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From $0 to $10,000/Month w/ Facebook Ads in 30 Days (w/ an Online Store) w/ Adrian Morrison

From $0 to $10,000/Month w/ Facebook Ads in 30 Days (w/ an Online Store) w/ Adrian Morrison

– Hey there, it’s me Sarah
here, from Wholesale Ted, from the largest YouTube
channels dedicated to giving you actionable advice on how to build a real
money making business. And today me and online
eCommerce millionaire, and my good friend Adrian Morrison are going to be giving you proven tactics on scaling from $0 to $10,000 within 30 days using Facebook ads. Adrian has had incredible
results with Facebook. And as you can see, he recently went from $0 to $10,000 in sales, in less than a week for the launch of one of his Facebook ad campaigns. First Print-on-Demand and
AliExpress Dropshipping store. So I am super excited
to have him on today. So let’s jump straight
into our first tactic. One, use Facebook’s automation tools to create a super
high-converting campaign. Now as we revealed last week, one of Adrian’s top performing
products of all time that he’s drop shipped from AliExpress is this LED light up dog collar. At its height, Adrian was
selling over $100,000 a month worth of these, mostly
through Facebook ads. Now you might think that
to sell so many so fast that he must be using some super complicated
Facebook ad strategy, right? Well, actually, it’s a lot
simpler than you might think. Adrian, like me is a huge believer in the power of trusting
Facebook’s incredible algorithm. I’m gonna switch over to Adrian now, and he’s gonna reveal his surprisingly simple three
step Facebook ad strategy, and also explained how you
can implement it yourself with $5 a day budgets. – People try to over complicate Facebook, let me tell you something right now, Facebook will legitimately
do 99% of the work for you, if you know what to do
with Facebook, right? So what we’re doing is, we’re creating two or three
different variations of our ads. So if I’m trying to sell let’s just say, I don’t know one of those
little $3 dog collars, from AliExpress. I’m gonna have three
different ad creatives. Maybe one of them is gonna
be a video ad creative and another one is gonna
be an image ad creative. And the other one might just be like different picture of it. That way we give people options ’cause people are gonna
respond differently to different images or to
a video versus an image. Alright, the second thing
that you’re gonna do is you’re gonna run these
creatives on a small, very low risk $5 per day budget, and you’re gonna let those ads
run for three or four days. The third thing that you need to do is utilize Facebook’s
campaign budget optimization. It’s a brand new feature by Facebook, and what they will do is they will look at
all of your ads for you, those three ads, and they will
look at your engagement rate and how many sales each one is getting. And they will base it off of profits. The days of sitting at the computer and looking at your Facebook
ads and turning everything on and off, those are over. Facebook has automations and AI that will literally control
your campaigns for you, make decisions that you can’t make and that are in your best interest and make sure that the most
profitable traffic runs through the most profitable ad, so you earn more ROI for
every penny that you spend. – Two, use emotions to create
huge click through rates for your Facebook ad campaigns. You know, I always thought that if there was ever gonna be a quote that I would be remembered
for other than step by step, I’d really love for it to be this, “When it comes to marketing, “most people think that you sell features. “But actually what you
really should be selling, “is emotions.” Because it’s true and it’s
very important to remember this if you want to create effective
profitable Facebook ads. Take the dog collar,
last week Adrian shared that the angle he used
in his Facebook ad copy to sell this wasn’t that
it featured LED lights, instead has ads focused on
how the collars protected dogs by allowing you to see where they are when it’s dark outside. It was the emotion of
wanting to protect your dog that sold the collar, not its features. For me the emotion that I’ve had the most success in utilizing and also the one that I think is the most underutilized of them all when it comes to Facebook ads is humor. Take this product that
you could be selling by drop shipping from AliExpress right now in your own store. This umbrella jacket. It looks kind of silly, right? Who would be interested in that? Well, it turns out a lot of people do. BlueCrate, a successful
drop shipping store, created this super effective product video ad that completely embraces how
ridiculous and silly it looks. And yes, this video ended
up going crazy viral. And then as another huge
bonus of creating humorous ads as well, they have the
greatest chance of going viral, which brings in free traffic. But while humor is definitely my number one favorite
emotion play off if I can. Unfortunately, not all
products can be made humorous. And so probably the second
most effective emotion that I play off is curiosity. Curiosity is not usually an emotion that’s effective in getting
someone to purchase a product, but it’s extremely effective
when it comes to advertising, because it’s great to get
people to come and take a look. For example, here’s a hot selling product on Facebook right now that you could be
selling and drop shipping in your own store from AliExpress, a watermelon slicer
shaped like a windmill. Here’s an example of a video ad that went super viral for it. The copy seems simple enough, right? But actually it’s surprisingly effective. You see, as I explained in this video, the key to inciting curiosity
in your potential customers is to give them most of the information but to leave a little bit out, and that’s exactly what this copy does in conjunction with the image. We get some information, we know the video will
show us a slicy gadget that will take the messy annoying task of cubing watermelon and make it easy, and we know it’s shaped funny. So why does this strangely
shaped gadget work so well at this really annoying task? Well, to find out, we
have to watch the video. Three, optimize your ad and sales funnels once you’ve found a winning ad. So once you’ve gone ahead
and tested different ads for the products that you’re selling, and let Facebook choose your winning ad that’s making you the most money, it’s time to optimize both
your ad and your sales funnel to make you even more money. There are three tried and true strategies that Adrian has used to
scale up his winning ads and to increase the amount of
money that he makes from them. And here is what they are. – I have a dead simple
formula for making sure that my ads never plateau and that my ads are scalable,
up to $10,000 a week and we’re far beyond that. Now, this is called the
profit accelerator funnel. Facebook isn’t just Facebook ads, when you’re running a Facebook campaign, your ad can run on Instagram, it could run on other web
properties on the internet that Facebook gets traffic with. So one way that you scale
past that plateau point, let’s just say you’re making $300 a day and your goal is to get to $600 a day. One of the easiest things to do is duplicate your winning ad, the one that you know
it’s already working, you know that it’s profitable, and then you can tell it
send the traffic for this ad from Instagram, right? Or send the traffic from this ad from our other network of web properties. The second thing that we do in
the profit accelerator funnel is we start selling
people different products on the back end. So when you go to my Shopify store, and you buy a product,
you’re going to get up sold, it’s gonna say, hey, would
you like to buy another one of these products at a discount? After you purchase a product and you end up on the thank
you page, we’re going to say, Hey, thanks for becoming a customer. For the next 20 minutes
you can get 15% off an additional order. And we’ll put a countdown
timer on the page and it’ll start counting down and it gives people urgency
to go spend more money on our store right when they are hot. – These three strategies that Adrian uses, i.e. the profit acceleration,
are incredibly powerful, and they massively increase
the average order value, which means then that your
Facebook ads are cheaper. And here’s some Shopify apps that you can use to implement
some of these strategies. The first is ReConvert
post purchase upsell, which will be to add the limited time
discounted shopping option to customers that just purchased from you and are super hot. And a second is Discounted
Upsells – Upsell, this is a super effective, yet highly effective app
that offers your customers a discounted copy of the item
that they just purchased. Last week, we ran a webinar with Adrian, he showed us how he built
a seven figure flex store with both drop shipping
and print-on-demand using his profit acceleration funnel. Now that was super popular, so we’re going to run one final webinar. How to scale to $100,000 in
90 days with a flex store. Please note registration is essential. We will not be streaming this on YouTube. So if you want to join us for that, be sure to click on the registration link in the video description below. Four, create a high converting
landing page for your ad. When it comes to creating a super high converting
profitable Facebook, the actual ad itself is
just one part of the funnel. Now, yes, it is important
to pick a great product but you know what else is important, sending your customer to a
high converting landing page, or at least a possible one. So for your online store, your landing page is probably
going to be your product page. And if you can go beyond a possible page, which to be honest, most
people don’t even start with and then create an amazing product page, then this will greatly
increase your conversions, which means that you will
make more money per sale, which means that you
can reinvest that money and scale your ads up and up. Take this item that you could be selling and drop shipping in
your own store right now from AliExpress, this
back posture correcter. This has been consistently one of the top performing
products for drop shippers, for many, many reasons. One of the biggest Facebook
video ads for this product is this ad here. It’s been scaled to over 500,000 views in just two ish months, and yep, they are drop
shipping this from China. Now, no one can know just
how successful they’ve been. But what I will say is that getting to 500,000
views with an ad is expensive. So while we can’t know for sure, the chances are they are
indeed making sales and money which has allowed them to
reinvest this money back into their ads and scale it up rapidly. And one of the reasons that
they’re able to do this is because compared to a
lot of their competitors, they have a really great
product description that does put effort into creating. This product page will be
increasing their conversions, which means that they’re
going to make more sales and more money and therefore
be able to reinvest that money and outstrip their
competitors spending wise. And they do some simple yet
highly effective tactics for creating a great product page. I’m gonna switch over to my
computer now and show you. So here we go. Now this page isn’t perfect,
but it’s pretty good. As you can see, they’ve got
lots of high quality pictures. None of these are pixelated, showing off the device at multiple angles. And they also have a video
in the image gallery, which is great. I could be wrong, but I think
they’ve just taken this video from the AliExpress supplier
and slapped their own logo on top of it. Or perhaps they made it, either way, placing emphasis on a video is great, because remember, video
was what brought the user to the page in the first place. And if we come down, and
check out their timer, we can see that they do
indeed have a scarcity timer, but they aren’t overwhelming us with lots of different
scarcity apps, which is great. Putting lots of different
scarcity apps is a big mistake I see a lot of newbies make. And they also have trust badges. And I really liked that they emphasize that this is only available online. Now, I wouldn’t recommend that you say it’s exclusively available in your store because that might be
considered an illegal claim. But saying it’s available
online exclusively is a great way to make the customer think that they’ve got near
limited options to buy it and so they are least likely to go and research their alternatives. And once again, they
place focus on the video, which is good because the video was what sold the customer
on it in the first place. And they don’t try and
hide the shipping times which is really important, if you don’t want to have
customer support issues. And scrolling down, we can see that they have written a unique copy. Now it’s not much, it’s just
short little paragraphs, but the top two paragraphs focus on outlining the problems
this product fixes rather than the features. By highlighting the
back problems it fixes, it insights emotions on
the customer of relief and envy since they want
these problems fixed in their own lives. And something I really
liked about the description is they follow each paragraph up with a big bold picture
of the device being used, which is excellent because it
makes the page appear bigger and more informative. And these are just some of the reasons that this is a great product page. Now, again, this product
page isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty good. And because this page is so well designed, again, it’s going to be
increasing the conversions, which means they’re gonna
be making more money, which is going to allow them
to scale their ad faster. Five, pick a product that is scalable that lots of people want to buy. So yes, testing different ad creatives and using emotive language has been integral to
how Adrian has been able to turn this little dog collar
into a six figure product. But there is also something
fundamentally important about the item itself. And here’s what it is. – Listen, one of the biggest mistakes that people make when
they’re choosing products is they go for these
like micro niche products that the masses don’t really want. So you have a small audience, and you run into scaling issues, right? It’s hard to generate a lot of sales with a product that not a lot
of people are interested in. We try to select items that we know are going to appeal to the masses. For example, a dog product. How many people on the planet have a pet? How many people have two
pets or three pets, right? So when you’re choosing
products and niches like that, you’re able to get multiple
orders of your item. – Now this may seem simple, but it is important if you want to have a mega successful Facebook ad campaign that you can scale to over
$10,000 a month really fast within 30 days or less. Before doing anything else, you need to start out
by choosing a product that has a big yet highly
passionate fan base. And as Adrian said, there are lots and lots
of dog owners out there and we are super passionate. And remember, if you’re not sure if the product you’ve picked
has enough passionate fans that you could target on Facebook, create a dummy ad for it. So let’s take this cute mug here, that turns your face into a cat’s face. Before you even consider
creating an ad for it. It’s a great idea to do a dummy ad for it and see if you can reach
100,000 passionate fans. So that’s what I did. I came to Facebook and targeted
people living in the USA, I then made sure to target
mobile traffic on Facebook feeds, as that’s usually the
highest converting traffic for your initial test product ads. I then used overlapping
interest to tag people who both a, love their cats
and b, like kawaii things, which means to like cute
things such as this mug. And check it out, we’ve reached over
100,000 passionate fans. So I hope you all learned something from watching this video. And if you want to leverage Facebook ads for your own online business,
but you don’t know how, then you should be sure to
download our free ebook, The six steps that six figure
drop shipping stores follow to make over $10,000 a month. To get that ebook for yourself, simply click on the download link in the video description below.

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