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Georgia Colony Advertisement | VAS Studios

Georgia Colony Advertisement | VAS Studios

Help! Let me out of here! Stop screaming. Debtors have no place in society. No one’s going to let you out. I wish I could escape from this prison. Hey! Hey! Did you hear about Georgia? What’s a Georgia? SHHH! Well, Georgia is this amazing southern colony where debtors like you can come and have a fresh new life! Really!? Yeah! Well, what is Georgia like? Well, it has abundant land And diverse wildlife And it has perfect soil and climate for farming! And it has religious freedom! And once you’re done paying off your debt, you can own your land forever! Georgia sounds incredible! How do I get there? Wait. Hold on. First, we need to break you out of here. Come on! Quicker! Ahh! It’s too hard. You couldn’t have come out here earlier? Never mind that! Let’s just go to Georgia! Come on. It’s this way. Hey! Where did the prisoner go? Okay, so we’re finally here at the docks. I’m so excited! And I have to introduce you to my new friend Miss Ashley Smith! Are you gals ready to go to Georgia? You bet we are! I’m so excited to go to Georgia and own all the land in the colony! Oh! Don’t forget there’s a charter in Georgia that says NO Slaves! NO Liquor! and definitely NO unlimited land. WHAT? I didn’t sign up for this! It wasn’t on the contract! Eh. Too late now. Oh, well. Well, then Let’s go to Georgia! Wow. Georgia is so perfect! Look at all the crops! Yup! We have the finest crops in the world! And the diverse wildlife! Yes, we have various types of animals in Georgia! And look at the weather! It’s so perfect! You know I’m gonna live in Georgia for all my life! It’s the best colony in the world!

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