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Free Google Adwords Training Course

Free Google Adwords Training Course

Unhappy with the lack of results you are getting
from Adwords? Want to improve the performance of your AdWords campaigns? Well, I can help.
Hello, I’m Uzair and I’m a certified Google Partner. I have managed and thousands of AdWords
campaigns since 2009. I’ve created a free mini-video course which
will help you increase your conversions & conversion rates and reduce your cost per conversions.
The videos are bite-sized which are easy to follow and will help you understand how you
should be setting up & running a profitable AdWords campaign. You will learn what an Alpha/Beta AdWords
campaign is and why you should be running your campaign this way. I’ll not only teach
you how you can set up an Alpha/Beta campaign but also show some results from a campaign
I’m running. I promise you that you will save a lot of
your budget going to waste and turn your campaign around from losing money to making money.
The video course is completely free and all you need to do it to enter your best email
on the form to get access. I wish you all the success for your campaigns
and thank you for watching this video. I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

6 thoughts on “Free Google Adwords Training Course

  1. Hi, this is somewhat deceitful, I signed up with my email and the link you send showed a free "trial" or a $97 payment for the course. In this video you said completely free but you are asking for $97. Why the discrepancy?

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