boy there’s a lot of pollen in the air right
now this week what have I got on oh my god we’re going to go ape this week so
this vlog is gonna be amazing and I recently treated myself to a GoPro so
this week we have a pretty much office-based
week to begin with but then as I’m sure somewhere in the thumbnail says I went
to go ape with my boyfriend it was one of my birthday presents so I bought
myself a GoPro earlier than expected I knew I was gonna buy one this year but
let’s call it an early birthday present so I got myself the GoPro Hero 7 black
but I got it in the white edition just because I like to be weird so I’m gonna
test that GoPro out this week and I’ll show you it but yeah this week should
be good I’m excited to go to goape later I’ve been working on some poster
prints that will be going up for sale on my website very soon I have mock-up
prints here I just printed them out on my printer to see what they look like
and yeah right I now need to import the photos that I’ve just taken for the
Harry Potter video onto my laptop and if they’re alright I hope they are
because I I’ve melted I’ve fully melted filming that a considerable amount of
time has passed since that last clip I totally forgot I was vlogging because I
was doing the Harry Potter photos but they’re actually turning out
quite well I just need to add some texture onto their skin because
obviously they’ve got mud and stuff all over their face I’m probably gonna do
that tomorrow now but yeah I’ve been sat in my office doing that I’ve also been
doing the posters for my website I’ve got three now oh I’ve got four I
just need to like finalize the colors of the one I’ve got on my screen that one
actually like I might as well explain it so the posters are gonna be up on my
website so just Alicethorpe.co.uk/shop and I think they’ll be around like twelve pounds each they’re gonna be a3 size I’m
gonna like double check obviously except though I need to like find a supplier
and stuff but ten percent at least I need to work out again the profits and
to make sure I’m breaking even so ten percent plus of the profits will be
donated to diabetes UK because my boyfriend if you didn’t know has
diabetes he has type one which means he is insulin dependent basically he has to
inject insulin multiple times a day he has to do finger pricks to check his
blood sugar levels and he has to just be very aware of what he eats and stuff
because it is kind of like life or death if he doesn’t inject his
insulin so yeah diabetes UK obviously working to find easier ways of managing
it hopefully one day a cure so I’ve decided that this year’s donations
for my kind of merch stuff is gonna be diabetes UK last year I did mind I did
little posters for sale and we raised like 175 pound I think it was for mind
of the mental health charity so this year I knew I wanted to do something and
it worked out really well so yeah I’m gonna donate a percentage of the profits
from the poster sales to Diabetes UK if any of you guys are interested in not
sponsoring I don’t know if that’s right word but donating money
in another form or just like you’re not really bothered about a poster but you’d
happily donate a pound or something let me know because I can work out a way of
you sending it to me and then me sending it to him that’s absolutely fine with me
just let me know obviously no obligation but yeah so that’s what I’ve been doing
today and I feel like my eyeballs are gonna fall out of my head because I’ve
not left the house and I spent all day looking at a screen but for some stupid
reason I’m just cancelled my gym class because I cannot be bothered I think my
problem is I need to go to the gym in the morning because I just get lazy but
oh another thing I was going to talk to you about is contraception love
being a girl for those of you don’t know I have the implant it is in this arm you
can see the hole like the scars so I have three little dots and then a
separate dot this implant I have in now is my third implant hence why there’s
that many holes because it’s been put in and taken back out a few times the
past six months eight months my periods have been all over the place so I went
back to the doctors to speak with them and see if there was anything they can
do and their conclusion was that like that shouldn’t really happen after me
having it like this is the obviously the third implant I’ve had and I’ve had it
in this one in for like two and a half years I think so for it to all of a
sudden not work very well and mess up my periods doesn’t make any sense because
previously I’ve had no periods at all which is been amazing so I went back to
the doctors yesterday and the conclusion is that I’m having my implant taken out
and I’m having the Mirena coil fitted I’m presuming I never got that coil in
the first place because when I was 16 obviously I don’t think they recommend
the coils like younger girls but now I’m 24 my doctor said it’s a good fit for me
I would never ever remember to take medicine on time so I can’t have the
regular pill for that reason because I wouldn’t be protected because I know I
would forget and also I’m not allowed a certain hormone of some sort I can’t
remember which one because I have migraines so it does limit my options
for contraception and stuff I am going in to the doctors on the 8th
of August to get my implant removed which not gonna lie not looking forward
to I’ve had it obviously taken out twice before but one of the times
despite like it didn’t hurt it never has hurt because obviously they numb you but
I’m just a panicker and last time they did it like last time they took it out it
took them a little bit longer than expected so I just ended up laid on the
bed panicking so once they’ve taken that the implant out obviously I’m not
protected against getting pregnant so I’m gonna leave it for a little but not
have any unprotected sex that would be stupid Alice no babies here any time
soon no thank you and then once that’s settled I am gonna
have the coil fitted and my mom has it and my friend has it as well and they
both really liked it and they said that they had a bit of like period like
cramps when they first had it put in so that’s one of the reasons I didn’t want
to have it put in straightaway like I’m gonna be like bruised from them taking
the implant out I don’t want them to be poking my arm and poking my vagina on
the same day I don’t think I could handle that
so I’ve opted to have a bit of a gap in the middle and then they said they’ll do
a pregnancy test beforehand just to make sure obviously but yeah so at some point
I will be booking in for the Mirena to get fitted it’s not the first time I’ve
had my vagina out to a stranger to be checked I have had STI checks and stuff
as everyone should and I had like swabs and stuff the other day just to check
this whole period thing wasn’t anything sinister which it wasn’t
so ya and if anyone is worried about vagina related things I’m not gonna say
I’m not worried because it’s not very pleasant getting your vagina out for a
stranger but they don’t care they really don’t care they see many a vagina so
yours is nothing new so yeah I will update on that I just thought I’d let
you know hello good morning it was an early start this morning to take my
boyfriend to his job interview I’m currently sat outside of the is it the holbeach campus I don’t know but I didn’t realize the Uni had two campuses
like my old university the uni of lincoln are really far away from the actual main campus of
Lincoln we drove here this morning and now I’m just sat in the car park I could
go and find something to do but I don’t know where I am and I’ll just end up
having to drive back so I was like well I brought my laptop I brought my iPad
I’m going to attempt to motivate myself to do some work because so far I’ve
spent half an hour just on my phone but yeah that’s today I don’t really
know what time we’ll be getting back his actual interview should be starting now
apparently he went on like a tour of the campus or something literally I
can’t believe I lived in Lincoln for three years and I didn’t realize they
had two campuses oh and also he bought me a meal deal my boyfriend as payment
or part payment anyway for driving him here it was an hour and a half long
drive and it was such a long journey like sometimes car journeys like that go
quite fast but this one was just so boring although I don’t really have a
meal deal because like an idiot I didn’t pick up a drink
so that’s annoying and but I got cheese and tomato pasta that says it has no mayo
why would you put mayo in cheese and tomato pasta please a berry medley
which is just strawberries and grapes a Twix which I’m not had in about five years and some
spicy knickknacks let me know in the comments below what your Tesco meal deal
of choice is or any meal deal of choice but I always end up in tesco yeah I
guess I don’t really want to do this I need to do the subtitles for Monday’s
vlog it is now Wednesday and I haven’t done them because I ended up with a migraine
on on Monday so it was a miracle that the vlog actually went up
so I’m gonna hotspot my phone and try and do these subtitles
I do have visions of my boyfriend just coming up and scaring me though so I’m
gonna lock the door and let’s get productive my little businessman is back
said it went well fingers crossed fingers crossed hello team good morning
it is Thursday today and I have actually had such a productive morning
it is currently just after noon it’s four minutes past 12:00 but I woke up
at 8:00 today and got back got in my office for nine I’m gonna try and do
that as often as often as I can I’m gonna be more strict on myself because I
don’t work very well in the morning so I just lay in bed for longer than I should
and then that means I end up in my office really late at night like I still
do the same amount of hours I just do them like later on in the day but I want
to actually spend my evenings doing stuff for me you know like my work-life
balance is all out of whack so I’m gonna try and do that more often I’ve actually
just written or I started it last night but I’ve written this month’s newsletter
and it’s about getting your work-life balance back so if you aren’t signed up
to my newsletter you will have missed that one that’s just gone up because
obviously that’s just for existing subscribers and it goes out on the first
of every month but if you would like to subscribe to my next newsletter I’ll
leave the link to my website in the description and then you just put your
email in I don’t spam you because I don’t like spam emails and – I don’t
have the time to write that many emails so you just get one every month at the
minute but on today’s agenda I need to finish the Harry Potter video hence why
I’ve got makeup on and I also need to go and return a very large array of parcels
so I’ve got that pile here I ordered some little drawers to put my sunglasses
in like clear drawers from Amazon but they’re not big enough to like fit my
sunglasses in which is the whole point so I’m returning them and returning the
clothes from the Harry Potter video and there’s another few parcels and these are
all going to the post office and I also have to take my swabs to the doctors
I’ve definitely missed the morning deadline because it’s obviously now
afternoon but I’m gonna take them now and hopefully by next week they’ll have
the results so yeah that was an interesting experience and I was talking
to you about my contraception but I can’t remember if I told you that I have
I had two giant cotton swabs to shove up my hoo-ha so I did that the other day I
just need take them I thought I’d just show you as
well I’m wearing my trainers like the sparkly ones that I wore to graduation
and this was the best life choice I’d ever made loads people were struggling
in heels and like uncomfortable shoes and I had these on and I got them from
debenhams I think I’ll link them down below or similar ones right all my rubbish
is in the boot let’s do this of course it’s been sunny all morning right
up until I have to leave the house and go outside
just got back in the office and I’ve finished editing the Harry Potter video
wait no I finished editing the Harry Potter photo I need to do the video but
my mom is just come upstairs with some pasta what an absolute angel this
is like my work break for the day it’s currently half-past one I’m gonna eat
this and then I’m gonna sit on my office bed and I think I’m gonna edit the video
over there and fingers crossed I’ll get it up by today actually hello team good
morning it is Friday and I actually have my natural curls going on today it’s a
little bit frizzy but yeah I just slept on my hair last night and it’s kind of
curled alright I don’t think this will last very long but because we’re going
to goape tomorrow I didn’t see the point in doing my hair because I’m
probably gonna get sweaty or rained on me and mom are going to pop to town
today because I’m on a hunt for an outfit for summer in the city
I ordered a dress on Amazon which I do really like and I’m gonna keep but I
don’t like it for the occasion so what we’re gonna go to town and hopefully
find something I absolutely hate going to town I just I have zero patience with
shopping and much prefer to do it online but clearly I’m not having much luck I’m
wearing this jumpsuit that I wore for the pretty little thing event in London
I bought it from a little boutique Shop in box park because I went to the event
wearing jeans and like a silk top and it was like 30 degrees so I melted as
soon as I got on the tube so I ended up panic buying this I think it was like 36
pounds which I wouldn’t have usually spent on a jumpsuit but I got
complimented on this twice that night and my mum loves it and it’s really cute
so yeah ignore the pile of washing behind me I need to put that away this is the jumpsuit with the belt on I actually love it we’re now
at H&M what have you found mum 2 pound pair of shorts bargain having a little girly
shopping day and there’s loads of sales stuff that’s really nice I need to find
something that’s got long sleeves so I can wear it at summer in the city when
I’ve had my implant taken out we’re in River Island now and I found
these they’re like neon the cameras not doing them justice but they’re like
reflecting off my skin that’s how neon they are it’s like a suit shorts and
then they’ve got a jacket down there I actually love it but I’m just not tan
enough to wear something like that imagine me wearing that to sitc I
think that’s well cute it’s not going well I’ve tried on a lot of different
clothes and it’s not it’s not going well so now we’re headed outside we’re gonna
go to peacocks and primark and then if they fail we’re going to Matalan
Tesco and asda basically exhausting all shops in Doncaster so we’ve come to
Matalan we’ve walked ten meters into the door and found so many things but
everything is really cool like every other shop we’ve been in all the
prints are the same but matalan seems to have some actual nice prints I want something that looks graphic-y like to reflect me look at this dress I
think that’s so cute I’ve got trousers that are like the similar stripes like
just look at the design of this how cute obviously I need long sleeves so I’ve
picked these trousers up and then they’ve got these ones that are
like like these feel like pajamas and they’re cotton but yeah we’ve just walked in
the door and we’ve not even gone halfway down good morning guys so today we are
going to goape I’ve got my GoPro all ready first time I’ve used it very
excited to get going there is more we’re both very muddy now
from falling in that stuff but at least it’s not raining good morning it is Sunday we’re very tired
today and today was busy after goape we went to a family barbecue and then we
went to another friend’s house for dinner and
she made the best like biscoff cheesecake oh my god
I could have taken the whole cake home and obviously didn’t vlog that now we are in
town I’m looking for some new sandals because my sandals broke my trusty primark sandals
I’ve had for three years broke on Friday and I’m still mourning the loss and I’ve still not found any that look the same and we’re in Costa I’ve got a cheese toastie what have
you got panini and I’ve got this strawberry
lemonade oh my god it’s incredible I’ve made great life choices today I also
have no makeup on at all and I don’t hate it and that is the very abrupt
ending to this week’s vlog I really hope you enjoyed it as I said please do let
me know your meal deal of choice thanks for watching and I’ll see you next week
for another one

13 thoughts on “GO APE, PERIOD CHATS & JOB INTERVIEWS | Weekly Vlog #53

  1. I had the implant first + bled for the whole year i had it (they wouldn't take it out earlier than a year, ugh) then i tried the pill, which just messed my periods, i'd be on + off everyday, nightmare, it settled down a bit but then my migraines came back monthly 🙁 ugh, my only option next is the coil, i am terrified, can't cope with pain haha.. sooo, if you wouldn't mind doing an update when you've had it done? Hopefully it works for you 😀 xx

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  4. I got offered the coil at 14 for my painful periods but I said no way! so I have been on the pill for 4 years now instead and my periods are so much better I just have to make sure I have a alarm set so I remember to take it because if not I have forgot for so many days in a row that I have started 😂

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