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in this video I’m gonna share with you
how I get a ton of free traffic every single day with zero ad spend my name is
Rachel Leslie and this channel is all about making money online online
business and online marketing so if you’re into that kind of stuff be sure
to subscribe and turn on the notifications so how do I get a ton of
free traffic with no ad spend well you’re looking at it right now
YouTube YouTube videos but it’s a little more than just YouTube videos there’s
different things that go into that and that’s what we’re gonna dive into in
this video I don’t just make a video and throw it up on YouTube there’s a lot of
little things that I do to optimize my videos to SEO optimize them to optimize
them for the search engine if people are searching for something and to optimize
them to show up in the suggested tab so if people are watching another video my
video would show up is recommended for people to watch next and even if you’re
shy or totally new at this you can still make really valuable content that people
want to watch and they might watch your video once and never see you again or
they’ll watch it they’ll like you they’ll subscribe and then they’ll start
watching your other videos or as you put out more videos they’ll watch those too
so that’s what I did not too long ago either about a year and a half ago I
decided to really start focusing on YouTube
and I put a video up I did some SEO optimizing stuff and I started getting
news and I started getting subscribers and then I just kept doing it again and
again and everything just kept growing and growing in more views and more
subscribers and more people to my email list more people to my chat bot list
more people to my Facebook group and more money more affiliate Commission’s
more sales of my digital products so you might be
thinking well I don’t know what I would make a video about or who would want to
listen to me but there are a ton of ideas you don’t have to invent an idea
from scratch you can just go on YouTube and see what’s popular what’s trendy
what are other people making videos about other people that are in your
niche or in your industry go to their YouTube channel and see what they’re
making videos about you can even sort the videos by most popular and see what
were the most popular videos that they made
you can try making your videos like that too so you can see here on my channel I
have videos about clickfunnels videos about growing Facebook groups videos
about funnels affiliate marketing growing on YouTube but then if we go
sort by my most popular videos we can see which ones got me the most traffic
click funnels pricing how to make money on YouTube unboxing videos so I’m not
saying copy me or copy anybody but you can see what other people are making and
model that another great way to get content for your YouTube channel is you
actually being the reporter you interviewing another expert that way
it’s a video for your channel you’re in it you’re bringing value to your
audience but you’re letting someone else who’s a specialist give their expertise
and their knowledge on something and you can promote whatever their product is
with Eliott link so this video of mine was a
collab with somebody else this one was an interview with somebody else
this one was an interview with somebody else this one was a collab with someone
else this was an interview this was an interview so it’s not me
solo in all of my videos Plus this helps share traffic they’ll share this they’re
the video that I made that featured them to their audience and then I end up
getting more traffic to my channel and you might think well no one wants to be
on my channel like I have no subscribers on my channel or I don’t know anybody to
interview that’s where we really gotta start networking you can start finding
other small channels and find their email and email them I got a lot of
emails if people asking if they can interview me for their Channel and
sometimes I’ll do it sometimes I won’t but you can just start small you don’t
have to try to interview Gary Vaynerchuk or Grant Cardone right away you can find
other people that are starting on their YouTube journey or you can also find
people on Facebook and in facebook groups to interview when it comes to
optimizing your videos for SEO there are some important things and we’ll go over
every little thing but let’s go over the big thing so the title is very important
you want keywords in the title you can have up to 100 characters but it doesn’t
have to be the 400 characters and you can make it all in all caps or partial
caps the thumbnail is the next most important thing if you won’t be able to
click on your video you need a good title and thumbnail I just make
thumbnails for free on canva the next most important thing is the description
it’s good to write up a short description or a longer description and
in my descriptions I will also put affiliate links this is an affiliate
link Philly or whatever lead magnets I have open the
lead magnet and then I go down to tags and I start adding different tags when
I’m relevant tags tags I have to do with the title in the keywords then I’ll copy
them and I’ll paste them straight into the description I’ll add some hash tags
to put a little affiliate disclaimer I like to filter my videos into different
playlists add some cards some end screens and publish after I publish I do
some extra steps to get a surge of traffic to my videos I’ll share the
video to Facebook in my Facebook group I’ll send it off to my email list and my
chat pot list and yeah that’s a little more advanced than we can go over in
this video but if you aren’t interested in every little thing that I do and
interested in a youtube SEO checklist and everything that I do to keep my
business running to grow my YouTube channel through my Facebook and my
Facebook group and my audience there grow my email list every single day and
my chat bot list every single day and my affiliate commissions and my digital
product sales every single day then look in the description and you’ll see a link
for daily Commission’s Club that is my signature program where I help my
students make Commission’s every single day by using these free organic methods
that I use if you learned a bit from this video be sure to also check out my
other videos on YouTube and I’ll see you in the next one


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  2. I actually shared your facebook strategy to my client and it works. We gain a lot of followings or member of our facebook group. This would be our next strategy. We are trying to get mo youtube subscribers. PLEEEEEAAAAASE continue putting out this kind of videos.

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