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Full-Service Advertising Agency in Delaware | AIS Testimonial

Full-Service Advertising Agency in Delaware | AIS Testimonial

Hi, I’m Matt Doyle, President of Advertising Is Simple in Wilmington, Delaware. We are a full-service ad agency. We specialize in digital media. We develop websites, television commercials, radio commercials and billboard advertising. See what our some of clients have to say about us. Hi, my name is Gabriele D’Annunzio and I own D&B Tailors and Matt and his wonderful team does all my SEO, all my social media, advertising promotion, anything that’s related to business promotions they do for me. They’re doing a great job. He’s got great helpers and he’s a great guy. He’s dedicated. He comes and sees me from Delaware. The girls come and from Delaware also and whenever we need a promotion We’re going to be doing a very, very special brochure That we’re going to be featuring the super millionaire fabric So we hope to pick-up quite a few very influential customers from this promotion. But, they’ve been perfect. I’ve never had anyone help me and do it so caring and dedicated and follow up. It’s always a pleasure. I mean he calls me, he comes in, we go over things, but I’ve had other advertising agencies and people like and oh my god, that was terrible. You know they acted like they were doing you a favor. This has been a pleasure, a joy. He’s gotten to be a friend. The girls are wonderful, even the one that’s working from California stays in contact and it’s been just a wonderful, wonderful experience. I would recommend Matt and his team to any of my friends, any of my colleagues. Advertising Is Simple, exactly what it is. They make it simple, they make it easy and I’ve already mentioned to a couple of my friends, business people, That if they wanted to do some promotions that they would be wonderful! I mean they’re doing a great job for me! I’m thrilled!

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