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GenC: A YouTube Generation | YouTube Advertisers

GenC: A YouTube Generation | YouTube Advertisers

Male 1: We’re the instant gratification generation.
And YouTube is that perfect source for that. Male 2: I got to know what’s going on every
single day. Male 3: If you think about movies, right?
In the beginning, people got everything from the movie theater. There will be a newsreel
or a cartoon before the pitch. That’s what YouTube presents, but with this dynamic aspect
of choice. Male 4: I don’t care if it’s shot with a professional
camera. I want the information I’m watching to be engaging. Female 1: After I’ve shared a video, I like
to see if people watched it or see what they thought about it. Female 2: I love my guy friends, but I don’t
connect with them. And after I watched College Humor for like about an hour, I feel like
I’m ready to be somebody’s bro. Male 5: Not only do I have a chance to look
at the content, but then I can tell them what I thought of it. That interaction maybe is
a big component for me. Female 3: Due to our community base and television,
we have conversations and comments. Female 4: It’s more relatable because they
don’t have a whole chain of command to probably go through to put out this content. Female 5: “Oh, should I not share her video?”
because that’s like, “Oh, she posted it.” And I notice 148,000 people shared that video
so I don’t feel bad sharing it as well. Female 3: I’m creating to share with people. Male 4: People have always been creative,
but the means to get that message out there is more accessible. Male 6: It’s a good way to learn about languages
too. Apparently I’m trying to learn French, so I’ve been going on YouTube. My French is
very bad. I’m still learning. Je ne suis pas français, which means I’m not good with French. Female 1: YouTube, I feel is a book full of
possibilities that never ends. You can find anything you want on YouTube.

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