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FREE Facebook Ads Course in 2019 for Dropshipping – STEP-BY-STEP | MASTER Facebook Ads in 30 Minutes

FREE Facebook Ads Course in 2019 for Dropshipping – STEP-BY-STEP | MASTER Facebook Ads in 30 Minutes

Hello everyone and welcome back to today’s video it is Saturday here in Australia it is 20 past 20 past 10:00 in the morning. It’s bloody cold. Got the heater on it’s just a very cold morning Jim in other places the world it’s not small so today’s video Let’s get straight into it is all about making ads quickly and easily how I do it and how and you can do it Okay, every one is slightly different. This is how I do it I’m so I’ve made a fake business manager just called our live Shopify simply enough. You need a capital letter, which is just stupid Obviously the first thing you need just as a general overview Just to help those who are still learning Is you need to create a pixel? So again under events manager and the pixels? You need to create a pixel? It’s really easy there You just go create Follow the prompts that even has because a lot of people do shopify ecommerce one of the big things with Facebook marketing So the two big ones being I believe leaching and econ marking yeah, so you can just go the user integration and you choose Shopify and It actually they updated this. I was pretty crap. I had an update it but it shows you how to put the pixel in on my store as Upon me It has the pixel even track afire And that’s where I store my tracking but for most of you you’ll be styling just putting it straight into your pixel ID under online store Preferences and you just copy your pics like this. This is the one for my store And make sure you get installed in google. Chrome the Facebook pixel Help it just makes sure that That your pixel is installed quickly. Okay. So let’s get straight into it. A lot of people ask me how I make My ads again I don’t spend a huge amount of time when every part of this I’ve briefly explained this I don’t even look at account overview It’s useless. I Mainly went on as I look into it I’m literally just in the headset level because the campaign name can be anything if you have multiple campaigns It’s just just think of it like this like they made it look like a binder. It’s literally like a by default it’s a campaign being the folder that had set what’s in the folder and What and then the ads is what you actually see in the fall, so I probably claim that probably but anyway So how I do quickly and easily there’s a number of ways You can do the guided method. I don’t do that because I’ve done it so much The quick selection is aimed at being much quicker. So I do that. So let’s call this This is a test campaign And All right so again You know in the campaign what if you want so I actually thinking about I want to be a bit more descriptive So let’s say I like to use you’ve probably all seen that led dog collar. So led dog collar is the campaign Which I can say That’s it. That’s all that needs to be so here you this is where you make the ad set level so when I first start targeting I Like I’ve learned this from others. This is how I like to do it It’s basically just a naming convention. It is I put dog collar. That’s just me and then I’ll put that these dividers men plus women Cause men and women would buy 25 Plus when I start from the 25 plus age bracket I mean you can see I always start there you can work back okay, but I just don’t really even target anything below 25 because I Just find it easy that way so that’s my strategy. I have so many women 25 English so again, because our stories in English start in English, we put English we put the country so us I you and Zedd UK CA And then you usually put the interests of off the ad okay or whatever release you Joe if it’s an ll a if it’s retargeting if it’s Dpi CII, I doubt similar to that mine are perfect because you just get you can spend all day just doing this stuff, but So stand up for something like that. So let’s say for this dog collar. I’m gonna use dogs and magazines all Right so dog magazine. So we we know at face value that this is a dog collar It’s for men and women age 25. Plus that english-speaking to those countries Sorry, I got hit myself dog and We want to put Facebook Loess IG. A lot of people only take facebook on target ID a lot, you know a lot of I Justá– gram is becoming the next big thing. Like it’s a lot of people are transitioning to that It’s a very you might not see it but a lot of people are transitioning to it. Look I’m even making this doing em accountant anyway, but So you put that and then sorry as well. I’m just thinking about you put firing so Don’t take a desktop, like really you’re just it’s just not going to actually Get you many sales. So again you put phone So Facebook and swin a phone and if you want I don’t do it because this is how I always do it But you can do it, you know put in one day if you want All right, I forgot a very critical part and I do apologize see I make mistakes is the optimization method sorry it’s so put in purchase cuz again I do purchase and I’ve already seen some people getting some success for those out there that are getting success following this strategy Congratulations. I hope you’re helping others as well. So again, you see how it’s a long winded name, but you can see you know Just at face value. That’s that’s the app We can see exactly everything in the ad where they’re having to go into the Admiral. You’re gonna make so many hats I made a mistake this morning but I had to revisit a number of EDS lost some money because it’s just a oversight because I have so many ads and it’s going to happen, but the thing is That’s why I run my budget as well because if you do make a mistake, it’s not like shit I’ve lost thousand dollars now. I’ve lost like ten dollars So you run that As it is and you can see how now we can make that the actual ad so we’ve made the campaign what it is Who we’re targeting now we’re saying What the actual ads going to be so led dog collar and then I like to put in what the top cat is, you know if it’s carousel if it’s video Single image again. I mainly use carousel. I like carousel it works. Well, so I put Carousel if I spell it I can never spell that right Some reason that would just lose my ability to spell right anyway, but You can see here that that’s all pretty much created why it’s not letting me do that as a draft. Ah I can’t made a mistake there. Sorry, so don’t use the existing because it sort of new picks always so annoying so dog Yes carousel add And you can put another information if you want to but again, I just keep simple like that so if carousel feeds video whatever I Am all over the shop today. Whoops. I hate when Facebook does this why won’t it go existing first when I’ve got a new Only the dog ha I always leave it as option Sorry, this is meant to be fast. Clearly. This is not fast right now I’m so used to because I’m already on with my pixel on that that I can just do it this way Sorry, so I’ll do apologize so you go Conversions copied in again by now. You should pretty much understand there coz of copied of like ten times OAD Or itself all right, so I finally got there so new campaign new ad set and a new ad sales draft once you Have done that the first time you can do I use a lot of the low budget duplication with automation strategy. Okay, so and Untick that that is really annoying that will really annoy you So you can see here now. I’ve got my collar We haven’t done any actual Who were targeting so we use the ad itself? So again? I’m gonna go purchase So a number of people ask me this – it doesn’t matter if it’s red eye if it’s in your pixel if it’s weird Well, it means it doesn’t have any data that’s going through that purchase event So like basically that means is that you haven’t had any purchase on your pixel yet once once you do it will turn green It wants me to verify my pixel because I haven’t I don’t have a store. So just a made-up pixel So ignore that ignore app ignore messenger say yeah, I’d set name you can go Advanced Options you can Enter a name you can do additional formatting. I do it all sort of manually. I’m a kappa bother doing it that way my Pixel is in USD as you can see here. It doesn’t matter I just when I made the ad account, I just chose USD. Okay choosing your local currency it really doesn’t matter start at a five dollar budget and you can go as low as $3 if you really want but I start at five And you choose the next day, okay So always the next day and you always just click zero and zero sort the next midnight All right and don’t don’t run in it’s good and schedule people say that there is a theory that if you have like a Schedule it’ll optimize better. There is nothing more than bullshit Again there’s a lot of theories out there and I like to work off what I can actually do and what I actually know and What can actually be reported so here this is where you can do if you have custom audiences like custom ones for retargeting your look-alike Dpa, you can do all of that there on this pixel. Obviously, I don’t so again first off to work What’s in the ad we do? We follow that strategy Whoops, I’m gonna wanna put that of standard-type strategy Mines in the wrong place in Canada So you can see how quick that is everyone in this location choose people who live in this location I don’t know how much of a difference that actually makes I’ll be honest with you But logically it makes more sense to me that People that live in that location are more likely to buy because they wanted to their home like they’re not just traveling overseas Yes, go away Cool, so then we’re 225 plus So we’re doing all the quadrants above 25 because there’s an 18 to 24. So we do 25 plus so we’re not hitting that Age bracket, as I said, this one is for men and women so we leave it open English all you can see yeah just by doing that we’ve eliminated a number of people and It’s very simple don’t ever use this expand button. I find it’s just absolutely useless and it literally will ruin your ad campaign that Ad sorry. Okay cool story breath. So for this one straight away for dog collar. I’m doing dog magazines So if I put in your dog magazine? American dog magazine. So this is a very small audience now all of a sudden Donk world and then all of a sudden that’s become a much larger audience. You can see magazine newspaper I would find as much the same thing You can then add others if you want as long as they sort of all come into the same one You can see how we’ve got like Petco all of these Pet stores so there would be another one to target. I’m just using dog magazines and again I’m going purely off the top of my head Nothing more so we can see 5.4 million I go in the 2 to 10 million range Which works fine? The more defined you can get it some people say it is better but Regardless if it’s seasoned or not Really doesn’t matter I saw this from someone else but basically the most important part is your product ok, the product is first and then the audience then your landing page and your website as a whole ok, so It’s most important that don’t get too caught up in Perfect ordinance because you will drop you you could spend hours making perfect audience and you can still get really bad results Okay, so go off by it gut feeling so whenever you are making ads for whatever Niche that is think of magazines blogger blogs or bloggers Famous people that might be related to it web sites chain stores businesses enterprises Just type in I always type in Google something like Famous no, so Famous Rudolph’s, let’s say for this one. So if I put in yeah so bow Obama, what a cutie Um, but so like you see bow Obama. Is he your dog now? So you’re gonna have to do a little bit of research and then you can type in things like top ten top ten dog websites and We’ll see wing video. So if we put in, you know, if I was doing bring You do Today how about Rover? Because it chooses based of my location, but anyway you can see the point so like I’m terrible with that suffered This is the part that does take the longest and that’s what I mean by don’t get too caught up in all the details okay, like I Just have a quick glance If I can’t find it then I move on so I think one I’ve pet store pet code You can see how there’s quite a lot number of people and you can see the difference between these two is Employees or employers and then the actual business itself? Okay, so if you we’re doing Dog businesses choose Petco and then Facebook gives you suggestions in just a minute That’s it. So because the the interest once you add one or two, it’ll say okay well, this is similar to all these and just add them in add five six seven eight nine ten in Really doesn’t matter It’s completely up to you. All right The next thing you want to do though is you do want to narrow it down a bit So people that do like dog magazines obviously have some form of interest in dogs, which is cool So if we put in dog doo, we have dog accessories You see you can put in dog owners for this one. I would actually put in dog owners because it is related to dog owners Yes and ignore when that comes up. That’s just annoying Okay, so you could even put dogs be as broad as putting in dogs as well so This is where you sort of split test. So if you’re put in dogs, you can see we’ve taken the app So people that are pretty interested in these dog magazines newspapers are pretty interested in dogs, and then you can see as well I’ve always use this as a general rule of thumb in every ad is what they’ve slightly changed it They might online shopping see how that has taken out about one and a half million people that’s taken out one and a half million people just from that and this has all these because it interests are cheaper than They are Behaviors as well. So you can use behaviors like, you know, how are saying dog owners? That would be a little more but it is quite relevant so I would actually be tempted to try it, but you can see how this wouldn’t you say is a pretty pretty Detailed audience for this, you know, like I don’t think there would be something like dog collar as an interest. Oh there is Okay, so if I want to put in a dog collar, this will make the audience just absolutely climate though Yeah, so it’s too too narrow of an audience. Okay, so you don’t want to put in them You want to put in? Something that’s a bit more broad there because it’s just 57,000 you can’t scale that. Okay, so that’s why I say two to ten million. You want a pretty beefy audience So then you can just slowly scale it and don’t have to worry about finding new audiences every six and a half seconds Which a lot of people seem to like to do so Now we’ve defined an audience and again it correlates to the dog magazine we put up there Edit placements again. You know how I said mobile Fine. Sorry mobile phone obviously, no can see how I’ve taken out a hundred thousand people just from that Okay Now the next fact you want to do is the part I’ve said about taking out all other areas people say messenger works Well, I don’t really find messenger works Well people go on messenger the message people go on Facebook and Instagram to look at news and stuff Okay, it does work more for retargeting but for cold traffic you want to do this Okay, so you basically just want to go and you can see it’s made a little difference So like these will spend a tiny about a mouth but it’s not worth it. So go your Facebook newsfeed and your Instagram All right. So I just choose those two you will find over time which one’s working better few audience your niche Obviously, you’re just got to let the data tell you and then you start to optimize Okay, and just take it one step at a time and you will get there leave all devices open I don’t use only when it connected to Wi-Fi. That is absolute hogwash My pixel isn’t ready. Of course. It isn’t Just choose conversions again Facebook even recommend it I just go off there. I don’t care for impressions Why would I want a thousand impressions if I haven’t gotten the sound I’ve just wasted money. I won sales Conversions Saks. Okay, and I go one day click I leave auto bid strategy and Obviously you can then go publish. This is how I like to do it. I then click into the ad And now we make the actual ad itself. So You choose that if you don’t have a business book, sorry Instagram business page And won’t have any detrimental impact Okay The only I guess detrimental impact is you don’t have as much reporting when anything on your Instagram business account if you don’t have one It’s not going to be the end of the world. Um This here is where you make your ad. So again if I put in WWE John Scott so I don’t have an image of the dog collar do you love? Your dog Again so I told you Always use a capital start up every word. Sorry comm circle my English When people are scrolling through Facebook, there’s you know, there’s so much stuff out there now and When you want to try to interrupt that so when you look at this sentence Does it sort of grab your attention more than something that? Doesn’t that has normal perfect English? And in punctuation and grammar this this doesn’t so that’s why it’s intended purpose That’s why there’s capital except for two little words. You always put a capital that started. Okay, do you love your dog? Yes, and I am from Australia, so that’s how you spell colorful. Thank you colorful ranger-led Don’t colors and Again use emojis. So put that little dog emoji. I can’t be bothered There’s an add-on you can get we can actually install it in Chrome I just use that and just put in a search word copied in you know You don’t want to spend forever on it making the perfect ad copy the perfect this that that the product will be what sells it so you always start with a sentence then you sort of allude to them, you know like Pretend here’s a tick the tick emoji come about getting it So basically you put that that’s a meant to be a tick. I’m Just trying to think for the led Dog always seen Free shipping worldwide 50% off You can put a number of ways and this one mean 50% off today if you’re sent off limited time 50% off 24 hours I like to go 50% off the next Hours it really saw it clear and defined not a limited time only I don’t know what that means if they say if you say 24 hours like oh, yeah, I better get on this You know 50% off. Geez. That’s and then you say don’t Miss out Yes yours Yeah, and again This is meant to be an emoji arrow and you put like I use bitly and you can use Google short number They changed some things as a pain in the ass, but I just use bitly it really doesn’t matter as long as you can track it and they can and you can put another your bitly URL which is just Your URL the product page in here and why you do that is just simply because you’re giving another option for people to click And it’s around they won’t be able to click it But that’s why you change they learn more button to shop now because they can click that on Instagram Okay, so and then you display link? Optional so you want to put in a headline and a news link so headline? LED dog collar Keep your dog safe, then we’ll see what the swap day in a moment. Keep your dog safe Get your color Off plus free Shipping You know probably a bit too long but again, you can see that We completely take that That’s that’s sorry that’s not what I do that’s bear so you can see how I just a glance It doesn’t have a huge amount of text but you just sort of Reinforcing like the big things that people love is 50% off and free shipping and you’re really pushing for that and then ad copy you Just sort of catching them sending them the URL and you got shopping now. I don’t use credit multiple languages Obviously my pixel is red Ignore by default will make an offline event. No people have asked me this to just ignore it I don’t even bother removing and it doesn’t nothing That’s it that’s how you make it campaign very quickly now if you want to make more there’s The cool thing is you can if I use at times, I find that Once you have a big audience as well, you might find different, you know what people call pockets or because when you’re spending five ten dollars you’re targeting at there are some people one thousand two thousand people right and We’re talking millions of people here so that one to two thousand people a little tired for some reason may not just be interested, but this one may be this one may be this one may be so what you can do that I do a bit is Once a fine an end doing well, I and this has just come from experience I have optimized net like I’ve seen clearly that are different eight the age demographic has been doing really well and sometimes it works but sometimes then it doesn’t and there’s literally no reason like I actually split test I optimize the ad that was just absolutely smashing it thirty five to forty four and It just wasn’t converting when I opted amaizing duplicated at two times So I had three ads none of them got sales But the the base one that was more broad targeting them all just did it well And it worked and you will find that. Ok, so this is what you will find so what you can do is there’s a number of ways if you just want to do a flat tube fit just Hold down control D And it will duplicate that ad straight for you, and then you just do it again and You now have two duplicates of the exact same that nothing’s different The only thing that is different is you are going to be hitting different people now people speak about overlap Don’t worry about overlap. The chances of that happening is extremely low the Facebook pixel isn’t stupid It will find new people for you as much as it can There’s gonna be overlap Anyway, there’s no such thing as a perfect audience s no such thing as perfect marketing you’re gonna have overlap and through the kids I look at it as a form of Retargeting so that they see the same man again. Look whatever the chances are that they’re going to be more likely to convert So I think nothing of it if you want to then the other part is not just all flat duplicate I mean this way works, too But you can obviously just go duplicate and you can duplicate it as many times once you can duplicate the campaign and you campaign So if I wanted to duplicate is 10 times Like what I did this morning when I wanted to make whole new bunch of look-alike audiences I did this it’ll then duplicate 10 times right at me going control dee dee dee dee dee dee dee and Do it that way It just depends obviously how many ads making of that and then you can go in and you can mass modify Okay, so it’s really cool If you want to change the name for all of these that I’ve just you placated the ones that are ticked If I just take you at the copy 3 and then press tab it’ll now update all of them So now it doesn’t have that. Sorry. Just receiving call So the everything else would be the exact same. I’m sorry And this is where you can now go in and let’s say I was doing different llas This is how I do it is I go LOI VC 1 percent and Sorry, actually if I was doing it for all of them I Would go a little a VC 1% So why I do that? Once it is it’s going to update for them all and then you can just go in and rather than having to do it all You just it is a little bit manual But again, it’s important so you can sort of say see the glance value, etc, etc so you can do all that or you can do if you’re interest targeting and then the part that you have to always do is You will have to you can’t mass change interests just with the mall tic So you will have then an ticket put in your new interest. So again if I was to go Petco in this one Then we go to Petco. All right, and so now like just from that simple change We’ve got a much larger audience we could narrow this down much further form on it. It’s completely up to you as I said I go to 210, but I would be tempted to try this out because The dog mesh is a very big niche. Very passionate niche Although this may not be that detailed. You could go I Would actually be tempted to get him like this So you can see how that’s made it by having really broad interests Meaning that you can have a very specific interest but still be large enough That’s fine. And so you can see people like Petco they like online shopping. They’re like dogs and their actual dog on it So you can see how that would be pretty, you know Most people are probably going to pick how I’m willing to buy a dog collar you would say Well, yeah, so you can see how that is how it is. And that everything else is the exact same and that is it That’s how I launched campaigns quickly and easily one purchase pixel. I do that every day launched at midnight And then look at the data and see what you can find the other part they want to do is Your columns don’t use the default columns use and prosper click Not cross per click all but cost per link click. You want to choose website add to basket? Website purchases I Don’t really look at CPM. I Pretty much add those to our site and click-through rate upon me Click-through Rate you whoops unique click-through rate. So it’s a bit of a toughest statistic, but it means You know people every click is unique Window comparison. I just leave again. I don’t look at that majorly. Then you want to save it so you can just use it It’s just a template It’s and I just you can name up whatever but I assure the scope-1 like I really don’t care it’s literally that tools for and then What do I keep doing that I got a hot key on my razer naga. Anyway, I bet And then you can see you’ve got, you know your purchase at baskets with you know, you know I have some ads that have the row asses Is below – but I’ll even running because I have a heap of that de baskets and I’m up. Yeah, I’ll get it I know I can get a few of them back on my dpi retargeting Alright, so that that’s pretty much it that is how you quickly and easily make an ad – launched traffic Nothing much to it. Very simple. Very quick very easy There there’s then once you start retiring you want to use dpi ads dynamic product ads again very simple a dynamic product ad If I wanted to make a new campaign Yes Basically again we go catalog sales. I don’t have a catalog So once you have your catalog here, I don’t do the split test option blah blah blah blah I Won’t let me do it because I have catalog but basically you just choose your catalog here So these are the only tool uses conversion and catalog sales catalog sales for retargeting and then I just choose 14 days for people that view content or added to Basket because anyone that view view content and may have left anyone. That’s add to basket They may have initiated chucky art they may have whatever but they in order to get to to initiating checkout They obviously have had to add to basket right so I’m targeting everyone that’s relevant. So I just do 14 days and that’s it. And then I just do hey there We see that you’re interested in this part here. You have a 20% discount code come back today works really well and And that’s it. Just a Simple bit of ad copy because it’s dpi It will use your pixel based off the individuals experience on your website and it will show them the exact products that they looked at Individually, and I just leave it all apart. I Possibly could make more money if I spent forever trying to make a million custom audiences, but I couldn’t care less I’m making enough money and I’m happy with that and It works easily You know, I’m not going to spend 15 hours making try to make all the custom audiences for like very specific things. We’re dropshippers We’re not going to be the next bloody David Jones where they would have people that are just Dedicated, you know 20 people that are going to be doing this tap crap You’re doing it yourself make simple. Make it quick. Make it easy If it doesn’t work move on if it does work then see what you can do. Okay, that’s pretty much it from today’s view I hope you have liked today’s video. I am trying to make more videos based off your individual feedback So I will be doing more polls every couple of days. I am looking at a few people have mentioned about live chats we’re sort of like interviewing each other, which is absolutely cool really interested in they’re looking at Just a live chat just with me. Anyway, in terms of that you all just join ask questions and I will respond as best I to everyone’s question there for half an hour Let me know if you are interested in that Drop a like and drop a comment below on what you would like to see next on what areas that you think are Most relevant for your business that you want me to make a video around to try and help you Please hit subscribe. Obviously, I provide these videos every day Don’t forget to join my facebook group Shopify drop shipping lifestyle Growing rapidly nearly at 300 members very proud of everyone in the group and let’s keep working at this together Okay, so I haven’t decided tomorrow’s video. Obviously I decided by the end of the day but stay in touch ask questions and let’s all

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  2. Very good man . Just one question. – I am planning to do a general store to start. How would you prepare the Add campaign if its a general store? Thanks

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