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Glimpse – DOOH Targeted Advertising & Audience Profiling

Glimpse – DOOH Targeted Advertising & Audience Profiling

– Hi, My name is Shane O’Sullivan. – And I’m Oran Mulvey. And we’re the co-founders of a Dublin-based start-up called Glimpse. – Glimpse is a consumer analysis
and target advertising tool that operates within the Adtech space. If you think back to
the last time you walked through a shopping center you may’ve walked past a digital display. Our technology, called Consensys, integrates with these displays. – Consensys maps and analyze
the demographic information of all visitors as they walk
past an enabled display. This demographic information
includes anything from age, gender, clothing logos,
facial features and footfall. Consensys can also tell if you looked at the display and for how long. – Not only does Consensys store and analyze the information gathered but it also uses it in real time to display an advertisement targeted at the demographics of the viewers. – For example if I walked
past with my beard and glasses Consensys could instantly
show me an advertisement for a new gent barbers, or a
men’s sale at a local optician. – Before ConsenSys the performance of an advertising campaign was based on product sales or
invasive manual surveys. Now using Consensys we can
measure the performance of the same advertising
campaign based on the engagement of the the audience through
glances made at the display. – We enable media owners and agencies to use this information gathered to better understand their audiences. Showing the right ad to the
right person at the right time. – We’re a next-generation
audience measurement tool and we hope to continuously
push the boundaries of Adtech.

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