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Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Trailer & Promotional Photos Breakdown

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Trailer & Promotional Photos Breakdown

In this video, I will discuss all the teeny
tiny details you might have missed in the episode 5 Trailer or Promo photos. So stay tuned for that… Hello Everyone. Welcome to UBM. Your one stop for book and TV series reviews. I post episode reviews, top 10 and theory
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if you wanna make sure you never miss a video, click the bell icon to turn on notifications. Most of these pictures are from the episode
5 trailer, and even those who aren’t, doesn’t reveal much about the next episode. But when has that stopped us from taking in
every detail and figuring out what might happen? I’ll begin with what might happen in the
episode first and then move on towards the end. In this picture, Dany seems heartbroken. She is mourning the loss of her friend and
child. In the trailer, we see Tyrion entering the
painted table/war council room, probably to try to console her. She has changed from her white dress to this
black or rather grey dress with the red cloak, probably to mourn the dead. We later see her in the throne room, and you
can see in the promo pictures that Tyrion & Grey Worm are standing in front of her. And Tyrion seems angry or does he look shocked? And in the trailer, you can see that other
than Tyrion, there is someone standing on his left and his right. I tried to zoom in, and the person on the
left seemed bald to me. So it’s either Varys or Grey Worm. Or maybe it’s a random soldier. My bet is on Grey Worm because he looks thinner
than Varys. The logical option after seeing these pictures
would be that Grey Worm is standing in front of her. But if that’s Grey Worm, why would they
blacken this area beneath him? It seems like they are trying to hide a spoiler. And that’s why I don’t think it’s Grey
Worm. Also, the character seems to have long hair. And before you say it, it can’t be Jon. He shouldn’t be a spoiler either because
in the promo photos, we see Jon arriving at Dragonstone. I know some people thought it might be King’s
Landing, but judging by the rocks behind them, I’d say it’s Dragonstone because when
Grey Worm and varys reached Dragonstone, the same rocks were behind them, only the beach
was different, maybe a bit farther than this spot? And we also see Varys walking beside Jon. He is probably trying to convince Jon to announce
his name and take his claim. Or maybe he is just showing his concern about
the mental state of Dany. What do you think? But we know Jon was travelling with his army
and Ser Davos by the King’s Road. So I think he has left his army somewhere
to rest after their long journey, and went to Dragonstone himself to plan their next
move and maybe to console Dany for her loss. Then we see that Jon, Ser Davos and Tyrion
are standing in front of King’s Landing with the remaining Stark soldiers, Dothraki
and Unsullied while the Golden Company is standing between them and the city. Not a single Lannister Soldier is in sight,
so Cersei might be keeping half of them inside and the other half on the Ballista duty on
the battlements. We do see some Lannister soldiers getting
ready to fire an arrow. The Golden Company is expendable to her, so
she would throw them at Dany’s armies. She knows they are already weary from their
fight with the dead and their march south. BTW, did you notice that Ser Davos and Jon
are carrying two swords each and there is a black flag behind them, which I think is
the Targaryen Flag. And did you notice a hole in Ser Davos’s
left sleeve? He didn’t even fight in the battle much
and his clothes are torn. Jon better start paying him more… Also, in the scene where the Golden Company
is moving out, you can see someone in a black cloak entering the city. My guess is it’s either Jaime, since he
was wearing something similar the last time he left, or it’s Arya. And before you say he is taller than ARya,
I have already explained in my videos before, that if Arya takes the face of someone taller
than her, then she would become tall as well because of the glamour. Just like we saw in season 5 with Jaqen H’Ghar
and the Waif. Whoever it is can easily reach Cersei and
kill her. You can also see a dome behind the gate which
I believe might be the new Sept since Cersei blew up the last one. And if that’s the Sept, then that means
this gate is the Lion’s Gate. And if you will look at King’s Landing’s
map here. This is the farthest gate from the Red Keep. So my guess is, this Army is creating a distraction
while Dany would attack the Red Keep from the other side, probably to avoid killing
as many innocent people as she could by ONLY burning down the Red Keep. Because in this picture of Euron, you can
see the Red keep is behind him. So his ship is on the Other side of the Red
Keep, opposite from the Lion’s gate. And in the trailer, he is looking up at the
skies. And as we can see in these pictures, Cersei
is still in the Red keep, smiling at something while The Mountain and Qyburn are standing
behind her. Just like I’d said in my episode 4 review
video, I still think she has pulled a mad king on them and has placed Wildfire all over
the city. So even if Dany tries to avoid killing innocent
people, they’d still die and Dany would get all the blame if she attacks the Red Keep. We can also see three figures standing near
the sea. My first thought was they are Cersei, Qyburn
and The Mountain, probably ready to flee. But then I remembered that Cersei would rather
die than flee King’s landing. Because according to her, “when you play
the game of Thrones, you win or you die. There’s no middle ground.” So, it might just be some random soldiers,
unless these are Yara’s ships and Yara has defeated Euron. Probably not. BTW did you notice that Cersei and Euron are
wearing the same dresses in which I predicted they would die in my Costume Analysis video? So I really hope they will die in this one. Emilia Clarke has said in an interview that
the battle in episode 5 is even bigger than the Battle at Winterfell. I think KL might burn down to the ground. So, what do you think will happen in the next
episode? Who do you think is standing before Dany in
the Throne room? Where are the Lannister Soldiers? Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts in
the comments. Anyways, it’s time for the comment shoutout
now. Todays comment shoutout goes to Stacey Smith,
who said, “Hey UBM, I can’t help but wonder if they left the Nk Plot hanging in GOT only
because it will be covered at length in the prequel that’s supposed to cover the Age
of Heroes and the Long Night. If so, I’m totally okay with it. And waiting yet another year. NK 2020 finally, the “who” part of it
will be answered. I’m looking forward to it.” Hi Stacey, that’s an excellent theory. I was wondering if my theory is wrong and
the Nk doesn’t return, how would we get answers to all these questions, like why the
NK was after Bran, what these symbols mean etc. But it makes perfect sense for HBO to leave
these questions unanswered so the GOT fans would have to watch the prequel to get these
answers. It makes me even more excited for the Prequel. So, what do you think of these theories, don’t
forget to tell us in the comments. If you liked this video, please click on the
like button below, share the video and subscribe to my channel. Have a great Day. Bye Bye..

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  1. Hey guys, who do you think is standing in front of Dany? Do you think Cersei has placed Wildfire all over the city? Do you think Jon is creating a distraction for Dany?

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