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Get Started with Google Ads: Review Your Performance

Get Started with Google Ads: Review Your Performance

So you’ve launched your campaign and
started tracking conversions. What’s next? To start hitting your goals you’ll need to know how well you’re doing, namely the number of shiny tulips you’re selling. In this video we’ll show you how to review your performance in Google Ads. This is the Overview page. It’s the first place you land after logging into Google Ads. See the line chart and the cards below it? They show you important details on how your campaigns are doing. For example, your campaigns that drove the most flower sales, or which days of the week people click on your search ads. The fastest way to spot trends and see how you’re doing is with the line chart. Let’s walk through how to use it. You start by customizing the chart to
focus on your most important metrics. This makes it easier for you to see performance changes right away. You can start by focusing on conversions and cost per conversion. Another good metric to include is conversion rate, which tells you the average number of conversions per click. Then pick a date range to look at. Make sure you pick a range long enough for you to spot a trend. Let’s look at the last few months. Now your line chart will update based on
the key metrics and date range you choose. As you review your data be aware
of things that can impact performance: things like holidays, sales, or even
changes you make to your account. If you sell flowers you’ll probably see a big
bump in sales on Mother’s Day. A quick way to find out the most interesting insights are the cards below the line chart. They show you patterns in your data that you might have missed. Let’s take a look at this card. It says your tulips campaign drove 20% fewer clicks today compared to the past few Monday’s. Based on this insight, you might decide to change your bids or budget. And that’s it! You know how to check your performance in Google Ads. You’re a lean, mean analyzing machine. Remember: looking at the data is only part of the work. You also need to take action.

16 thoughts on “Get Started with Google Ads: Review Your Performance

  1. Google is a very dangerous company, it has far to much power and governments around the world should be protecting their citizens from it. Google ads are taking £150 every month from a disabled persons personal bank account, despite being asked to stop as there has nether been an authorization for such a payments, they have been given bank statements, end to end id codes and yet they continue to take money. BE VERY VERY CAREFUL DEALING WITH THIS DIRTY COMPANY.

  2. So I make it this far in the series and still this idiot has not told me the main thing I was querulous about: HOW MUCH DOES IT COST!? It never even says if it pay per click, pay per view, fixed rate..

  3. I loved your 2 minutes snap shots and it all helped me so much….thank you….it will be nice to go to more advance videos for all the little things not discussed yet 🙂

  4. if someone is trying to start a career as a digital marketer, to boost other people sales/business, is the interface the same?

  5. I'm craving more information and can't seem to absorb it all. Technically challenged I guess. I like these videos because I can pause and examine my set-up work. Thanks.

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