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what’s up everybody welcome back to my
channel!l today we’re taking out the trash! alright so you guys saw the title you
saw the thumbnail… crickets please now I’ve been getting a lot of requests
since I’ve started my youtube channel to use makeup
I don’t like now this started out as the concept of just cleaning out my Beauty
room so I have done a lot of giving away lately I get so much PR so much free
makeup I buy a lot of makeup a lot of it is about to expire it already has
there’s just a lot of junk laying around… like I know I’ve never done a Beauty
room tour which will come later this year I think I promise I hope… I have
like three Beauty rooms okay now I have makeup from ten years ago in drawers I’m
talking like old Mac lipsticks when I used to work there like in the vault I
have stuff I haven’t seen in forever so I started to just clean my Beauty room
and then I donated a lot of PR to a lot of women’s shelters in Los Angeles a lot
of my friends a lot of people in need that just need makeup I started there
and then I went into like the vault and I went there stuff that I really wasn’t
feeling anymore so in today’s video you’re gonna see stuff from maybe old
friends maybe old brands I used to live for and brand owners have degraded me we
were gonna see products of brands I just really don’t care about anymore that
aren’t interesting and just some products that I’ve tried on my channel
and they just didn’t work for me so today is not about drama it’s about
telling the truth and trying out stuff maybe giving it a second try before it
goes in the trash now if something is expired you should throw in the trash I
get a lot of people like will give it to me girl and on my garage the foundation
has expired I don’t want to give it to anyone that I like girl stop so if you
did not know this on every single item of makeup including my own you legally
have to put this little icon jar here let’s grab something that I actually
like Urban Decay all nighter spray so on every single thing we’re gonna zoom in
here with the lens it has this tiny little jar as a consumer you may not
notice that or you may go I don’t ever even knew what that was this is called
the period after opening so after you open up a product this is how long that
it is allegedly allowed to be used for so let’s even grab something of mine or
even a this is a guy literally just using or
being a pallet the other day so if you go here the jar says 18 months on the
shadow so every item it’s kind of like a suggestion now to me a lot of stuff like
powders don’t really go bad as fast as like Kramer’s and Foundation so anyway
we’re getting some stuff that is about to expire if you have a lot of stuff in
your collection that is expired it’s okay but if it looks a little discolored
if it smells weird throw it away girl so without further adieu God let’s say sign
the prayer let’s dive into this video all right let’s start off with a bang
and now I used to actually live for this primer this is the Too Faced hangover
replenishing a face primer now a lot of you are probably bled hmm what do you
mean Geoffrey we don’t really ever see use toothpaste on this channel well
that’s because I don’t ever review or use two-faced on my channel anymore I
used to actually live for their brand yes in collaboration with Too Faced
which has been one of my favorite brands for the last ten years just so you know
but last year I defended tart with a little makeup scandal video oh this
looks kind of nasty can we zoom in on that Jesus Christ I’m like as mine
cursed looks a little too yellowy this is definitely expiring Imus I’m afraid
to put this on my face but here goes nothing so if you guys did not know
someone named Jared used to be the owner of two-faced he sold his brand to Estee
Lauder now last year he and his sister said some horrible things about me
because he was degrading the brand tart and I’m like honey you did not invent
unicorns I know you think you do and you’re very entitled and you think that
you run the world you don’t come back to earth so it
started a huge social media fiasco if you will I’m gonna show some screenshots
all over the screen in a minute and Jared the old owner but still creative
director of the brand really went in on me and him and his sister who I don’t
know if she has anything to do with the brand or if she just uses him for money
but she said that my brand was clown makeup okay and they said a lot of other
horrible things about me now Estee Lauder had to ask them to shut up which
I don’t know if that was ever told on record and they finally left me alone
I’m sure after this video they’re gonna probably continue to degrade me but
actually they used to love two-faced and I was a
huge fan in high school I was wearing their stuff in 12th grade and it’s just
crazy when you can become a competitor and someone big on social media where in
turn years later when you know one of your favorite brands doesn’t like you or
they say horrible things about you so welcome to social media first of all
this primer is on this is all right actually still love this formula so I’m
not shading the formula at all but it just sucks that people that are
literally almost twice my age are degrading me so that’s the T on that you
will never see me review anything of Too Faced on my channel I don’t like to
support people that are evil or really nasty so there’s the T alright the next
item we’re gonna use let’s go to foundation and now we all know about
this fiasco Tarte don’t love them don’t hate them they’ve been a consistent
brand that I’ve kind of liked throughout the years but when they’re shaped a
foundation range hit the Internet well gasped and threw up we all know
that most brands create more than two shades for women of color but turn
decided to say fuck it and I think what made this worse now I did review this
these shades looks so light oh my god girl I’ve been getting a kind of a tan
lately but maybe not okay well we’re just gonna go in and try it now I did do
a review and talked about this foundation I’ll put that up right here
if you did not know I will show the foundation range in a second but the
thing that made it worse was the news article of interviewing tart and then
saying some very weird stuff like oh well you know this foundation you know
we don’t have that many shades because it’s like we know you can use some for
the winter and then you can transition into your summer shade it was like this
weird lame excuse that really never made sense to me and he didn’t really get it
but it caused a big stir because their lack of shade range was embarrassing it
wasn’t just like it was like you know they kind of fucked up it was like girl
they fucked up so I really wasn’t living for that this formula by the way is not
the greatest or concealer though we all know is a classic but the foundation was
kind of like for me and since I reviewed it it’s been sitting in the drawer
forgot about it don’t care about it and it’s
time it goes in the trash all right now this one even actually isn’t that bad
I’ve tried a lot of better ones the last year but um memory lane also if you are
such a big brand with a really big budget we need brands to start making a
more foundation Shea it’s like girl at this stage in the game anyone can do it
and if you’re not doing at this stage you’re basically just kind of saying
like fuck you to a huge group of people so any brand from here on out that
doesn’t make a lot of shades this actually counts a little I’m out a
little bit more I don’t know I just can’t relate you guys when I make my
foundation and it comes out next year well I am working on right now but when
it comes out next year there ain’t gonna be 12 shade they’ll tell you that now
moving on not everything has a story here you guys I will say that but okay
concealer now this you guys know I love Chanel so you’re probably like what are
you so what is he gonna say Chanel does not have a concealer shade light enough
for me this is shade 10 their lightest one and a corrector perfection and I’ve
had this for a while you can see it’s kind of separating in there hmm little
chemically not too crazy first of all let’s just show you guys the T here
doesn’t look that bad on camera but it’s very orange like this is actually darker
than my skin tone I don’t know if you can see that on the camera of how its
reading but like see how it just kind of blends into its like I’m not really
doing much so I never really lived for this concealer I think I used it once or
twice it’s sat in the drawer it’s about to expire or it’s actually been expired
for months so hopefully I don’t get a chemical burn ah no I love Chanel beauty
by the way you know that Chanel beauty is in Ulta now I’m like shook about that
Sephora is like hi we’re doing color pop and alt does like green we’re doing
white in a wild chanel and everything else have a seat which one do you guys
prefer do you love Ulta more do you love Sephora do you love that they’re both
kind of like really mixing their roster of brands and they’re kind of like going
all over the place what do you guys feel about that alright concealer you were
never good to me okay moving on setting powder now I was a little iffy about
this but I’m like you know what who with a big platform is gonna speak out on
this really no one has there’s a lot of
smaller influencers that have touched on this subject
hooda beauty has completely ignored everything that people have been saying
so you know what I’m sorry I gotta bring it up now y’all know I love you a lot of
hooded beauty products I have reviewed her foundation helped us sell a lot of
them you know that’s the taeho I’ve used a lot of her stuff on my face on this
channel and overall it’s been a very consistent brand but this product came
out what is this called this is the easy-bake loose baking and
setting powder now I’m all for people being inspired by other brands but when
you literally steal the exact concept and photo shoot from a indie brand how
do you sleep at night that’s the realty how do you sleep at
night so I’m gonna use this right now on camera and I really don’t want to but
we’re gonna do it anyway that’s what we’re all about is full face of makeup
we’re throwing out now what is the tea on this you may say Geoffrey I don’t
even know what you’re talking about well let’s throw up a few images there is a
indie brand that we have used on this channel I’ve actually reviewed it that
is called a beauty bakery it is a black-owned brand from a beautiful woman
that actually survived cancer she started her makeup brand and she is
really flourishing but she is still a very small company and they are very
indie compared to the giant of hooda Beauty this ad campaign and the entire
collection was revealed online in every single comment i’m trying– mood and on
everyone’s pages was like you literally stole her concept
hooda has really never acknowledged it she’s just keep it moving making her
money I don’t like that now Beauty bakery if you have not heard
of them have been out since 2011 their packaging looks like this everything is
about baking and cake and it’s their full aesthetic I mean hi are you guys
kidding me right here so everything is all about cake baking mixing this
actually came in a litter a literal flower like you’re in the kitchen making
like cookies with flowers so the entire packaging idea was stolen and I don’t
understand why a bit of beauty is all about like being in the desert and sand
and all this crazy stuff and her culture why are you stealing someone else’s
whole entire concept and the fact that she’s never really acknowledged it
really bothers me I she’s just gonna think that whatever
people won’t care in a month and we’ll make all of our money so that kind of
sucks oh wow I mean the formulas actually not that bad bitch that’s
actually pretty sad because I would love to support this collection but if you
were gonna steal from people and not acknowledge it can’t relate all right so
let’s contour this face first item BAM this is the benefit hoola quickie
contour stick now you guys know I love benefit I was even in their ad campaigns
last summer in Sephora every time that I’ve tried to use this product and all
of my friends who have used this we have a little issue here we go to use it and
it’s like oh what happened girl the formula the packaging
something happened in QC and it just flopped I don’t know what happened but
every single person I’ve seen use this the stick has fallen out I hate that it
sucks I’m so sorry benefit it happens sometimes you guys you know there’s so
many products being made sometimes should happen so I’m not like
hating benefit at all but I really I don’t even think I minded the formula
it’s just the falling out girl come on what happened there I don’t even
remember if this fountain if this blends out good I’m scared now I’m like oh fuck
oh looks like a little piece of Dookie all right we’re gonna put this right
back in here and then let’s try to blend this out with the Beautyblender it softens a lot
remember it is a cream product so that looks over way better than when that
brush just attempted oh my god looks like I got punched remember to review
that doer stuff last week that is probably the worst my contours ever
loved thank God I’m not going outside after this because this is horrifying
Jesus I’m like that product must be expiring soon because I don’t remember
being this hard to blend well Chris here just said you didn’t do the forehead on
your contour well we’re about to so um alright benefit this didn’t blend out
that bad I literally took this and was like dragging it so I didn’t look to
fill Chris should I do the forehead no I’m scared just formula though right for
this ooh my hair surgery is shaking okay so why did I just do this to myself well
should we just take this and cry hi just rub some dirt from my yard on my
forehead how are you doing okay BAM that bad huh alright let’s move on
alright now the next product girl let’s just hold it up BAM this is the Kat Von
D what was this call this Sh is so old this is the shady bronzer fitting and it
says don’t be afraid to contour the fuck out of your face alright now this is
probably like eight years old I want to say this was like in the deep hitting
drawers of my makeup room that I have not touched in a long time now if you
are someone that has newly subscribed to me or you don’t know the Realty girl
just google my name and this person’s name now before any of you try to chime
in or if anyone is here that is on a Kat Von D fan let me just remind you one
thing I was her friend for 10 years you’ve never met her so do I know the
realty of course I do if you do not know the scenario
basically two summers ago my brand was skyrocketing Kat Bundy was stagnant and
she decided to cross out my face and let the internet know a bunch of crazy lies
of course I responded and debunked everything that she said because she was
completely full of shit and there’s always just been a weird tension ever
since now we’re talking ten years of friendship and in that 10 years a lot
happened what a lot of you been waiting for me to say anything but I just kind
of move along when I process someone kind of like a death I don’t really ever
talk about them again but a funny fact when all that happened
I remember her saying one thing she basically said that her lipstick which
by the way was a top seller in Sephora called Jeffrey of course with my
spelling she named a lipstick after me years ago and it has literally been on
sale every single day up until about two weeks ago so even after our fight
imagine Sephora who is of course affiliated with kendo which is a company
that owns her brand they denied her request and they sold her
Jeffrey lipstick up until about a month ago on Sephora calm so the fact that you
have a face of a brand and your name is on the package name you couldn’t even
tell them and get my shade taken down can’t relate I own my own company the
reason why I’m mentioning this and by the way this is a great formula at the
time I always supported her dreams and when she created her makeup line a long
time ago I always support it and gave it attention now you can see this is a long
time ago this came out and of course we hit pan on this cuz I lived for this
formula this is before the shade and light craze that hit so I still I
haven’t oh my god it’s all like this is so weird to be this is like a very
bizarre moment so a lot of you are going okay is there any more tea of course
there is so I was scrolling and on my sidebar the other day there was a drama
channel that covered something and it was like Kat Von D came for Jeffrey star
and I’m like you recently got married I guess you’re pregnant you’re all these
things are happening and you’re still concerned with me you’re still concerned
with me you’re still concerned with me I don’t understand so let’s throw up the
screenshot I guess she just uploaded a video on her wedding let me let me go
click this right now the drama channel basically showed me a screenshot where
someone on her wedding video which this is like you’re a special day honey
asked I bet you Jeffery star is at home watching this I’m actually not baby I’m
busy running a multi-million dollar company or maybe five companies and I’m
a little busy over here filming and just you know living my life but someone
wrote I get Jeffrey star is probably at home watching this or something like
that I’ll throw up a screenshot right now and she this thing had to write
Jeffrey who with a wink and I’m like that’s all you can say
free who how about Jeffrey that had the lipstick in Sephora with my
motherfucking name on it with your company for the last 10 years
how about Jeffrey that’s in all your books all your memories like girl
because she was always a friend they had the nicer stuff and the role is reversed
my father looks like dirt actual dirt so anyway I don’t know why she’s full
talking about me so I thought you know what let me just respond so I could stop
getting a million tweets about it cuz it does get really old it’s like a constant
reminder it’s like an open wound it’s like oh you’re done Oh someone else to
mention this person again so I’m like Jeffrey who all right so while editing
this video I discovered some information that was very interesting to me now if
we all remember in Kat Von D’s a video about me she said that she would sadly
be removing the jeffrey liquid lip from sephora and her website well we just
logged on to Kat Von D Beauty comm which is her personal website where she ships
products from aside from the Sephora and you can click right now and still buy
the Jeffrey lipstick so it’s crazy that you can click it right now and buy it
there were so many lies in her video it’s crazy how another one is debunked
and it’s just so crazy that right now 2018
you’re seeing Jeffery who but the Jeffery liquid lip is on your website so
what’s what’s good sis that’s all you gotta say that is the most like on
creative response or clap back or anything that I’ve ever heard in my life
so this is the last remaining product I have of hers and now it’s over next also
by the way you guys don’t ever go and send anyone any hate this is just my
personal feelings of course I when you’re friend to someone for that long
and they want to chime in about you all of a sudden it’s like can’t relate alright so I’m moving on
oh the second foundation powder in my water cup love that all right now for
highlight we’re gonna bring back this old ditty now I review this a while ago
of my channel this is a ninety five dollar highlighter from the brand that
clay to PO they’re very luxury bushi obviously the
packaging looks beautiful but then let’s get to the inside Wow now this does look
stunning but as we found out in my review this little glitter moment here
is an overspray so once you wipe that off
it’s literally chalk underneath and I’m like for $95 this is what we get like
let’s put it on my hand high it evaporated wig I promise I went really
hard in that pan making this up hello I don’t see anything nope nothing’s
happening mm-hmm look at that fallout though now girl fuck looks like a meth
lab yeah for $95 I expected it to be beautiful and blinding and all I got was
some chalk and not even the kind of chalk that I can like draw on my
driveway just straight-up chalk alright BAM for blush we’re gonna go in
with this Kylie cosmetics shade x-rated now let me tell you guys why for a
second I am putting this in the trash this one just really didn’t have a lot
of pigment like do you guys remember when these first launch and amend the
highlighters the Heather’s were all right they’re a little lackluster
but on this I was kind of like first of all the fallout is really crazy I was
like barely touching man it’s like whoa Lord now when you put this on your
cheeks I expect like way more color it’s so sure I’m like Hello what’s going on
like excuse me we’re gonna do more pigment okay so to me this blush was
just not it for me I also have another Kylie product I want to put in here and
I’ll go into a little further detail in a minute but this just didn’t have any
pigment and I’m bored all right now let’s go on to eyes now I’m sure what
have you saw this in the thumbnail and you’re like
oh my god it’s not as dramatic as you think so we are going to be using the Oh
any more feet Jaclyn hill vault now by the way this PR is one of the best PR
packages I’ve gotten in a long time I think that it looks stunning now the
only reason why this is even in the video is because morphe said that they
are of course delaying the morphe Jacqueline Hill vault collection because
there was some inconsistencies in the formula and some people who are
reviewing it and it was like amazing and then other people were reviewing it and
it was just like kind of lackluster and not great so morphe did some
investigating and they actually found out that the lab did press it
inconsistently so this is not a negative I’m actually like so I guess what’s
what’s the word I’m very like happy that Jacqueline and morphe agreed to do this
because for a company to stop a launch and move it and throw away all the
product is a lot of money lost so I really appreciate Jacqueline taking
the time to be like yo this is not like good this is not okay with me selling
this let’s make sure it’s perfect and have it come out later so no T in this
video honey I just actually never use these myself as you can see there’s not
even a swatch on here I was at a town when these launched so when I came home
I saw them and then all the um I guess it’s not controversy it’s just all their
statements came out and people were finding some inconsistencies so I
personally never used these I can’t wait if mine is a dud and it looks a little
weird you guys know why it’s not more if you’re at Jacqueline’s fault but I am
just gonna try out a few shades just for fun to see what the tea is all about of
course let’s just quickly prime I don’t have any primer that I want to throw out
isn’t that weird for eye primer I always know you guys know I’m always using this
Mac painterly paint-pot so let’s just coat our lids and get the
show on the road okay actually these colors are stunning I’m
just sitting here like girl the shade access is such a unique like orange
yellow tangerine moment I’m like girl now remember the first jaclyn hill
morphe palette was in one of my favorites videos last year I really like
that one it is stunning now I heard that of course these shades are from all the
ones that she did not use in her initial palette which I love that idea so I
cannot wait for them to release the real vault to me Jacqueline’s always done
like amazing collab doing hi a champagne pop like literally revolutionized the
highlighting game and that’s when the trend really started so Jacqueline is
always gross she knows what the tea is regardless that your thoughts are on her
her claps have been amazing and you know she is one of the original beauty gurus
on YouTube so respect alright now we’re gonna go on with this shade
agent over here now this one when I spread it out it wasn’t too bad I see
maybe where the pressing was a little weird but overall I’m not mad I’m not
missing the second shade I’m dipping into I’m just gonna do a little light
look and try out a few colors alright now we’re gonna go in shade guilt-trip
right here I didn’t wet the brush yet oh wow okay this was definitely impressed
too hard I think there’s no pigment on the brush I’m like oh okay we’re gonna
wet this by the way who is waiting for Jaclyn hill cosmetics honey we’re all
waiting what’s the tea give us an update okay it’s not too bad alright so in case
you guys did not know of course just a quick little morphe moment since we are
blending to built right now if you do not know every morphe brushes store that
is open or is about to open does Carrie jeffree star cosmetics hey I know a lot
of you know that you’ve seen footage from the store openings which by the way
I will be in a store opening very soon honey we got some good things planned
but if you don’t know you can shop my entire brand in their store
I love morphe I believe in them since the beginning and they are amazing so a
lot of you have asked Geoffrey why is in your brand and also or Sephora but as a
choice I just want to really make that clear here because some people that are
you know a little negative like to switch things up and say oh you can’t
get in there you want to see the emails girl upset no it’s for personal reasons
I have grown my business so massively all in my own through e-commerce I don’t
really want to dive into a huge retail giant so I have put that on pause but
morphe is expanding rapidly there will be so many more stores opening before
the years up and I am really excited to grow with someone I believe in not but I
don’t believe in other retailers it’s just they are very corporate and right
now you know that’s not the path I want to go what do you guys think about
collaboration there are so many brand collaborations so happening
are going to happen or you guys burnt out on influencer collabs do you guys
want to see me clap with someone from my brand the comments section is yours
bitch let me know alright kind of living for this color story to be honest I’ll
make her alright so let’s just you one more shade and we got to move on with
the day honey I really want to take this in pretty moments in here a VIP is cute
let’s take her the little brush let’s just pack her on the inner corner right
here let’s see if it wants to work Oh bitch she wants to work well just kind
of shove her right in there flat then go okay this is turning out really cute yes
the vault alright mascara time y’all I didn’t want
to do this you know I live for Gucci but most of you don’t even know that they
have a makeup line they do I reviewed it before ever reviewed their foundation
two years ago now this mascara is dried up bitch we’re talking Sahara dry it’s
been in my vault for a long time so I’m just gonna put it on and see what
happens girl just expired I don’t want to get a
sister sty like James so let’s just pray this doesn’t happen to me my lashes just
look kind of like not that great it’s not the best I think the packaging is
beautiful of course I’m gonna hide it geez all over it which basically sum up
my entire life oh oh my god it doesn’t have it only the cap does I changed my
mind so see the cap it has the logo on it of course but the base is a-ok no
this is not looking that cute alright mascara also Gucci if you want to do a
collaboration with me for makeup email me it’s time for lips I know a lot of
you are like oh what lip product is you gotta use I actually got two in mine
here BAM the first one is I think it’s one of the first shades she ever made
this is the candy que Kylie lip kit so candy k was a very early on color when I
tried it I wasn’t obsessed um her formula is just a little drawing
i’ve liked some of the shades that she’s put out before but overall I’m not like
in love with it I just think that there’s so many products being put out
it’s not exciting anymore it’s kind of lackluster and I’m just kind of like
over the brand at the moment maybe it’s gonna read you know reaccept me in the
future maybe not but right now kind of like over it and just kind of like
man let’s put on this lip and ooh I do not miss that Center Oh between the hood
of beauty and this sorry I’m gonna have a migraine okay sorry people it took me a little
bit longer than normal the formula was a little dry in the bottle obviously I
said it was expired it’s not the brand’s fault but just overall anyways to the
bottom lip I’ve always just like a little problem with them like it looks
smooth and it looks prettier than a few minutes later it’s just like really
drying I know this was an earlier shade and they have fixed it a little bit but
like girl so besides this moving on we are going to use something that I was so
offended by I am still offended alright now we’re gonna talk about the Christian
Louboutins $85 lip gloss now speaking of horrible smells this one smells so
troche as’ it’s like that rose smell where it’s just so strong and it lingers
and doesn’t go away I’m like actually dreading putting this on my lips because
I hate how it’s right there under your nose it smells atrocious but an $85
gloss now we all know the packaging looks sickening it’s like medieval you
can shove this up your ass I’m not sure what you I got a lot of like those look
like butt plugs when I first reviewed this so let’s put it on we’ll just pop
it in the center so it gives it a little bit of dimension I think the look is
actually not that bad to finish the look honey all right we’re down to the finish
line we have one more product and talking about overpriced horseshit that
doesn’t really work I love Armani beauty but this this is the Armani Prima
refreshing makeup fix this is kind of like a setting spray now I use this a
few times and like sometimes you know a product is just like all about
refreshing or it’s about setting or whatever it is great I saw literally
zero difference I don’t know what kind of ingredients are in this I don’t know
what happened here but this was just a dud and Jesus Christ okay I saw I had to
pause and Google the price because I forgot $70 for $70 bitch my makeup
shouldn’t move throughout the day like girl I should pump my own gas alright
let’s give this one more world before she goes in the trash bin just even
smell great I’m like okay waving it around and just like last time I don’t
see much of a difference I see kind of nothing overall though I will say this
after everything we’ve talked about the look ain’t really that bad
tor is a fucking hot mess I think the cream one definitely ruined the look
look at that jawline I’m so sorry ja but yeah that is it for today’s video thank
you for watching and thank you for just listening to me and just sitting here
and chatting I had a vent and get some things off my chest so thank you to
everyone for watching this video I really appreciate it of course all
thoughts and opinions are my own please don’t go tell any brand anything on my
behalf I don’t give a fuck about anyone mentioned in this video if it was
negative please leave them alone I just wanted to be candid with you guys and
tell you one on one the Realty so we can move along and you guys know what’s up
alright until the next time mwah bye guys


  1. I actually love Tarte lol
    And Kat Von D is so Shady. The videos of her tattoo liner. The full size has the same amount of product in it as the trial size…
    Yet they charge more. So damn shady

  2. I wish jeffree and I were friends….drinking redbull all day long, eating mcd and shading awful makeup companies ^^ (but ofc on jeffree's day off bc he works hard)

  3. I donโ€™t wear makeup but Iโ€™m here just sat here on my bed just watching Jeffree Starโ€™s tea! I love it, too much! Your the best Jeffree Star! You have inspired me and your my hero because you make me laugh every day! Thank you! โค๏ธ

  4. This is the first video of jeffree star I have watched and I am in LOVE!!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ (I am literally going to start binge watching ๐Ÿ˜)

  5. so im just here cuz i thought he was funny in the dolan twins' video and i legit thought 12:00 was lipstick. didnt know i was this unaware about makeup

  6. Jeffree needs to make a palette with Shane and call it "Conspiracy" or something. The shade names could be stuff that they've said together and of course, "you're still on the property!" ๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜—yu always l๐Ÿ‘€k fab๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’MuaHH๐Ÿ˜—๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹mad๐Ÿ’šFrom Ireland๐Ÿ™…

  8. After I saw the hate message, I was like :

    "Bitch you don't know how amazing this queen is, so back off bitch cause no one wants to see your damn face"

    And yeah, he is fabulous cause he is BIYCHES

  9. Its actually a wise business decision regarding where you choose to sell your products. Its the exclusivity. Because you are so unique and original it makes sence for your products to have the same character. Corporate buisiness will try to "own" a brand, i believe your too creative to join the norm. For example, I love bumble and bumble hair products and its the exclusive nature that makes it special, there is so much more love and respect for the products i buy when i have to put more effort in to purchasing them. The world is getting stagnant, jeffree kudos to you for giving people a drive to look beutiful. Keep it exclusive.


  11. Love you $$$$๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜—๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ‘ง๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿ™‡โ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ‘ฌ๐Ÿ‘ฌ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โœŒ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ–ค๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’Ÿโฃ๐Ÿ’Œ๐Ÿ‘„๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’˜โค๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ‘œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ›๐ŸŒท๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ•๐ŸŒฎ๐Ÿฅ™๐Ÿฅ“๐ŸŽ‚๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿซ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿญ๐Ÿ”ช๐Ÿ”ช๐Ÿบ๐Ÿฅ‹โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿ’’๐Ÿฐ

  12. I have been watching you all day. My daughter, Kaeleen, has loved you since Myspace days. I am so glad I found you. You are amazeballs.

  13. me : falls asleep watching Crayola video at 4 am but has school the next day
    my odds : sees packaging of the first brand thinking its crayola when i log on youtube

  14. u really dont deserve james charles why did u even thought to be friends with him back then kinda loss of time erhh hhahaha sorry james gurl

  15. Hi love your channel and how honest you are can i ask a question whatโ€™s the best way to use the beauty blender damp or dry which one do you prefer

  16. I hate how people hate you you're so Wonderful and funny . They are so jealous ! But I've watched your vids and I love you !

  17. โ€œHi I just rubbed some dirt from my yard on my forehead, how are you doing?โ€

    I cannot stop wheezing Iโ€™m sorry

  18. Awww i so love u and want u do and u inspired me to do makeup and just be my better self thank u for use being ur self ur the best star…. Jeffrey star smile always and god bless u

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