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Frozen 2 Official Trailer

Frozen 2 Official Trailer

♪♪ ELSA:
[Exhales] ELSA:
Uhhh! Whoa! [Gasps] PABBIE:
Elsa… the past is
not what it seems. You must
find the truth. Go north across
the enchanted lands and into the unknown. OLAF:
Aaahhh! PABBIE:
But be careful… KRISTOFF:
Heeyah! PABBIE:
We have always feared Elsa’s powers were too
much for this world. Now we must hope… they are enough. ANNA:
I won’t let anything happen to her. [Gasping] ♪♪

100 thoughts on “Frozen 2 Official Trailer

  1. I love how grand pabbie establishes that Elsa needs Anna to obtain who she is. That’s another theme that should be brought into light. And I’m so glad it’s included in this film.

    “We need others to prevent ourselves from losing ourselves.”

  2. Takes place in 1800s Northern Europe and is diverse for some reason.

    Can someone please make a movie about an African tribe and make some random Africans white for no reason?

  3. My younger brother is a Frozen fan. I always thought that wouldn't add up to anything. I was wrong.
    Now I have an excuse to go watch this movie

  4. I hope Anna will get powers in the movie.
    I hope she'll get the ability of fire, fall, or spring.

  5. Got the chills. Cant wait for it to come out!!! All my friends think I'm weird because I'm almost 16 and I'm excited for a new princess movie, but I'm excited, and I'm not afraid to say it.

  6. The water actually looks TOO real. It looks like you pasted a cartoon into the real world. If the characters look like cartoons, make the water cartoonish or it will blend really bad.

  7. I'm really happy that Anna reminded Elsa how capable she is, that was really good. Like yeah you might have the magic powers, but I'm pretty cool too. I tend to dislike it when movies/tv shows or whatever have this really awesome guy or girl, who has done all of these neat stuff, and then they turn them into a weakling, like what? Makes no sense. The trailers are definitely looking more serious, with some comedy here and there, I think I might like this more then the first one. The first was fine for me, but I wasn't wowed by it, like so many were.

  8. I have a theory
    Elsa has ice powers and the mom of her and
    Anna has wind powers and the young boy has
    Myby earth powers but Anna has not discovered hers
    And there’s gotta be as fire power
    They showed all these things in this trailer

  9. Where is the Sámi representation? Why put Kristoff as Sámi in these films without a backstory? Our cultures are dying, I hope there is some show of Sámi mentioned in the next film

  10. what is this,
    why don't you guys all listen to some of THIS. Got 3.1 million lieks in two weeks. This has been over a month. LOL

  11. I hope this one isn't a disappointment like the first one. The first one was so hyped up. But the movie was so typical. I hope it isn't like that with this one, though. I have hopes for this

  12. Does the horse remind you of pitch black's nightmare horse? And remember that jack was died drowning…
    Ok please ignore me..

  13. Hope this will not be a flop because that will show how desperate Disney is to get money after starwars and Galaxy edge being a waste of money.

  14. disney ! I really wish for jack frost to be with Elsa !! it has been years that we all shipped them !! I hope in he future they could be together !

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