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Game of Zones – S4:E1 ”KD’s Summer Odyssey’

Game of Zones – S4:E1 ”KD’s Summer Odyssey’

But but why are you leaving you? I’m a free agent now Will you be back Yes One way or another Your stash brother steven will look after you now, you’ll be in good hands ??, she’ll be right? well, I must be going now time for me to test the Market [yah] yah yah fare be well brothers ?? you mate Fare well Kevin, now I do what I want I Know you and russ had your issues, but I can assure you there will be no such chemistry problems here Well, that’s nice to hear Plus You’ll have the services of the premiere point guard in the realm wait uh so better than steph curry well certainly top three well there’s Russell and Chris Paul Top three point guard in the East is what I meant okay? Ok well than there’s Kyrie Irving’s [off] Kyries Gotta be number one and then Kyle lowry He’s pretty good these days and Isaiah Thomas [shut up Bradley]. Do you want him to play here or not? I’m just being honest oh you want honestly I’d be top three easy my max contract shooting guard wasn’t always injured oh, so sorry, John I put my body on the line for this team Oh I’m Bradley I’m made of cloth Will you to twits shut up As I was saying the chemistry here definitely top five in the in east so What’s that? What’s that over there? whats that box soul box I’m sorry you said soul box soul box soul box so like a box For souls when you sign the spurs your soul and your personality are put into the box Right so do I get it back indubitably [haha] So what are your thoughts on tanken’? Oh, it’s true if you were to join us. You’d be endlessly Ridiculed your old teammates will despise you and the fans in Oklahoma will cook their stew on the flames of your burning jersey People will call you a traitor a coward and some may say you’ve destroyed the entire balance of the realm But on the other hand if you were to join us, we would be So good Cleveland, this is for you But we will win not just one championship Not two, Lebron. I’m sorry yeah, you might want to read this can this wait not three It’s concerned some changes next year if this is about Deli going to the Bucks. I think we’ll live not four but But what one is fine some people never get championships and and we should be happy with this one

100 thoughts on “Game of Zones – S4:E1 ”KD’s Summer Odyssey’

  1. Bleacher Report? More like Nostradamus Report. This was one of the most accurate predictions ever. One championship for Cleveland and an unstoppable Golden State.

  2. I just noticed that in the house of spurs, ginobili was wearing a no. 9 yet he wears the 20 in real life

  3. King James: “uhhh…I hate to break the news but errrr…Kevin of Durant signed with House Warriors”


    One random fan: “Are you bloody serious, bruv?”

    King James: “Yes”

    Crowd: collective groan of disapointment

  4. It was appropriate for kawii to say indubitably about getting his soul back seeing as they traded him lol. Did y'all have inside sources?

  5. Why are KDs facial expressions so scarly real exept for that last one when he laughs XD "hE He HEEEE"

  6. Who's coming here after Raptor winning the 2019 championship…😎

    yes, yes…. i'm coming from the future….👽👾

  7. “Not 1, not 2, not 3…” Klay hands piece of paper to Steph. “Kawhi Leonard has been traded to the Toronto Raptors”. Steph says; “But 2 is good enough, you know some people don’t get to go back to back, and we should be happy that we went back to back.

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