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Funny Volkswagen Commercials 🚗

Funny Volkswagen Commercials 🚗

You don’t have to drive a Volkswagen to feel the enthusiasm

98 thoughts on “Funny Volkswagen Commercials 🚗

  1. I don't think feminists would be impressed by number 3 with the idea that men are better at parking than women. Even though it's probably a fact lol.

  2. Dogs are nice creates but they are not meant to live indoors .. they are meant for farm protection. Millions of bacterias and germs are living in their tung and skin. They end up on your sofas and around your house and carpets. The dog does not even like to be indoor he lives to move .. i do not understand why people do that ..

  3. I got a new car come and look its a dog! No it not its a car see woof woof its unlocked woof woof now its locked what da f**

  4. das auto, unless they give you test car for you and your family

  5. Beautifully crafted advertising
    Current VW cars are overpriced, hyped and not as reliable as they were some years ago. No amount of advertising is going to change that. Same goes for most in brands in VW stable

  6. 3:03
    Ich hab 10 Gramm im Paper

    Gib mir 2Pac Hellrazor, smoke

    Purple Haze, Mick Jagger

    Ich von hinten, du am Lenkrad

    Mach's mir vor
    , Wha wha whaaat
    Mach's mir vor
    , Wha wha whaaat
    Mach's mir vor,
    Wha wha whaaat
    Mach's mir vor, Wha wha whaaat

  7. VW's are driven by people for whom driving means nothing. Dull,bland homosexuals. And majority of them are even retards

  8. Volkswagen was founded by Hitler! In Volkswagen factories slave laborers were forced to work under inhumane conditions! Only after 60 years after the war, Volkswagen paid ridiculous compensation to the few survivors! https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/volkswagen-1
    The “People’s Car” (Volkswagen)and the Nazi State

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