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Get results you care about with Smart campaigns in Google Ads

Get results you care about with Smart campaigns in Google Ads

to Afghanistan in 2007. Being there was the
hardest part of my life. My stress level was
through the roof. Yoga made me
realize that I could be able to handle those
stressful moments, that anxiety. And I wanted to share that
with the military community. So when I decided to
open a yoga studio, it was really important to
get as many people as possible through our door, not
only to help them, but also because we
had to pay our bills. My goal was to get
people to call us, because we knew if we
could talk to them, it would be easier for
them to show up and come through our front door. It’s actually pretty
magical because since we’ve launched our Google Ads,
our phone started ringing off the hook. I know my ads are working
when more people than normal are walking through the door,
when the number of intro offers that we’re
selling have doubled. And in result, we had to
add 10 new classes a week. We had to hire more staff. What I love about
Google Ads is that what I’m super busy at work, I
can just check my phone, and I can instantly
track my results. As a small business owner,
it’s bigger than just you. It’s about the families
you impact, your employees, your own community. SAMANTHA SIMONS:
I have somewhere where I can let my guard
down, and everybody else is here for a common reason. LARRY DAVIDSON: Everybody
that I’ve met here, and they were looking for
something in their life to help them either physically,
emotionally, spiritually. SUZIE MILLS: Hard work
makes such an impact on so many lives. We’re so lucky that
we get to do this. I’d like to say that I started
a community center for adults, and we just happen
to do yoga here.

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