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From Struggling With Facebook Ads To 10 Mortgage Leads & 2 Prequals During The Holidays 🎄

From Struggling With Facebook Ads To 10 Mortgage Leads & 2 Prequals During The Holidays 🎄

Hello everyone, my name is Jason Wardrop with Arsenal marketing. I’m here with Michael. Michael, Thanks so much for joining me today My pleasure. Thanks for having me. Yeah, so Michael jumped on the six-figure agent system He’s actually a lender but he jumped on a six-figure agent system has been what would spin about a month or so now Just just under a month like this Mm-hmm. Okay, just a few weeks now and and it’s right now. It’s this beginning of January so you jumped on right before the holidays started which obviously that’s a that’s a key point to keep in mind cuz The obviously throws ahead lead generation all that stuff a little bit, right? absolutely and Yeah, I didn’t expect to have results that I did at the timeframe that I started. It just wasn’t expected Um, so it was it was a pleasant surprise Awesome. So so you are a loan originator in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, right? Awesome so anyway Tell us a little bit about your success I know you post in the group just the other day but tell us a little bit about what you’ve been able to accomplish and Then would love to hear what you were even doing a few weeks ago before you jumped into the six-figure agent system as well absolutely, so I I did my first post and You know, I didn’t expect much from it because it went live December 26th. Okay, so it It really was like why that no, excuse me. It went live the 24th Christmas Eve Okay, so I expected nothing out of it other than let me go through the motions and see how it works and see what happens Lo and behold, you know the day after Christmas I get a notice on my phone you have a lead and then I get another one you have another lead and I’m like Okay, this is great. I didn’t expect it So it was if I was excited it pops up on the phone to the uber app Which is easy to use and I start communicating with these customers and you know, I would say it’s a win-win again It was during that holiday stretch where you don’t expect to get much done. So I had gotten ten leaves and I cut the ad off I’m like January 2nd because again, I just felt like you know what this is the holiday season That’s the last thing people are really interested in getting into. Yeah, but I got 10 leaves I actually had interactions with five of them. I was able to get two of them pre-qualified And hand them off to some wheels or partners the other two are not Completely ready yet due to credit issues or what have you? So I said look, that’s fine Just because you’re not ready right now doesn’t mean you’re not You’re not we’re not going to make this happen. So I send them off to credit repair. So you know the goal is that here I’ll be able to add so much more value to my wheels of partners where I’m telling them. Here you go Here’s here’s a lead for you to go help them find a house and I’m kind of turning the the norm in Reverse, right because normally a loan officer goes out to meet a Realtor and we’re asking send me send me alone. Send me alone. Send me alone Now I get to flip it around and say here you go go find this guy house So it’s very powerful. That’s awesome. And did you have Experience with Facebook Ads before you jumped in like had you run some ads or kind of tell us a little bit about that So most I ever did was boost. I boosted a page which I thought was a Facebook ad, right? Yeah Yeah, I would read likes and everything and I’m like, well, this isn’t converting into anything. This doesn’t work. That was the extent of my Facebook ad Experience was boosting post spending money to boost the post and yeah I would reach a lot of people and I would get a lot of Like clicks, but I was like, I’m listing something. None of this is converting into anything worthwhile. Yeah So that was always really the extent of my and I’m not a techy guy at all That was the extent of my knowledge when they came to Facebook at No, that’s awesome. So what so you are so you jumped into the 60 grading system, which you’ve seen in there we’ve got several Lead campaigns for a loan originators as well But what campaign were you running to generate those first ten leads that you got? that was off of the FH a Three and a half percent down campaign, which is very simple. It tells the customer, you know Common message that you know, you got to put so much down on a house and it’s not so and you know Click here to find out more. It was very simple ad You know it wasn’t overly intricate and I think it resonates with people because there’s so many people out there that think they have To save twenty percent down for our house. This is just not true totally totally City and You just pretty much use the copy and paste Facebook ad template that we’ve got the landing page all that stuff as far as like the campaign set up, correct? Correct. I didn’t change a thing Not one thing I took it copied pasted it exactly and that was it What’s interesting is what I did today as a bilingual loan officer I took that same ad and I just converted it into Spanish and it’s already starting to get Responses back and leads coming in so I can’t wait to see how that works because it’s just not you know It’s a demographic that’s just underserved. That’s How that turns out absolutely. That’s awesome So when it comes to Facebook Ads lead generation one struggle with a lot of Realtors and loan originators and all that Like they think like the leads like you generate leads, but you don’t really ever get in contact with them, right? and so that’s a struggle that I hear a lot and You got in contact with 50% of the leads. And so I mean five out of ten. That’s that’s pretty awesome right there What did your follow up system or process look like? Once those leads came in The goal is always to climate. Excuse me. Call them right away, right, you know when? The best time is strike is when the iron is hot so but in some instances I couldn’t do that So I would send them a text Directly from the from the app, you know when it comes in We have the ability to send them a text and I will send them a text on the spot Hey, thank you for responding to you know my facebook ad. I’m looking here to help you, you know When’s a good time for us to speak? And I also had set up the automatic Norma fication is going out when somebody when a lead comes in You know via text by email So I kind of had a I guess a four-way approach really because I would try to call them one I would send out the automatic text through the system to they would get another email within the first hour three and then I would also send them a text or email from my Personal phone or work email so they got bombarded with hey, I’m really here to help you. Let me know when you’re available And the funny part was the last person that I spoke with wasn’t until a week after her lead came in so the follow-up Automatic process keeps you top of mine and one of these people when she was like Sorry, I meant to call you earlier It was just crazy with the holidays, but you know, I got you a reminder So it it really does a lot of the work for you Awesome. So you you basically you didn’t have just the immediate follow-up of email tax phone calls Just that day one you kind of had that Follow-up drip campaign through the system over the next couple of weeks or something like that, right? Correct, you know one of the best things about the system is you can automate it to what you want you can kind of set It and forget it. Yeah, you know I I can set Okay I want two or three texts to go out within this time frame or Five or six emails to go out warm in one day the next one within two days You kind of set up the ad like that and ad works for you. You don’t have to babysitter You don’t have to be on top of it It does it all for you, which is great because there’s a loan officer Sometimes you can’t be on the phone calling everyone because you’re working on a loan or you’re meeting Realtors So even while you’re not working it’s working for you, which is what’s great Definitely and one cool thing. I just I thought I’d share with you. This is an update we made like a week ago is so like if you have on that landing page a 14 or 21 day follow-up as Soon as the leader like let’s say the lead like this person then respond till seven days after But if they’re not responding you still want to keep that follow-up because you don’t know if like they’re just busy with the holidays family What? And so you want to keep that follow up, but once they responded you wanna you don’t really want that Automated sequence that automata keep going. So what we just did is let’s say you have a 21 day follow up For example, and let’s say that Li doesn’t respond till day 8 But as soon as they respond the system automatically will cut off the rest of the follow messages So it’s kind of nice because they go up them Yeah, cuz then you don’t have to like manually unsubscribe that person or anything it just the system recognizes. Okay this person responded and so the rest of the missed messages of trying to get that person to respond will just be totally Basically deleted cut off because you’re already in conversation with that person. Which kind of kind of nice little update there Ya know and I saw that on the on the updated the Cole, I believe it was the Tuesday call oh, yeah, and I saw that and I thought that was I thought that was great because Again, one of the things I don’t want to do is have to manage when to cut people off and shut them also the drip Campaign and last thing a person wants is okay. I’ve already spoken to you. Why am I still getting this please? Call me or whatever kind of drip campaign. So this makes again the automation and the fact that you don’t have to babysit it Just makes it in my life and my line of work. Just perfect. That’s awesome so, so anyway, I don’t want to keep you too long Michael, but as far as like next steps, I mean It sounds like you’ve already gone through you’re bilingual So you’ve translated the exact campaigns into Spanish sounds like you’re already getting some leads coming in from that What’s what’s kind of like the next steps were where you want to take you take this from here on out. I mean It’s kind of sky’s the limit right because I’m completely new to this and I want to be able to offer Wheelchair partners real value. So, you know, I can’t wait to start being able to help them with their own listings, right? I mean if they have a home that you know, maybe is not moving as fast Hey, let’s do a landing page and advertise it or what happens. Well, we get 10 leads that are interested in that particular house even if He sold that house now He’s got ten leagues of people that he can up go find a similar house turner and in my situation for the cost of you know fifty bucks ya know if he closes here on average or say he and Charlie to $250,000 house the return on investment on matters through the roof. I think it’s on three homes. It would be like 50, you know It’s ridiculous so Looking to a couple of my close future partners about it and they are Just excited as I am because it really is, you know a different way of doing this business and I think it’s just you’re kind of with it or you’re not and by the time everybody’s gonna try to Get on board. It’s kind of got to be too late, right, you know? Yeah, so I You know, it’s I mean, I can’t be happier I can’t I almost want to start doing another ad right away right away, and I’m like well I don’t want to have ten of them going at once. Let’s let them work through their process. But yeah So far, I’ve gotten more than I could have, you know bargained for in such a small short amount of time And again, I’m not a tech guy. So the fact that I can do it made it all the better That’s awesome as awesome. Yeah, and honestly like the great thing about you know When you’re working with your real-estate partners a lot of times some of our best seller leads come from promoting a listing and you get somebody that wants to buy that listing but then they also need to sell their home because they’re buying A new home. And so sometimes you almost like double dip on that one lead which obviously that makes it even better for everybody I can’t wait for that to happen because I know that you know My partners are going to be giddy over it and it’s just it’s it’s again It’s a whole nother value that yeah, they’re just not seeing out there, you know It’s it takes time and dedication and you know this Other than spending maybe ten minutes and setting up the ad, which is really Maybe it doesn’t even take that long once you get fluent with it, right? Yeah, it works It works for itself, you know, and again it really prime wise you can’t go wrong You know, it’s so I’ll be looking forward to more success stories. Hopefully here coming up with an awesome love to hear I mean and we also were working right now where you’ll be able to set up your Facebook ad actually inside the software and It’ll have like all the templates the copy and paste everything just already pre-built in there to even make it that much more simpler For you as you’re going through and setting all that stuff up, so Yeah, I can’t wait because like I said the ease of this was like really that’s it like okay I gotta click a couple of things and your your video shows where to do it and how to do it and you can pause the video and get the Facebook and it’s really If anybody can go on Facebook and and you know comment and like someone state they can do this This is not that much more difficult. It’s really not so it’s good things becoming awesome Michael thanks so much for jumping on here with us and sharing your Experience and we look forward to more about your success here in the future Can we can’t wait to share it?

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