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Getting Started with Remarketing – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

Getting Started with Remarketing – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

ERICA: Hi, everyone. I’m Erica from the AdWords
team, and this is AdWords in Under Five Minutes. This video will
help you get started with remarketing so that you can
reach potential customers who have already visited
your website. Let’s get started. [MUSIC PLAYING] Remarketing allows
you to show your ads to visitors who have already
discovered your business and been to your website. When people leave your website
without buying your product or setting up an appointment
for your service, for example, remarketing helps you
reconnect with them by showing relevant ads
as they browse the web, use mobile apps, or as
they search on Google. Creating your
remarketing campaign allows you to
specifically target these users who are already
familiar with your business, and it can be a great way to
convert users into customers and boost your return on
investment with AdWords. So how do we get these
visitors back to your site, and how does remarketing work? AdWords will give you
a small snippet of code to put on your website so that,
when a user visits your site, their cookie ID is added
to your marketing list. For example, you could create
a remarketing list for users who visit your most
popular product’s page. The remarketing tag tells
AdWords to save visitors to your popular product list. You’ll then create an
AdWords remarketing campaign to show ads about
the specific product to this list of
potential customers. The goal of the
remarketing campaign is to remind these past visitors
of the products or services that you have to
offer, ultimately encouraging them to
return to your website, and complete a desired action,
which we call a conversion. When it comes to where we
want to show your remarketing ads to these users, you have
two options, the Search Network or the Display Network. Of course, you can
always use the same list and create one search
and one display campaign to reach these customers on
both networks, if you’d like to. Now you’re ready to create your
first remarketing campaign. To get started, click
on the Shared Library in the left navigation
bar of your account. From there, click
Audiences on the left, and then click the red plus
Remarketing List button. First, you’ll need
to name your list. And for your first
list, you’ll probably want to make it a list for
all visitors of your website, and then, after, make lists
for more specific pages of the site. Next, you’ll indicate who
you want added to your list. For your first list, go
ahead and enter the home page of your site in the box. And for future lists, you
could indicate a specific page of your site in order to
show more specific ads to users, based on which
page or pages they visited. After that, indicate how
long you’d like the user to be a member of the list. We recommend choosing a duration
related to the length of time you expect your ad to be
relevant for the user. After you’ve set that value,
click the blue Save button. So now we’ve created
the remarketing list in the account,
and the next step is to add a snippet of
code to your website so that the list
can accrue visitors. To access the code, click Tag
Details in the Remarketing Tag box. From here, you can send a
direct email to yourself or your website
developer, which includes the code snippet
and the instructions for adding it to your website. After you’ve created the
list and added the code to your site, the last
step is to actually create the remarketing campaign, and
apply the list so that AdWords knows to only serve these
ads to users on the list. To apply the list, click
on the Display Network tab in the row of gray tabs,
and click the Interests & Remarketing button. From here, click the red plus
Targeting button, and then the gray Ad Targeting
button on the next page. Select Remarketing Lists
from the drop down menu, then add your list by
clicking the arrow button to the right of the list name. After you save, you should
see your remarketing list in the Interests &
Remarketing section, and the list is applied. If you want to read
market to past visitors when they search on
Google, then you’ll complete the same process,
except, for search campaigns, you’ll click on the Audiences
tab instead of the Display Network tab, and then click the
red plus Remarketing button. Whether you’re looking
to drive sales activity, gather more leads, or promote
awareness if your brand, remarketing is a fantastic
way to tailor your advertising to users who have shown
interest in your business, and are more likely to
become your customers. Be sure to subscribe
to our YouTube channel. And if you have
any questions, you can post them in the
comments section below. If you have any
further questions, you can find us on social media,
discuss this in the AdWords community, chat to
an online specialist, or pick up the phone
and give us a call. Thanks for tuning in,
and have a great day. [MUSIC PLAYING]

64 thoughts on “Getting Started with Remarketing – AdWords In Under Five Minutes

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  14. Very frustrating and confusing.
    Not a plus, considering coming from Google and targeting "average" business owners.

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  20. this is what you do, as this video is way old.
    1. Go to a specific campaign (that will take you to the ad group)
    2. Click the blue + button
    3. scroll down to audience
    4. click the 3rd box "How they interacted with your business"
    5. then you'll see the choices

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