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Galaxy Note10: Official Introduction

Galaxy Note10: Official Introduction

Note has always been the phone for people looking to get the most out of a phone. Today, we’re taking Note further. Say hi to Galaxy Note10 and 10+. S Pen turns writing to text, lets you share thoughts instantly and with Bluetooth, becomes your remote control. Inside Note10, S Pen continuously charges, and with a 6-axis Gyro Sensor, offers touch-free gesture control. Our groundbreaking multi-camera system, hasn’t just brought movie technology to mobile, it’s made it ridiculously simple to use. For the first time, Live Focus brings special effects to video. Our DepthVision Camera means you can adjust the blur and your videos will look just as amazing as your photos. And to make hi-motion video every bit as epic, we’ve introduced advanced Super Steady technology that takes away the shakes at the touch of a button. The result? A super smooth video, every time. With S Pen and video editor, you can edit your videos, with the precision of a professional movie editor. Note10 takes memory to new levels with storage expandable up to 1TB. That’s laptop storage without the laptop. Our powerful 7nm processor and 12GB RAM combine with our HyperFast 5G chip. So you can download files, live game, and stream content at unbelievable speeds anywhere. Cutting-edge battery intelligence ensures our 4300mAh battery outlasts your day. And if you need a boost, Super Fast Charging gives you all day power from a 30min charge. Why carry a computer? With just a single USB cable you can plug into your PC or Mac and Samsung DeX will give you a seamless desktop like experience. At the same time, what’s your business will always remain your business thanks to our proprietary next level security security baked in at every level to protect what’s yours. And your recent files will sync to Desktop thanks to our new Microsoft partnership. Link to Windows gives you PC-mobile continuity, so your computer recognizes Note10, providing instant access to your mobile content, via Desktop. While the revolutionized Android interface, simplifies your on-screen experience. And with a single voice prompt Bixby AI will perform lists of tasks, automatically changing settings for you. Note’s screen has always led the way. Note’s Dynamic AMOLED display cuts harmful blue-light by 40% without distorting color. Composed of organic pixel materials to lessen eyestrain, it will never be your screen that keeps you up at night. With Galaxy Note we haven’t just made a new smartphone. Introducing next-level power Galaxy Note10 and 10+.

98 thoughts on “Galaxy Note10: Official Introduction

  1. Update "the Sim slot as pop up means ur phone should ask password for take out Sim" because many people are still losing their mobile phones

  2. Why is everyone crying about no headphone jack.I dont get it. This is 2019. Do the majority of people not use wireless headphones/buds still. If I could have EVERYTHING be wireless I would. The few times I'll wana use my sennheisers(which is almost never) I can use a dongle. I'd rather have a bigger battery that helps my phone 24/365 vs a headphone jack I'll use…maybe 5x a year

  3. The general need revolves around a mechanism with renewed steps
    What is to be included in the list of smartphones is subject to include the following:
    Note It is equipped with a projector only and the profit rate will be enlarged provided the picture is super clear.

    Ali suroor

  4. 2:20 You only need one cable to connect your mobile phone with your Pc oder Laptop.
    Rosted Apple in one sentnce

  5. samsung mobile not good sala pubg game me fail mobile h oppo wala pubg khareed liya h uska tshirt h oppo ke naam se ..8 gb ka note 9 khareed ke m ro rha pubg fast n chalta isliye

  6. Priority Question:
    If i Want to Make a 3D Model of a Real Object With the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series, Can i Import The 3D Model Into Any 3D Software like 3ds max or Sketchup.

  7. Самый топовый по всей Азии продается 60 тыш с копейками стоит в самом крутых торговых центрах, сегодня игрался с ним.

  8. As an all note person, I'm very disappointed with no headphone jack , no sd card and a stupid notch.
    If Samsung dont bring this back. Its goodbye to the notes for me.

  9. I dont know why people complain about no headphone Jack? if you can afford this phone you can afford bluetooth headphones lol.

  10. Ahhhhhhhhh 😆😆😆😆😆💋💘💝💖💗💓💞💕💌❣❤🧡💛💚💌💜🖤💟💙💕💕💕💕💕💕I love you SAMSUNG!!!!!!!😆😆❣❣💕💕

  11. Samsung, I want to design the S11 screen with the maximum UHD + resolution and the Snapdragon 855+ processor.

  12. Oh Samsung
    Please can you show me graphene battery….because I had been listening this over last 7 years
    I wants to touch it..because its future that will help change environment of India or my heart south korea

  13. Who else felt really betrayed by Samsung?
    No Micro SD slot, No Headphone Jack 🤦🏻‍♂️
    The very reason we love Samsung because of those two.

  14. "Why carry a computer?" *plugs it in a computer 🤦‍♂️So dumb!!

  15. Why do you guys keep suing apple for having no headphone jacks? And then you remove yours too? You are the very thing swore to destroy! Your own website is not that even good! Your battery replacement, your sd card slot! And then headphone jacks!? In apple stores!? Its even easier to replace batteries than yours! And then? Apple has more apple stores than you?

  16. why did Samsung changed the camera system orientation on Note 10+? Is the reason only to differentiate Note from S line?
    I feel the middle camera system is more balanced

  17. Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ : Type-C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter not inside the Box ? So I need to pay €50 for that ???
    R.I.P Samsung

  18. Samsung !! You upset me and all samsung users and make yourself looking stupid by removing the headphone jake and memory card slot and decreasing resolution of note 10 !!!🤔🤔 … im samsung user but believe me, you make me upset 😕😕😕 … really i want to change my note 8 but i will buy note 9 …. im feeling sorry 🤬🤬🤬😥😥😥😥

  19. About time they removed headphone jack , it's called progress. Companies tend to fail when they don't move on , look at Nokia

  20. I just hate this Camera hole. Please Samsung return 3.5 audio hole. And get rid of the Camera hole.

  21. Un cero para Samsung por no poder escuchar música por auriculares!!!
    Me compro un Huawei mate 20 x

    Más grande,mejor pantalla y puedo escuchar música con mis auriculares…😘
    Samsung 👊👊👊👊👊

  22. put the headphone jack back, put back sd card slot, put hole punch on top right, put rear cameras in centre, put 90hz display, make a clear version, put a capacitive fingerprint scanner and youve got the best smartphone

  23. To be honest I love this phone, I just wish the UI was less cartoonish and more professional like windows 10 with customizable colours. Also the price, it's so bad. I love this phone but I'm not going to buy it just because of the price alone. I'm fine with the removal of the headphone jack, but the price just has to go down. I'd buy it if it was $800.

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