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Funny TV Ad: Using Comedy in Advertising – Revolabs

Funny TV Ad: Using Comedy in Advertising – Revolabs

Excellent work you three I just read your proposal except you forgot
to include that info I wrote on the whiteboard that needs to be in there Ahh it’s the forth quarter strategies. Shoot. What’s the percentile on consumer shares? Consumer shares are up 3.9%
0.9%?! 3.9, 3.9% Okay, okay, the stock percentiles? It was up from 2.4. 1.4 ? 2.4 is how much it’s up It’s up 2.4%, 2.4. Give me that.
Okay well how many acquisitions have you lost in the third quarter? Seven. Eleven? Just seven.
Eleven? SEVEN SEVEN. At what point is that acceptable?
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Get out of my boardroom, this is the end
You’re fired, You are fired
seven The conference phone evolved. The new flex from Revolabs at

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