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G.NA – ‘OUI’ Asia Promotion Tour

G.NA – ‘OUI’ Asia Promotion Tour

That is a wrap! I thank all the staffs involved and G.NA you did great! Though it was a busy schedule,
I had fun and received positive energies Thank you so much Love you

100 thoughts on “G.NA – ‘OUI’ Asia Promotion Tour

  1. her body is perfect. her personality is beautiful. her face is adorable. her voice is so sweet. she is amazing.

  2. ي حياتي جيناا شخصيتها جميله مره كيوت ومحظوظين اللي قدروا يصافحونها وياخذون توقيعها، متى يصير لي زي كذا واشوفها قداميㅜ
    + المانجر كم اعشقهاا 01:57 XD♥


  4. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING OTL I'm really glad she had a lot of fun touring on Asia. Maybe she could come to brazil again one day? (: G.NA FIGHTING!!!

  5. YAY G.na you are my inspiration! I want to be an international singer just like yourself:) I can't WAIT for your comeback! Hope for something that really emphasizes your talent!!

  6. 1:57 isn't that A Pink's old manager or am i just…ok…
    anywayz G.NA good luck girl you're gonna be great~

  7. wooooot! such a beautiful person! i really like the personality that i see from watching her and seeing her performances =) i love the Black & White english version!

  8. Omo omo! G.NA noona is going out and living her dreams! Her promotions look really warm and fun, looks like lots of fan service! Please come back to Canada and promote here too, we're all anticipating the day you and the Cube Family comes for a family concert 😀 Keep working hard & doing well, FIGHTING!!!

  9. I am very sure after G.Na's Comeback would be BTOB's Comeback isnt it? I can feel the heat! ^^ G.Na I promise will buy your album as soon as Pre-Order opened!

  10. there's nothing about her that i don't love. she's just perfect, to me. my only girl idol & my only inspiration. so glad i found my way to her before falling for other girl idols. and yes i love you too!!! hope to meet you someday.

  11. my eyes were already wet around 1:30 just can't imagine meeting her and standing less than a meter away from her, touvhing her odg. so i paused the right away. she's just so perfect. i wanna meet her RIGHT NOW.

  12. I Love You G.na unnie ♥
    plz come back to Thailand again.We wait for you. T______T
    ♥♥♥ We always support you ♥♥♥

  13. Oh my goodness G.na you are gorgeous!!!! I saw you in Las Vegas, and you were my favorite performance of the night<3<3<3 I wish you the best! Come back to the US please:)))

  14. Wow she can speak english so fluently .. im so proud of her .. my second sister … saranghae noona .. hwaiting ..

  15. Thời mà kpop ngập tràn nhóm nhạc, G.Na là nữ ca sĩ solo hiếm hoi nổi tiếng đến vậy.. Haizz

  16. G.NA, you are the best! Supported you while you were in hiatus! Totally excited for your new album and come back! G.NA fighting! <3

  17. i want her to come to Canada again this way I can finally see her live… and please come in the summer NOT during school days :'(

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