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Full Service Advertising Agency in Delaware | AIS Testimonial by Tim Dunham

Full Service Advertising Agency in Delaware | AIS Testimonial by Tim Dunham

Hi, I’m Matt Doyle President of Advertising Is Simple in Wilmington, Delaware. We are a full service ad agency. We specialize in digital media. We develop websites, television commercials, radio commercials and billboard advertising. See what some of our clients have to say about us. Hi, I’m Tim Dunham from Take A Scentimental Journey: The Safer Candle Alternative. The services that I’ve contracted have been SEO optimization, help on my website, social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. They’ve come to the table and these folks are awesome. Everything that I’ve asked, they’ve done in a timely manner. And I didn’t have to follow up, which is huge. Working with AIS has been very smooth. The reaction time is important to me. In a busy society, I need an answer today just like everybody else. Dialing them, making a phone call, constantly calling me back, following up with emails very expeditious in what they do and it is appreciated. The good customer experience has been just the way the folks react to us as a business person. It’s important to me that phone calls are returned, emails are answered and without a doubt, without hesitation they’ve done that 100%. The best experience or what I liked about my experience with AIS is the people that you deal with here are down to Earth. They ask questions to get to what you really want to accomplish, which I believe is very important and the overall experience has been fantastic. I choose AIS for one main reason, it is the relationship that I’ve had with Matt Doyle. We networked together and based on that networking experience and the reaction of other people that he’s worked with The positive experiences that they’ve had, it was only natural for me to work with him. If I could put the experience that I’ve had with AIS into one sentence it would be that people that I’ve worked with are extremely customer focused, result oriented and meet the project times and the deadlines on time.

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