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Gillette’s ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Ad is WRONG

Gillette’s ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Ad is WRONG

Hi everyone I hope you’re all well. So
unless you have taken a leave of absence from the internet over the past few days
you all know about the new ad from Gillette that attempts to solve all the
world’s problems by beating the bad out of men. *Gillette ad* – Bullying, the metoo movement
against *censored*, toxic masculinity. Is this the best a man can get? We can’t hide from it. It’s been going on far too
long. Making the same old excuses. Boys will be boys. *chanted in unison* But something finally changed. *TYT* – Allegations regarding *censored* and *censored*. Why the hell
would you use the Young Turks? So it appears Gillette is handing out moral
lessons as well as shaving products. Be a good boy and don’t give in to the
inherent badness that is part of your male nature. Let’s eradicate toxic
masculinity and behave like women because women are such pinnacles of
virtue who never do or say anything bad. Now understandably it’s rubbed quite a few
people up the wrong way. Now when I started writing the
transcript for this video I actually had a lot of trouble simply because I didn’t
know where to begin, there is so much that is wrong with this entire situation.
But I will start with the most obvious point. You know the phrase “boys will be
boys”? Well nobody actually uses that phrase anymore pretty much everyone
knows nowadays that that is not an excuse for bad behavior it’s not in
common parlance. Seriously I think the last person I heard used that phrase was
my grandmother and that would have been at least 18 years ago. The only people
who say boys will be boys unironically and with any frequency nowadays are
third wave feminists who run out of things to complain about but still want
to sell books. So now we’ve cleared up that little point. What the Gillette ad tries to do is present this concept of toxic masculinity. Now what is toxic
masculinity? It is often misinterpreted as an indictment of masculinity in
general. It’s not. well at least not in theory. A nice technical definition of
the term comes from feminist academic Colleen Clemens and she states — toxic
masculinity is a narrow and repressive description of manhood, designating
manhood as defined by *censored*, *censored*, status and aggression. It’s the cultural
idea of manliness, where strength is everything while emotions are a weakness,
where *censored* and brutality are yardsticks by which men are measured, while
supposedly “feminine” traits — which can range from emotional vulnerability to
simply not being *censored* — are the means by which your status as a man can
be taken away. Now I would argue that this description has nothing to do with masculinity and everything to do with being a jerk. But hey that’s just me.
Let’s look at Gillette’s explanation for the ad. *Gillette website statement* – As a company that encourages men to be their best we have a responsibility to make sure we
are promoting positive, attainable, inclusive and healthy versions of what
it means to be a man. From today on we pledge to actively challenge the
stereotypes and expectations of what it means to be a man everywhere you see
Gillette. Ok first no you don’t have that responsibility your responsibility is to sell razors. End of story. Secondly, just what are these
expectations that Gillette is talking about? Since when is the bad behavior
displayed in that video in anyway an expectation or a norm for men in
societies today? Most men do not in any way condone that behavior so how can it be
in any way considered an expectation? Look I’m not sure where Gillette is
getting these so-called societal expectations from, but it’s certainly not
from the one we’re living in. However the main problem with the ad is not that it
depicts all men as evil and bad and violent. It’s that it depicts the few
good men in the ad as the exception to the rule. It depicts these good men as
the minority of male saviors in a big bad world of evil masculinity with a
majority of men are at the mercy of their own inherent badness and rely on
saviours to save them from themselves. That is why people are so frustrated and
ticked off. This ad is like the straw that broke the camel’s back riding this
huge wave of anti-straight white male narrative that is permeating popular
culture, that is why the reaction has been so huge. People are sick of it. Now
it is true that historically men have always been placed under pressure to
restrain themselves emotionally and also placed under huge pressure to provide
for their families. This results in them being able to spend less time with their
children, which is obviously detrimental to men and also to their kids. Now I
don’t think anyone would argue against encouraging men to express themselves
if they’re feeling unhappy or under pressure, or that they should be enabled
to spend more time with their children. But the problem is feminists have
hijacked this notion like they hijack everything and are using it to push the
idea that any stereotypically masculine trait is a negative thing. So things like
being tough or competitive or emotionally stoic or being chivalrous or
even offering to buy a woman a drink are being portrayed as, well toxic. So how do
we know this is the case? Well it’s this third wave feminist insistence that we
need to bust traditional gender norms that’s how. Traditionally
masculine men present a direct threat to the feminist quest for a genderless
world. That’s why they’ve started to pathologize masculinity and masculine
men so profoundly, it’s the same reason they don’t like stereotypically feminine
women. We pose a blockade to their feminist gender norm busting and so to
pathologize us they insists that we’re capitulating to the patriarchy or guilty
of internalized misogyny. I mean please do I look like someone who hates
themselves. So this grand mission to eradicate gender norms plus their
eternal quest for revenge for a patriarchal past is what has led
feminists to adopt this toxic masculinity thing. However they do it
very insidiously, they push it as if they actually care about men and want to save
them. *Jane Caro* – Dear men many of whom I really hold dear you need to have a word with some
of those who claim to be your advocates. They are not helping when they kneejerk reject anything that suggests men can be gentle, nurturing and self-critical. It’s almost as if they’ve realized all their rampant man-hating over the last
decade was bad PR so they’re desperately backpedaling to soften their image. For
example — *Clementine Ford* Look I’m really confused about the backlash towards this ad I mean for
start they literally say that they believe in the best in men. It doesn’t
portray all men as being sexist, violent or rowdy it reflects the reality that
some men are responsible for behavior like that and it models really good
bystander behavior from other men who step in to say this is not what we’re
about, this is not what we want to be and more importantly this is not the kind of
behavior that we want our sons to see I can’t see how anyone would see that is
anything other than a positive step. As you can see that is a classic regressive-leftist move. They push their agenda, that is the “systematic emasculation of men
until they fizzle into submission” under the guise of working for the common good.
That is a textbook move from lefty playbook and has been used right
back to the Soviets. However what they’re actually doing, whether they realize it
or not, is portraying men as being born with some sort of original sin. While the
intention of the Gillette ad may have been to challenge learned behavior, what
it actually does, the message it actually sends to men and most pointedly to boys,
is that everything they are, every single impulse they have to act in a way that
is stereotypically boyish, is somehow bad and that they must spend their entire
lives attempting to atone for the intrinsic evil within them. It’s really
very Catholic. And it’s not just Gillette pushing this thing. The American
Psychological Association has released a new guidance document that states
“traditional masculinity” is harmful for men. They define traditional masculinity
as including achievement, risk, adventure focused, eschewing weakness, aggression,
competition, status and stoicism. So men with mental health problems will now be
treated under the assumption that their very nature is somehow deficient and
wrong. Because that’s really going to help reduce male *censored* rates. And aside
from anything else can you imagine what the world would be like today if men,
throughout the course of human history, had resisted that primal male urge to
succeed, to take risks, to seek adventure, to be emotionally stoic in the face of
danger and tragedy, to compete and to continue to strive for greater and
greater heights. We’d still be living like this. Men are given no encouragement
in the public arena, they are given no affirmation that they have a purpose on
this planet. All they receive is condescension and scolding, mostly from
women who evidently know nothing about men and either don’t notice or don’t
care about the damage they’re doing. *Miranda Devine* – The problem is if you’re a little boy
growing up in this soup of anti-male feeling that you see in popular culture,
what a little boy is meant to think if they just think that
something that is innate to them, that they were born with it they can’t help
to change is somehow diseased. I think it’s just setting them up for
failure and sadness and already you have the male *censored* rate three times the
female rate. So thank you Gillette for exposing yourself for the virtue
signaling freaks you evidently are and thank you also to feminist thought
leaders for once again exposing your sociopathic mission to reap revenge on
the male species while creating a completely homogenized society. You
really are too kind with all of the ideological ammunition you continually
give me. Now to all the men and boys who are watching — this don’t listen to those
regressive feminists morons. There is nothing pathologically wrong
with you. So long as you go throughout your life with the general intention of
being a good, kind and respectful person which I’m sure most of you inherently do,
then you are perfectly, perfectly fine. If you liked that video please remember to
like, subscribe, share, leave me a comment and if you really, really liked it then
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100 thoughts on “Gillette’s ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Ad is WRONG

  1. Oops I accidentally deleted the thread of everyone's thoughts on the ad. 😂

    Please keep sharing your thoughts here! I love them all!

  2. 8:00 into the video where you are dressed jn uniform from Soviet Russia, some old left wing conservative viewer is getting triggered "i knew she was a commie" hahahaha. Love your sense of humor. The world wants to put everyone into a square door or a round door, Daisy is a triangle.

  3. My problem with men is due to being molested by 2. I am uncomfortable with knowing that men tend to stare at my breasts or bottom. I am uncomfortable with this situation because it happens so often. People say it is natural for a man to notice the part of women's body that draws them in. That somehow it's ok for men to stare at me. One did it in front of his wife and with my niece telling about it. I don't give a great deal to hear it is natural. I don't want to be objectified! I am not saying it is bad for men to be interested but they in my experience go about it wrong. I think gillette's ad was ill advised but the truth is. The men I end up meeting are horrible people and just want sex period. I am not saying all men do it but it is a problem. Men need to find a better way to show interest in a woman. I don't think gillette's ad should have been made. I just don't think men realize how ogling a woman the way I am stared at is wrong. Again I am not like several men on here who assumed all women are the same. I am not a thief, liar or gold digger. I am a lot like you are. I just wish men could find a better way to hit on a woman.

  4. I’m on a Daisy-A-Thon!’ Love your videos; very well researched and informative! I have nice wonderful flowing beard and use a Norelco Razor! Using that nasty Bitch , Ana Kastrashian. Real women like real men! You are the best Daisy! Beautiful, Intelligent and a true lady!

  5. check the Egard watch commercial in response to Gellitte.. it is awesome.. all men should consider growing a beard and wear an Egard watch to show their masculinity.. I have nothing about my masculinity to hide.. I actually feel so proud about it, It gives me a wonderful & very special being.. Never drove me to hate or hit a woman.. Never drove me to take something that is not mine.. Never sensed at anytime that it's repulsive to any woman in my community..
    There is no toxic or toxic dose of masculinity because masculinity itself is pure, always helpful and always needed..
    You can identify water as a toxin under some medical circumstances but that never changes anything about its role in life..

  6. Dear Gillette why didn't you just show a chiseled guy shaving in the mirror wearing nothing but a towel I really miss those ads.

  7. Thank you so much for this video! I felt so pissed off after I watched this video, but I couldn't put it into words. You nailed it perfectly. It's even better coming from a woman. If I were to speak up, I'd probably just be called a sexist or misogynist. Thanks again. Awesome video!

  8. I decided when the Gillette ad first came out that I would never buy another Gillette product.  That is for life.  Assholes (Gillette) deserve to lose the business from the very men they have insulted.  Who made up the original ad??  Some man hating female?

  9. All the traditional wet shaving salesmen are thanking God for Gillette. I've seen so many how-to videos on straight razor shaving get hunders if not thoursands of views by men who simply want to get away from Gillette.

  10. I respect and actually agree with most of what you’ve said. However, I feel compelled to inform you that some of those norms do still exist in society, at least in the US within the last twenty years. My younger brother spent the majority of his childhood being mercilessly tortured all because he was more in touch with his emotions than most boys and smaller in stature. And when my parents tried to defend him they were met with “boys will be boys” and “they’ll work it out themselves” Now I’m not saying that men are innately evil by any means. These weren’t men, they were children but they did have to be getting these concepts from somewhere. So while I embrace and support men as a whole, I certainly wouldn’t object to a society where little boys like my brother can exist without having to share his very negative and harmful experience.

  11. Am I the only one who noticed the fact that the majority of the altercations were perpetrated by white men and corrected by a man that wasn't white? It wasn't 100% but pretty close.

  12. Too often in your video you refer to all the acts depicted in the ad as bad behavior by men. Many other people criticizing this video also point to the racial bias in the ad, as well as the scene where the one guy pulls the other guy back because he wants to go talk to a passing woman. Things like this are warping the mind of society because it gets into guys heads that it is not ok to approach women anymore. You are to assume they are not single, not interested. Well just about every movie depicts a situation where a guy approaches a girl, how else are people supposed to meet and perhaps date or get married. A line would only be crossed if the woman said she isn't interested or gives some other indication that you are bothering her.

  13. Yeah, Daisy. Thanks for your encouragement. Perhaps this miserable ad was just the wake up call needed for so long. I am happy in a relationship and working my ass off to make ends meet for my family. Protecting weak people and helping the elders. Fighting merciless aganist injustice and cruelty. Loving children and animals and nature. Listening to my heart and trying to do the right thing, no matter how uncomfortable it is. Courage and honor and strentgh and compassion, the codex I try to live by. Thats me: a man. And the truth is: we, both men and women need each other and work together. So, Daisy, thanks again, sister!

  14. At the same time those same people complain that men are not as masculine as their fathers and grandfathers, and start to become more confused and instead of trying to figure out what the fuck does society want from them, more and more men start to live in solitude and gives up on women in general but that is not good too…
    It`s just moronic, and the worst thing that you can do, is actually doing what society wants you to do, because, majority of people are not like this, and don`t think, that you are toxic for just being a man, it just seems like that, because in this case the minority screams the loudest.

  15. The elite that run the world are evil. They don't want men and women to come together and make families because families and communities are strong and strong people will rise up against them. They want to drive us apart but to do that they have to make men and women unattractive to each other, hence Feminism, MGTOW and nasty commercials like the gillette one.
    Guy Fawkes had the right idea, he's a hero and should be celebrated, shame he was unsuccessful.

  16. Police , brave and strong. Protecting us. Are men. Fire men. Same. Soldiers. Same. When I see men saving animals from torture or death. ….. men.
    The list goes on

  17. as the 3rd random google ad (not the Gillette one) appeared in the middle of your video without any warning or logic, I had to step out (probably a google thing, rather than yours, Daisy… it's similar to the obnoxious way facebook dives in with their ads)… otherwise I would have enjoyed getting it to the end. If it is you choosing a new ad format. It's awful. it makes watching your videos tiring…

  18. Well said inferring the majority of men are brutal, misogynistic and emotionally detached.

    Been buying Gillette for 30 years but never again.

    People are good people are bad, I believe the majority of people are the former.

  19. Let's be honest: feminists want to make women men and men, women. That's it. That's what this boils down to.

  20. I have not purchased a proctor and gamble product since I saw that horse crap 💩!! Not tide swifer Duracell

  21. Thanks you Daisy. For putting into most eloquent words what most men were thinking. Keep up the good work.

  22. Boys will be boys was never a phrase to excuse bad behaviour….it was used to explain the high energy weird (but mostly innocent) situations that boys would often find themselves in on a daily basis.

  23. So it's come to this. Women defending Men. What in Gods name is going on. Thank God I don't have kids. This feminist apocalypse is a God Damn nightmare. Men, RUN just RUN.

  24. I realize that it's toxic of me to think it, but I want to punch that Ford bitch in the ear…twice.

  25. Clearly, to approach women in any way is offensive and toxic. Women deserve dignity and respect. I shall atone by giving them a wide berth.
    Oh, and I've gone monk and switched to Schick.

  26. I remember a conversation with my ex father in law before my son (who is now in primary school ) was born- he told me that he worried for any grandson he might have because he felt that it is now a ‘woman’s world,’ and that as a result, my son would be disadvantaged in job seeking, would be influenced to ‘have’ to be more feminine, that it isn’t ok to be a little boy…. I told him then – I became quite fired up inside myself- that I would never tell my son anything like that ever.
    If I had a daughter I would tell her that she was amazing and ought not ever believe that she can’t do something because she is a girl, nor to feel that she is somehow lesser or not good enough (because of her gender). In the same way- AS I have a son- I won’t allow anyone to fill my boys head or heart with a regret of being a boy, that he HAS to be something, that he should feel ashamed.
    Thank you for this video, it brings me hope that my son may grow into a man who is not manipulated into feeling he needs to apologise for himself. As long as he is a good person, that’s what matters. I would suggest that feminists who have an issue with masculinity (note- I’m not going to use the word Toxic because it does not belong next to masculinity in a sentence; for ‘toxic’ simply read bad behaviour) reveal that they themselves have and are the problem.

  27. They seem to have forgotten that a lot of the younger men dont shave near as often as the older generations. I shave every day. How many young men do that? They are cutting their own throats. I went and got a Harry's razor. I also sold off all of my P&G stocks.

  28. If men left the building of civilization to women. They would be living in grass huts and sitting in front of a dung fire.

  29. I agree 99.99% of every word you've spoken, on every one of your videos. The only thing I disagree with as a man, is if men are good, kind, and respectful we'll be fine. Unfortunatly good+kind+respectful=Nice guy. Why is it unfortunate? You'd be hard pressed to find a single man, woman, or child(10yo+) on the entire planet that hasn't heard the saying "nice guys finish last". So for right now were just screwed. We're damned if we do, damned if we don't. Aside from that I'm a huge fan of yours. Your not only hilarious but your political stance is incredible and your courage to stand up for men is heroic, as I'm sure a man has probably wronged you in the past at least 1 way or another. Your style is elegant/sexy as hell, and in my opinion your stunningly beautiful both inside and out. And we go to the(imaginary) judges(in my head) score cards 🔟🔟🔟, a perfect score! That puts you in first place of the "desirables", in second place Sydney Watson, and you both have smoked the competition so badly a third place hasn't crossed the finish line and is no where to be seen. Excellent work, I can't wait to see what you post next and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  30. Since many of us will not be buying any more Gillette products & feminists may not shave any body parts, maybe the feminists can shave their cats with them. Who cares what the A.P.A. thinks?

  31. In the past society pressured gay guys to be "masculine" because acting otherwise was a signal there was something wrong with them.
    Then, in the mid 2000's there was a brief moment of equilibrium
    Now, roles have inverted. If you have male genitalia you are pressured do be more "feminine" because acting otherwise is a signal there is something wrong with you.

  32. How can anyone listen to her voice? I would rather jam a long nail in my ear. That accent is just obnoxious

  33. It surprises me some of the stupid comments. I will say that I love your insight Daisy and thank you very much. God bless you.

  34. I showed the ad to my sister and she told me nothing is wrong with it now I don't have a sister no longer

  35. The only males who might hold these views are gang members trying to impress the other morons in their gang and luvvie show business celebrities.

  36. i would shave with a dull piece of glass before i EVER buy another gellette blade
    they just lost their largest market share to soy boys who dont even need razors

  37. Not only is it sexist, it is racist. Did you notice how the good guys are black and the bad guys are white? Never buy Gillette or Proctor and Gamble.

  38. I’m not responsible for other men. We’re responsible for ourselves and our loved ones. That’s what being a man is about, personal responsibility. Modern feminists are always calling for women to join together in a homogenous sisterhood in which they all think alike, and now they’re dragging men into it as well. Pathetic

  39. Doing my english year 12 oral on this topic. You're a saviour. Is it okay if I use direct quotes, with citation?

  40. Gillette who? What? When? Where… oh, you mean all that crunched up stuff in my trash that has been replaced…yeah that one…

  41. Frankly I'm on the side of feminism. Not because they're right, but because I hate shoveling the driveway…

  42. I'll probably die alone but next to a natural event I have found that a feminine women who either take care of themselves or are physically blessed and have a good personality are one of the most beautiful, and in my experience, rare, experiences I have been able to see or witness. Best of luck to women like that.
    My two cents on this culture and boys growing up in it. They'll just go with the flow. This will continue until they have had enough. When that happens, some will try to change things with civility, others will give up possibly taking their own lives and or they lives of those they blame for they way they feel, others will become violent and try to force change through dominance. I am figuring that either one or all of the scenarios I laid will happen in some variation.

  43. In the globalist New World Order, every slaves are going to be quiet. All the women are going to be fucked in all holes by the lawyers.

  44. That woman on the news show, defending Gillette. You shouldn’t be putting politics in your commercials anyway. Just sell your damn shaving cream and keep your opinions to yourself. Btw, never buying Gillette again. Haven’t since I saw the commercial.

  45. Toxic corporate liberalism is a greater threat to our nation than toxic masculinity ever could be. No more Gillette for me, not ever, ever, or even after that. George Soros owns a huge mess of Gillette/P&G stock according to many internet articles.

  46. SJW's like Kim Gehrig need to create a special land full of endless Gender Studies courses, safe spaces, no white men, countless diversity awareness sessions, cement milkshake machines on every corner and waterfalls cascading soy milk.

  47. No more Gillette after 40 years of use, Bic From now on! Its amazing how such a big company can be so casual about their customer base! And on another note , you look great, love the colours!

  48. Unluckily for ******* like Kim and her fellow femnazis, the Muslims dont believe in eradicating toxic masculinity. The few who have entered Australia, NZ, Germany, France, Italy, England, Canada, USA have shown what they are capable of. The problem can only get worse as femnistas emasculate the very men who can save them from gang rapes at the hands of African muslims! Or, perhaps, these toxic women loof forward to rape?

  49. I won´t have any Gillette products in my house anymore. Now when I see Gillette products in the store I push them into the back.

  50. Actually Daisy, I've looked up aloot of comments from the Gillette video and a shocking amount of men says "Let boys be boys", even big public figures on Twitter. So people clearly still go by stupid excuses for their harmful behaviour. Also, fun that you read the definition of toxic masculinity and say it just sounds like "Being a jerk". That kindof is the point!! Gillette is basically saying move away from the negative parts of a stereotypical "manly man" and teach your kids kindness and speak up when you witness harmful behaviour, specifically towards females. I feel like that shouldn't be an unreasonable request. But apparently, judging by the hysterical people thinking this request is absurd, I guess we'll keep witnessing violence, rape, harrassment, sexism, exclusion of "not stereotypical men", and much more delightful qualities that could otherwise be changed, but no, too much to ask for.

  51. So Gillette have become another company to cave in to the male bashers. Guess who won’t be buying their razors any more?
    We are sick to death of this endless, condescending emasculation of the male sex.

  52. Masterstroke by Gillette!
    I had almost forgotten about their existence, when suddenly I started coming across so many youtube videos about this ad. Attacks, defenses, counterattacks and counterdefenses. So much free extra publicity. I haven't seen their original ad video yet!

  53. Hey, Daisy! Love your common sense channel….
    I’m a woman and I miss “The Man Show”! I thought it hilarious….
    I work with the public and believe me, women have their sex linked faults …. just not the same ones as men.
    Way back before this 4th wave feminism, I started noticing a pernicious trend in TV ads. The men in them were always depicted as inept oafs who would not be able to tie their shoes correctly if their wives were not at their sides. Also parents in general were clueless idiots, deserving of zero respect from their totally well informed smart akeck, 10 year olds.
    Why not do a video on this? There is plenty examples out there.

  54. The mocking of men by the BBQ is just plain disgusting. I’m glad I’m on my way out of this world and not on my way in. Seriously, I had the best years to live in our country. Women today say they are STRONG, yet they’re weak as piss when it comes to not wanting to be whistled at (as they wear short-shorts and boobs hanging out). WTH?! Too bad my adult kids have to live in this sick crap.

  55. I don't need Gillette, Procter & Gamble or any other business lecturing me on my behavior or my perceived "toxic masculinity". Gillette needs to concentrate on manufacturing competitive and affordable products, rather than making social commentary and producing short features on matters that they do not understand.

  56. Just companies jumping on the latest band wagon. Just like Cover GIRL decided to make a boy their spokes model, Nike with it's Williams commercial complaining how she had to overcome male dominance to compete in a woman's sport. It's gotten ridiculous – I bypass commercials in way or another. Tired of being "sold" to 24/7 anyway.

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