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– [Barry And Jimmy] Hi! – Alright guys, I’m back at Jimmy James’ house. – Hey. – Today’s video is very special. It’s sponsored by Malteasers but it’s for
a very good cause, Comic Relief. – Red Nose Day. – Red noses, it makes a lot more sense if
you have a little look online but, basically, if you bake a cake using Maltesers before
Comic Relief on Friday the 24th of March, 2017… – Maltesers will donate 5 pounds for every
post, #bakeamillion. – #bakeamillion, 5 pounds. – That’s it, any shape, any size, just hashtag. Just make a cake. – And they’re going to donate up to a million
pounds. – It’s like you’re donating 5 pounds and you
get to eat cake. – I can’t believe you kept the nose on for
that. Made me feel like I had a cold but, yeah,
it’s for a great cause. We’re really excited. We’re doing a giant, Malteser, gravity-defying
cake. We’ve never made a standard one of those. – No. – But we’re gonna do a giant one. We’re gonna give it a go. – Let’s do it. – We’ve already done our little haul at the
shops and this is how we got on. – [Barry] Got my shopping list, folks. There it is. Hey, alright? Just waiting here all day, are you? – For hours. – [Barry] Egg-cellent. – We need 16, there’s only 15 in a pack. – [Barry] Yeah 16 eggs and 15, yeah. You alright? – Yeah. – [Barry] First aid? – [Jimmy] No, I’m alright. – [Barry] Hey! There it is, mate. We have found a cake stand for our cake to
stand on. Hence the name. – [Barry] Well done, you did well there. – Nice. – Oh, what about this? – [Jimmy] It’s foamy. – [Barry] Can we use that? No, foam’s not good. I don’t know why we’re in a huge sort of builders’
merchants but we’re trying to find some sort of solution to… – Gotta get a pipe! – [Barry] To the gravity bit of the cake,
so here we go. – So we’ve just been into a rather manly shop. – Yeah, nice and butch. – Got some pipe. – Building materials. – Yeah, ooh-ah yeah, can we have some pipe
please? – Some pipe for our baking. – Yeah, for our cake, yeah. So now we’re gonna go and try and do this. – Yeah, it’s gonna work. – Hopefully. – Alright folks, we are cracking on with making
our sponge. That was not actually intentional pun, but
it is. We are cracking eggs. – We are cracking on with the eggs. – [Barry] Yeah, we have got, we need eight
eggs in each sponge. – Eight eggs and there’s 450 grammes of butter,
sugar and flour. – [Barry] 450 grammes of butter. – [Jimmy] All the dry. – [Barry] 450 grammes of sugar, 450 grammes
of self-raising flour. So, now James is gonna drink all those eggs. We’re just saying, Rocky style, isn’t it? – It’s protein. – [Barry] Protein, yeah. Get your direct shot of protein. Alright, okay. So, eggs, we are ready to go. The first thing we’re gonna do is cream together
our butter. – Wash your hands, of course. – [Barry] I didn’t, yeah. And the sugar. In it goes, the butter. Butter up, nice. – [Jimmy] Nicely done. – [Barry] Well done. – [Jimmy] You can pour sugar as well. – [Barry] Okay, great. So this is caster sugar. – [Jimmy] It is. – [Barry] Remember folks, like all our giant
foods, we will be sharing this. This is certainly not a portion for one. Alright, so we’re using… – [Jimmy] Oh! – [Barry] Wow! – Whoops. – I don’t think we lost much. – [Barry] You were gonna say, wow sugar, weren’t
you? – Yes, well. – [Barry] Okay, now in it goes. Excellent mate. In go the eggs. – Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. – [Barry] No yolking around. This is going to be crackin’. – This is a lot of eggs. I trust your judgement . – [Barry] It’s going to be excellent. – FUPA. In goes our flour now. Otherwise, it might turn into an omelette
with that amount of eggs. We need three teaspoons of baking powder in
there as well. – [Jimmy] Wow! – [Barry] Wow! – [Jimmy] What heaped? – [Barry] Oh yeah, heaped is mountains of
it. Maybe just a little teeny one. It’s quite hard to film and spoon at the same
time. – [Jimmy] I know. – [Barry] Ah yeah, so we’re nearly there. – Taking off. – [Jimmy] So next up, we have some coco powder. And this is some warm water. We’re just going to make a little paste. And we’re going to combine that with our batter
which is sitting very patiently over here. Taste it. There it is. Nice mate. So we’re going to give it a little mix together. – [Jimmy] Whisk? – [Barry] I put my hands in like that. Stir it free style. – What? Don’t be so silly. – [Barry] Don’t be so silly. Don’t make me so cross. – [Jimmy] Don’t be ridiculous. – [Barry] Okay, a nice little whisk. This should make a nice little paste. – [Jimmy] Oh yeah, I see. – [Barry] So the paste is been scraped out
of the bowl and into our mother ship bowl right there. – The mother ship bowl. – [Barry] The mother ship, yeah, we’re getting
sci-fi on this. – Sci-fi, cool. – [Barry] We’re gonna beat that together and
it should give us a gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous, mate. – Yeah, I’m a bit excited… – [Barry] Chocolate batter. – [Jimmy] By this eight egg monster. – [Barry] No, it’ll be a chocolate omelette. But, I’m very confident in this. – I just put raw cocoa in my mouth. – [Barry] Yeah, I know it’s disgusting isn’t
it? – [Jimmy] So dry. – [Barry] There we go. That folks, like a dream. This folks is a 14 inch so think of a really
large pizza cake tin. So, we’ve gone all out for this bake. We’ve just put our batter in there, right
Jimothy. – [Jimmy] Oh yeah, it’s going to look good. – Mmmm. – [Jimmy] Middle shelf mate? – Middle shelf. My favourite shelf. I was worried there, it wouldn’t fit in the
actual oven. Like a glove. Just tuck into a Malteaser, very nice. The best way to summarise what we’re going
to do now, is to, we’re going to make those sponges again. And we don’t want to turn this into Chocolate
Cake, the movie, do we? Wow folks, this tin is quite hot because we
have taken it out of the oven. We’re loving it because as it’s cooling down
though, it’s coming away from the sides and we should be able to turn it out. So basically, we are going to repeat those
steps over and over as we said and you should join us with a massive mountain of chocolatey
cakey goodness. – It’s gonna be good, isn’t it? – [Barry] Well ya, it’s gonna be lush. We might be nibbling on Malteesers in the
background. – So how are we going to get the fact in that
we’re doing this video for red nose? – Red nose day? – Yeah. No idea mate. – Let’s have a think about it. – Yeah, let’s have a think about it. – [Barry] We can’t tell you what we we laughed
about then. It was just genuine joy between banter, is
all we can say. Jim’s got a little bit of icing sugar up his
nose. And it was funny at the time. – [Barry] Buttercream is a-happening. We’ve got the flour and the cocoa in here. And we’re gonna get a little bit of milk in
there. Just a little to loosen it up a tiny bit. Oh yeah. Last chunk of butter. Boom, in it goes. So you’re going to get a low setting on this. – [Jimmy] I would, as it’s a lot, yeah. Let’s keep this rolling. – Look at this. There. – [Jimmy] I remember my first time using the
multi I think that’s what you can do, mate. Keep your hands around it. – Yeah, just get chocolate covered hands. – Yeah, it’s alright, it’s all good. – House tastes of chocolate, mate. Alright, oh, there you go. That’s like a magic trick. I pulled it away. – [Jimmy] Was that too much milk maybe, mate? – We might have to add a bit more icing sugar
in to compensate for that, folks. All I can taste is cocoa powder. The butter cream is working a charm. Are you happy? – Yeah, that’s good, mate. – I can now still taste the chocolate in my
mouth. But there we go, it’s there. – [Jimmy] Bit of a mess there. – Yeah, it’s getting there. Our final cake is just finishing off. So it’s all coming together, really. We just got to make loads more butter cream
doing that same method there of getting as much chocolate in our mouths as possible. And that’s it. Okay there, folks. We feel like we have reached montage state,
right. – It’s time to get buttered up. – [Barry] Buttered up. Our butter cream is ready. We have a big bowl of Malteasers ready. We have a sponge and another sponge and another
sponge ready. – [Jimmy] And, ta da. – [Barry] Look at that, the final one is baking. Are you ready for this, mate? Let’s montage it. – Oi. – [Barry] What do you call a bowl of Malteasers,
mate? – Heaven. – [Barry] No. Bowlteasers, yay. – Bowlteasers, yay. -Wow. – Holy Malteaser. – Shiver me red-nosed timbers. Unbelievable progress. Stonker, we did it. I’m just so excited. – It was actually satisfying to make. – And remember folks, the most important message
with this video. It’s for a very good cause, Comic Relief,
Red Nose Day through Malteasers. So if you hashtag Bakeamillion to any cake
made with Malteasers, you will – Raise five pound for Comic Relief. That’s it. – Up to the value of a million pounds. – You eat cake, I eat cake all the time. – Yeah. – Hashtag Bakeamillion. – Amazing. So that’s it folks. Remember, if you like our Giant Food videos,
check out the rest of the Giant Food playlist. Let us know, down below, any other giant food
suggestions you’ve got. Subscribe for our videos and we’ll see you
again next time. – Cheers. – Cheers. – Bye. – Basically what it is, mate, we’ve made this
massive Malteasers cake for Comic Relief and we’re trying to see if we can sell it away
for a charity. – [Man] How many people will it feed? – ‘Bout a hundred. – ‘Bout a hundred. – A hundred people? – I reckon, yeah. – It’s a pretty big cake. – It’s a big cake. – [Man] It’s for Comic Relief, yeah? – Yeah. Anything you can donate would be awesome,
as long as people are going to eat it as well, that’d be great. – [Man] Two hundred quid? – Yeah? – [Man] Yeah, why not? – We might have a little slice out of it. Jimmy’s had a little tickle on it, but the
rest you’re welcome to give away to your work colleagues. – [Man] A hundred and ninety-eight pounds
then. – Okay, sounds a deal. – I’ll donate too. – Yeah, we’ll top it up. Awesome. – [Man] Yeah, lovely. – Cheers, man, see you it a bit. – [Man] Cheers. – Bye. ‘Ray.

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