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Full Beginners Guide to PROFITABLE Facebook Ads in 20 Minutes – 2020 Strategy

Full Beginners Guide to PROFITABLE Facebook Ads in 20 Minutes – 2020 Strategy

Today we’ll be creating a profitable and
converting Facebook ad together within 20 minutes step-by-step now this method
takes into consideration all the updates to Facebook to ensure that this method
is still up-to-date and relevant and of course effective so please take the time
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window here and of course we’re on Facebook Ads manager oh and by the way
if if you want to see the results I’ve been able to achieve from my own
business with Facebook Ads subtle hint seventy two times return on investment
then be sure to check out my live zero to $10,000 challenge Facebook Ads
challenge on my channel end also stay until the end of this video now getting
back into it where I’m at and ads manager accounts and you just want to
hit conversions within the campaign objective and there’s a couple of things
you want to do before we move on the first thing is turn on a campaign budget
optimization CBO and also turn on split tests here so with split tests you want
the variable to be the audience so click audience and then move on now
I’ll explain these things later on but let’s move on to the ad set level now so
with this we want the ad set to Optio obviously be optimized for purchase so
go ahead and click purchase now this is going to differ a little if you’re in a
service based business for instance or you’re you have a real real life
business this also applies to you but you also want to drive foot traffic
instead you want to drive Form collection for instance but in this case
let’s stick with a purchase purchase conversion so scrolling down this is an
important part we actually want to change the variable a B split test to
audience now what this is going to allow us to do is essentially test our ads
with minimal budget and ensure that we’re actually hitting the right
audience now this is a relatively new fee
they’ve integrated this feature into Facebook ads platform itself rather than
having to manually do it through the ad set level which was how we previously
did it now you can essentially just click the
split test button and split test by audience and this is there’s also
another perk to this which is also the fact that there’s no audience overlap so
in other words Facebook won’t serve to the same audience to different ads it
will basically serve the add the different ads to different audiences in
order to split test and test which ad is the best performing and which audience
because that’s a variable here is the best performing audience so that’s what
we want to figure out we want to make sure that we’re figuring out the right
audience to advertise to and beyond that obviously using a high performing ad so
make sure that you click the variable audience and then create a couple
different audiences here now it’s up to you how many variables you want or how
many different ad sets you want you can obviously test with another ad set you
can go up to as many as you want but that’s depending on the budget that’s
depending on how much money you want to spend because you do need to allocate a
high percentage of budget if you’re going to split test more variables and
different ad sets so let’s go ahead for this example I’m just going to go with
two so essentially an a/b split test and then what you want to be doing while
creating these new audiences because this is a cold audience this is just
purely using interest targeting here we want to make sure that we niche down
okay the potential reach needs to be roughly five fifty thousand to five
hundred thousand that’s the target potential rate you want to hit when it
comes to cold audiences and a brand new ad here so for this case let’s go with a
random example and then its target pets okay very generic niche I know but let’s
continue with this example anyway so bringing it down let’s go pretty broad
here and let’s randomly find a couple detailed target sets here now we’re
gonna go pretty broad like I said pets and pet lovers
now we’re going to narrow down the audience so this is a bit of flex
targeting here and like I said you want to play around with it until you get
roughly 500,000 500,000 now as you can see pet lovers is too small the
potential reach is now 14,000 so we want to revert back a little and narrow the
audience in a different manner so let’s target outdoor or let’s know
let’s go target dogs okay so interests let’s narrow down a
further also cats so as you can see the potential reach is still far too high
for a cold audience targeting ad set 4.4 million let’s continue narrow further
and as you can see this is very generic detailed targeting I don’t recommend
going as generic as I am but I’m just simply trying to give you example here
but when you’re entering in your detail targeting yourself you should be rather
specific with your niche or with the product that you’re trying to sell the
the more detailed the better essentially so let’s go ahead and input another very
generic interest here dog lover for example and let’s hope this brings us to
so that’s fine 74,000 that’s above 50,000 you want to hit that sweet spot
of 50,000 to 500,000 initially when you’re testing and then let’s use this
and hit confirm so that’s essentially one audience that we’re going to test
here that’s one variable now moving on to the other audience let’s go hit edit
and this time we’re going to use the exact same sort of setup but then we’re
going to test against so let me build this out first in our audience we’re
going to get dogs dogs the interest not the job title and then cats and in this
case let’s just say theoretically in the other audience ad set we were testing
dogs dog lovers now maybe in this case we want to change it up and then target
cat lovers okay so let’s go check that out so 220,000 people here so
significantly higher audience which is totally fine it’s still in our sweet
spot and if you really want to go detailed
with these audience split tests which I do recommend you can change up the age
gender location and even go even further with different targeting options so
let’s go ahead and click update so now we’re essentially telling what we’re
testing here is the audience which is dog lovers and cat lovers that’s the
difference that we’re testing here with our product that we have okay so going
into placements since this is a test we need to edit the placements here we want
to be effective without money that we’re burning through so let’s go ahead and
edit the placements all we want in this case is tick off or internetwork tick
off messenger and we just want newsfeed placements for Instagram and for
Facebook so go ahead and just remove everything else and to uncheck these
boxes so go ahead and on tick these boxes and the reason being is because we
want to maximize our cost per conversion we want to lower our cost in order to
get that conversion now when testing we want to be very specific with the
platforms that we are testing on what I find best when testing is simply news
feeds and Instagram feeds and that is it they convert very well engagement is
high obviously some of these placements you can’t get engagement in comments and
likes so Instagram newsfeed in Facebook
newsfeed is the way to go so moving on of course there’s other
options here that you can use but I’m not gonna get into further detail there
they’re not necessary at this point and then with delivery optimization now when
it comes to delivery optimization this is more advanced but for now let
Facebook’s algorithm do the job for you so for the most part it’s pretty good
when it comes to just a new campaign you Facebook does a good job optimizing the
campaign automatically however this is an extremely important part in
optimizing your campaign when you’re scaling your ad and also when you’re
growing as a business but that is more advanced I’ll leave that for another
time what you do want to ensure though is that optimization for ad delivery is
set to conversions and then move now when it comes to daily budget this
is purely up to you now of course you have to be wary of how many different ad
sets you’re testing and how many audiences variables that you’re testing
in general so the more ad sets that you have the more versions that you have the
more money that you need to allocate towards each audience now facebook gives
you this estimated test power so essentially if you increase the budget
let’s say to $800 the estimated test power will also increase now take this
with a grain of salt this is essentially Facebook trying to push you to spend
more money on the platform I found that an estimated test power of even 60% is
totally fine anyway so again play around with this and play around with the money
that you do have to test I’m worried that a lot of beginners do not have a
lot of money to spend upfront when it comes to Facebook Ads so just be wary of
your own budget but again you need to be wary of a few variables which is how
many ad sets that you’re testing and on top of that the duration that you want
this campaign to run over now this is a pro tip because I work directly with
Facebook and Instagram officers I have the Intel from them directly and this is
a pro tip directly from Facebook they say do not go under four days in terms
of duration so you can give it enough time to optimize and test different
variables if you go there’s an option to go one two three days however typically
unless you spend spending thousands of dollars one two three days is not enough
to allow the algorithm to test properly which variable is going to work for you
so do not stick with three days or below so go with four days obviously the more
the merrier but let’s be honest who has the money to test for 30 days even
top-tier brands do not have that much money typically so let’s go click
continue from there and then move on to the ad level now we’re on the ad level
of course one of the most important elements of your ad campaign is the ad
itself copywriting okay which is actually the text in your ad and then
the creative itself which is either a video or a gif or an image etc so what I
have found to make things easier for you and
save your time the easiest win will always be a video ad a very specific
tailored video ad and there’s a very easy way to get this done I know a lot
of you are wondering how you can create video ads now this is a great tool to
use when it comes to video ads and this is wave dot video now I’ve already
pre-selected a video campaign here but what this is it’s essentially a web
video editing tool that makes things so easy it’s kind of like canva but for
video if you’re wary of canva but going back into it basically going into waived
up video you’re met with a whole bunch of templates that you’re able to use and
I be able to select from the so this is just the pets niche that you can use but
of course you can use any of these templates and tailor it to your own
product and niche but it’s really it’s a great solution when you want something
up and running real quick that is also going to convert and is meant
specifically for Facebook and Instagram ads so going back into it you know I’ve
already selected this template here just as an example here what you’re going to
do is basically change the text and change the background image or if you
have a video already that’s fine too you can also implement a video itself add
the video add the photos and then implement the text afterwards so what
you’re gonna do is go into these keyframes here and change the text as
you can see I’ve change the text make any purchase this week and only it can
be a discount it can be just be calling out the product itself so in this case
we’re selling haha Hitler’s for for pets so go ahead and edit the text itself hit
click play as you can see it’s pretty straightforward stuff
so all the animations are there and whatnot is a very quick solution but
also very worthwhile because it just works so you’re just going to work
through this this implemented so you’re just going to work through this
interface here and you’ve also got graphics and stickers as you can see you
can literally drag and drop and change the stickers it’s kind of like Instagram
it works really well now you’ve also got timely marketing factors here click here
for instance you also got two minutes you know scarcity options here great
stuff overall and now of course you don’t want to use shutterstock images
but this is purely just an example let’s removes that but you get the gist right
so this is a great option to quickly make video ads at your convenience
directly from your desk or wherever you are simply is that fast now what a mark
you can choose to add a watermark or not and then you can add your music and
select from their own royalty-free music as well and finally you’re going to hit
publish and download the video so from there also I want to add one thing going
back as well you know looking at this this is a great thing about wave dot
video instead of spending so much time trying to edit your videos and also
repurpose them for different formats you can simply click manage formats up here
and they give you a whole load of different ad formats you’re able to
tailor to so for instance four by five if you want to also go with carousel ads
they’ve got carousel ads here it’s got the full portrait ads sixteen by
nineteen so let’s get just click that and add that in just as an example so
you can see here if we go back into the edit preview you’ve got the four by five
vertical placement which is what we want and you also got sixteen by nine a
horizontal it automatically updates everything and the elements within the
video also you’ve got the square function as well one by one but you get
the point basically it optimizes the placements on-the-fly for you and makes
things super easy and just saves a lot of time now if you’re interested in this
program by the way or this software I should say check the links down below
because I’m going to leave a link that has a
direct 10% discount if you use my link with wave video it is an affiliate link
so it does help me out but it also helps you out too because it’s a 10% discount
so be sure to check them out if you’re interested in using this tool place it
is also a great tool to use to however wave that video does give you a few more
options when it comes to templates and placements so going back into it let’s
go ahead and upload this video that I created earlier into the ads platform
and I’ll run you through a few more things that you do need to be wary of so
click browse the library or upload video if this is completely new then I’m gonna
upload this specific example here that we’ve just created together then as you
can see it’s going to place nuttin plain nicely like this as so and it’s really
important that you do have your subtitles in here reason being videos
play without sound automatically on Facebook unless you click on them so
subtitles and captions are extremely important to in selling your product
itself so a few things I do want to note when it comes to best practice when it
comes to ad copy you want to keep ad copy short and sharp okay so ad copy
being the description and the primary text and headline so in this case say
for example I’m not gonna build out the entire ad copy here but just to give an
example limited time only now this is just an
example it’s not something that you should stick to however the point is you
want to keep your ad copy short and sharp and this is extremely important
important because the point of an ad is to attract a click not the purchase
let me repeat this again you need to attract the click not the purchase now
you don’t want to fill in the space with a full-on sales pitch the best ads
attract the click not the purchase and your sales page is the place you want to
sell the prospects on the product and service so from here once you’ve created
the entire ad you want to set it live obviously and spend a few days letting
it optimize and test which audience is working for you the next step you want
to do is go back into your ads manager from other homepage
I’m just going to leave this page and then from this page you want to watch
some key metrics here key metrics being cost per click cost per conversion how
many clicks you’re receiving and also a couple other elements such as ad
frequency in quality score these are all really important metrics you need to
watch and if they fluctuate you want to kill off the ads that aren’t working for
you and let the winning ads run for you now how you’re going to do this is go
into the campaign itself and this is the important part this is why we switched
on campaign budget optimization earlier you’re going to go into the ad itself
the campaign itself sorry and for example let’s just click on this random
campaign here you’re going to watch all the audience’s that are currently being
split tested and watch those metrics on a day to day basis now you want to just
kill off the campaigns all sorry the ad sets that aren’t working for you and
Facebook will do a good job in allocating its budget automatically
through campaign budget optimization and all those through the split test and
then at that point you want to continue reallocating your budget into that one
ad set that is working really well for you and then you’re left with the
winning audience and at that point hopefully it’s making some sort of a
profit to you and you can continue to test through different strategies to
build upon this strategy and also continue to scale which is a whole
different strategy in itself but that is guys the way to
manage your facebook ads in terms of conversion campaign in 2020 taking into
consideration a couple changes in the interface and CBO but this is just one
simple strategy like I said I’ve had huge success through Facebook seventy
two times return on adspend that’s one dollar put in seventy two dollars out on
scale which is absolutely insane now there’s obviously a lot more detail
I have to go into with this video in order to achieve results like that
because I just scratched the surface but this is a great start if you’re just
beginning with Facebook ads and if you want to get up to scratch with the
latest changes on Facebook ads however if you want a lot more detail then be
sure to check out my social marketing mastery program which is just recently
launched and trust me guys it is a robust program I’ve put all my knowledge
and distilled it into a very robust to seek six-week implementation program you
know what just watch this video and if it’s something of interest to you I urge
you to check the links down below and enroll today and I’ll see you in the
classroom I spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on Facebook ads alone and now
I’m just stealing everything that I’ve learned for the past five years into
this breakthrough program for you so short marketing mastery it’s a six week
comprehensive implementation program where I’ll be
taking you from subpar ads through to demigod status when it comes to digital
marketing whether you’re running a social media marketing agency or whether
you’re freelancing or running an e-commerce business you’ll get in this
program over 60 professional and detailed videos insider ad targeting
secrets specific strategies to increase conversions and scale sales and then up
to date program that covers all the changes on Facebook including CBO in the
new interface you also get access to the digital student classroom direct access
to me as your mentor and you also get monthly live Q&A and a bunch of bonuses
and resources it is a lot that I’m giving away in this program and it’s
something that I wish I had when first running Facebook guys as it would have
saved me a lot of time and money it feels high of spending times and
money on Facebook ads without seeing any sort of results well I’m gonna change
that for you in this program I’m going to save you the guesswork click on the
enroll button on this page and securest what today and let’s turn you into a
digital marketing demigod I’ll see you in the inside

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