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[FREE COURSE] Google Ads Dropshipping Full Course 2019 | How To Make $10k A Day Using Google Ads |

[FREE COURSE] Google Ads Dropshipping Full Course 2019 | How To Make $10k A Day Using Google Ads |

Today I’m gonna teach you how to crush it with Google Ads in 2019. Let’s go Hi everyone and welcome for those who don’t know me My name is Ricky Hayes and welcome to today’s video on how to run successful Google ads for Shopify Free course. Ok, don’t forget to like today’s video really would appreciate that and comment down below crush it It’s going the chance between one of two 15-minute coaching calls for myself. Ricky Hayes. Once we get 30 comments without further ado Let’s go straight into it So there’s some prerequisites that are important that we have to get into before we go straight into Google Ads Google Ads has quite a little bit of work that we must do before We actually just jump straight into and running Google Ads. Otherwise, trust me it will fail Google is not like Facebook where you can just do it in five minutes and and you know Just hope it works Google. Does Google is more about the work before that? Okay, so the set up is crucial for your success. So be sure to watch my other YouTube videos I have both them linked there the link but today slides are in the description below Get it has all the links that you’re gonna see throughout today’s course Okay, so you’re gonna learn how to set up your Google Ads in the first place your conversion tracking Merchant Center Google Shopping app everything you need to get the backend all set up properly because that is critical Otherwise you’re not going to succeed unfortunately And also I wanted to add in here my other one of my other campaigns That’s cool. That will allow you to make your most profitable Campaign in anything you’ll ever make in five minutes there. Okay. So watch those videos It’s about thirty minutes of content it’s going to help you what arm to Then put this stuff into in the practice so that then you can start to crush it in 2019 because Google is a very untapped Platform. Okay, so let’s move on So understanding, what makes Google tick Okay, so I know this is somewhat boring, but it is important if you don’t understand what makes Google tick Just not gonna be successful so Google is unlike Facebook in every way, but it’s a hundred times better Why because we can make hyper targeted messages to people who are looking exactly what we’re saying Okay, so many of us who do Facebook ads know that on a day-to-day basis one Facebook ad could Do really well and then the next day could just do massively bad. That’s just the reality of the situation Thanks to things like CBL in there. It is getting better But you know that’s different whereas with Google because we’re we’re paying for specific keywords Okay, and people are always typing in those keywords So we always know that the people we’re marketing are always typing in those keywords We can make hyper targeted messages. Okay, so, you know if that’s let’s say Revolutionary dog collar. Okay, we could make an ad that says revolutionary dog collar our dog collar Will change the way you walk your dog or something highly relevant. Okay, just as an example Okay. So the most important thing to also understand with Google is it is primarily centered around your bids quality score and then obviously optimization of your Keywords and Apple explained that but at the end of the day the most the the parts is your bidding strategy select manual bids. There’s tiro ass Maximize conversions. I can’t remember them all there’s a number of them. Okay automated bid strategies, but then your Quality Score, okay The Quality Score is actually more important than your bid Okay So why that is is because Google prefers to rank people higher That have more relevant content for what the users look for And so they base that on people clicking through and opting in let’s say they click through There’s three people’s ads and they they send traffic to all three but this top one gets five times the amount of opt-ins or five Times the amount of purchases they like well clearly this is better. So you’re gonna get a higher relevant score Okay, you’re gonna get a higher. Sorry quality score mr. Face Higher quality score which in turn is going to put you at the top and as a result You’ll click two rates gonna be higher and your CPC is going to be lower Okay, and as a result, your conversion rate should be higher and also your profitability. Okay, so that’s why we do it this way really really important because otherwise you could When you when you do bidding, you could be three dollars. Someone could be betting fifty cents The person being fifty cents could win because the other person has a quality score of four You have a quality score of ten and Google’s like well You’re just working more because to Google what’s the most important thing is their reputation? They don’t want to be sending people Sorry sending people to Pages that or websites or content that isn’t what the audience want? Okay, it’s it that’s just in their best interest and as a result, it works well for us because it means there’s a huge opportunity Okay, so that explains that so you shouldn’t sort of understand understanding of why I talk so much about what makes Google tick and this Works for any search engine my eye ads. So if you’re doing being it works the exact same okay, so Really important to keep that in mind because this is the key differentiator between your success and your failure. Alright, so let’s move on Alright, so now we’re going to get actually into the practical side of it. So how to implement this in your store So you need a few tools. The first tool is keywords everywhere It’s a free Chrome extension and there’s a link there and I’ll be opening that up in a moment You need to find And it’ll help you find Keywords that have at least a hundred monthly searches and I’ll be showing you how that works It’s really really simple and you want to use another tool called souville to help you find even more keywords Okay, and there’s a number of tips tricks and hacks that you can do You can even use paid software but for most of us We you can get away with using free options if you’re doing huge numbers, there’s abs like there’s some tools out there that are just ballistic anyway, and What it diet what’s ooh, does it allows you to search across major? Search engines like face. Sorry, Google YouTube Bing and a couple of hours of can’t remember and find Autocomplete searches and you’re gonna see the search volume to give you more ideas and things you didn’t think of Okay, so that’s a free tool. It’s a crappy looking page, but it works so well and you also want to use the bottom of Google I’m showing you that as well for more keyword ideas and you want to put All of these into like I put it into a Google sheet. For instance. I’ll be showing you that in a moment and We won’t put it into a Google sheet. And remember the most important thing is don’t just choose any keyword So if I was doing dog leash, I wouldn’t just do the word dog. That’s not relevant at all. Not gonna work Okay, I would want something at least dog leash Purchase buy dog leash something like that. Okay Far more specific and then we want to use another tool called GA wrapper, which is again another crappy looking page But the whole purpose is to make broad phrase exact and broad match modified keywords For when we actually go and make our actual campaign and our ad groups Okay so I’m going to show you all of this now to give you how to actually Understand how each of these tools works in unison and again, they’re all free So and you don’t even need accounts for them except keywords everywhere. So let’s go. All right, lovely. Alright So with this we have the keywords everywhere tool as I said, so you go you can actually install Firefox, too But right just use Chrome and you’re gonna see it up here, you just follow their instructions really easy to follow okay, and you just enable it and I always have it enabled for United States because that’s where I do most of my marketing Alright, so you just make an account it, you know, it does across tons of stuff. It’s it’s it’s insane You can also use ubersuggest which is another great actual tool and they even like souville here okay, so if we move on anyway, so I’m going to use the example of What’s a keyword that I can think of that would be our good dog leash Okay, so see here now that I’ve typed in alright so we can see here We’re not talking the word dog leash, see how we’ve got a volume of 27,000 people searching that every month and an average cost-per-click of a dollar and 11 cents. Okay, and this is where key words everywhere Really becomes handy retractable dog leash. Okay, so that was something I didn’t think of Rope dog leash long dog leash, obviously, it depends entirely on on what your Product is of course, but you can get an idea of how effective this is Okay And again the more specific that you can try and use the better It’s going to be so let’s just use this retractable one this one out. Whoops Sorry Alright cool so what I’m gonna do is I copy these into here Alright, so I’ve now got retracted retractable dog leash as a keyword We’ve now identified that through keywords everywhere that that’s a good keyword We’ve had a look on Google now we can also as well have a look down the bottom Okay, so we’re going to get heaps of these ideas here tons and tons and tons tons of ideas, but then you can also as another little tip look in the the Searches down the bottom rope dog leash again long dog leash sixteen hundred a month again retractable We’re seeing there you get tons of ideas of other keywords You may not have otherwise thought ah, okay Simple little tips like that will allow you to understand what types of keywords are Our best to use and it’s all about research Moving on we want to use souville which as we can see we’ve got Amazon Yahoo! EBay buy over stock answers Wikipedia YouTube now, so let’s let’s put it in here Alright, and what are we gonna see? It takes a moment? Sometimes these ones don’t update, but we’re seeing across different platforms Okay, now we’re seeing across different platforms And including Google. Okay. So the this one here is Google by default. Whereas giving ideas of double dog leash heavy-duty Retractable dog leash with light. Ok, I can’t tell how many keywords it is, but you’re getting eeap’s of ideas We can see here 110 for large dogs. There we go So imagine if you had your dog leash in it, and it was suitable for small dogs and large dogs Okay, so you would make where I’ll show you but we could make an ad group. That would have retractable dog leash for large dogs Keep your large dog within arm’s distance or something. Do you see how hyper targeted that is how? specific that is how Fantastic that is for us Retractable dog leash reviews. Okay, so we could even make another one that sent it around dog leash okay retractable dog leash reviews view our View our happy customers or something. I’ll show you how that all sort of works again Not other it’s going to work, but you can see how so many ideas that I never would have thought of like retractable dog leash So they don’t have enough search volume okay, so retractable dog leash sounds so it gives you primary search ideas while also how to actually make our ad groups, so we’ve got tons of them so you can just and you can click them and It’s going to take you It usually does sometimes it doesn’t but it would it should take you to That okay. So yeah bugs. Yeah, um But anyway, so you get the idea. This is an absolutely amazing free tool that is so easy to use Right. So let’s go back and let’s copy this again. Alright, and then the next part once you’ve got your keywords So let’s say we’ve got you want I know it takes a long time But you want to be out 40 or 50 keywords. Alright, you want about 40 to 50 keywords? And it’s really going to help you – it’s going to take a long time initially, but it’s so worth it. Alright, and I sort of touch on this Here, sorry no, sorry, I’ve Touched on up there. Sorry my apologies So if we go back here well We do next is we copy the keyword in here? We can see how it’s just a basic basic interface made by this guy here and we go wrap keywords Lovely done So now what we have is we have all that this specific keyword in the different types being broad modified broad match modified phrase an exact match in so to understand broad is Anything as long as it has those types of words in it Okay, so those can really help with finding new keyword, but it’s usually less profitable because you’re going to get a lot of keywords Retractable dog leash broad match modified that one’s a bit of a wild-card type of one Very very helpful to add to also being able to scale further Then you have your phrase match, which is long as let’s say someone put in United States retractable dog leash it would show for that because it’s a phrase match it has that phrase and it matches what we’re we’re telling Google and then exact match is if they can only type in exactly what we’ve said, so You can see this tool becomes very powerful and what we then what I normally do is It’s a bit of a pain again, but you just copy it in there And you do this for all of them so you do this first and then you just build it up build it up because when we got to make the actual campaign We just mainly copy and paste and spend a bit of time because it’s all just text Okay, because it’s all just text we want to have really relevant keywords with really relevant text All right, so that is how we primarily do the research. I’m gonna be going back into the slide now We’re gonna speak more about this. So now how do we configure our campaign? Google will nearly always succeed unless you have an overpriced product or They’re just not interested in it that you know if you spend the time and effort to structure your campaigns properly I have found since doing this I Admittedly wasn’t doing this, but I since I have I found a major uplift in The amount of conversions that I’ve getting from it far more relevant and that’s what I really like. Google is It’s a tough beast to understand but it is Once you get past that learning phase it is just the most amazing tool ever Google Ads Google Analytics Google firebase Google tag manager, which I’ll be teaching More in the future as well and display ads YouTube ads just Search camp sorry shopping campaign smart shopping just a huge amount of opportunity So there is most people fail is they didn’t do the proper research? So you should now have a pretty good idea on how to do proper research using Google using free tools Okay, and it doesn’t even take that long. Okay, and when we’re not showing a fancy video we are showing text Okay. So our goal is highly relevant keywords with a tailored message to get clicks to improve our quality score Okay. The main thing is if you can improve your quality score in theory, everything else will flow. Unnaturally So your quality score is something you should seriously consider Looking at especially research I know that most people do shopping because it’s much easier that search has the scalability volume And and if you know how to do it properly it can really make you a lot of money It’s just the reality is most people don’t so we want to make a search campaign on $50 a day it’s not going to spend that $50 a day unless it’s You know your keywords of ballistic in terms of their volume size. Otherwise, it’s probably going to start, you know, maybe their first day $15 $30 and in that time you’re gonna get data really quick. It’s much quicker than shopping. But so be vigilant Alright, so but you want to try and leave three to five days generally and In the beginning with Google, it’s likely that you’re not going to be profitable You may be okay. So I’ve seen a lot of people have but generally, what happens is this is why this approach helps with being a lot more profit from the beginning if you’re ranking 450 keywords in your I’m in one single ad group. Okay, and you’re spending $50. It’s unlikely. It’s going to work Well, because it’s Google’s just going to divvy it up. Whereas this approach is far more specific and structured So it’s far more likely You’re gonna find a groups to do well and you’re gonna kill off the bad ones and then you can scale those good ad groups And again, there’s a lot of work involved but it’s so so worth it. It’s so passive. I absolutely love it so you always want to start a manual bidding and I start in the United States again the highest converting country with the most traffic. It’s as simple as that that’s the reason why there’s no other magical reason other than that and again because Google Google Shopping is now becoming a little bit more saturated but search is something most people will never do because it is It’s it’s tough and it takes time. Most people will never do it So it search is in my opinion one of the best untapped methods that you can ever actually do All right, so structure I speak about structure a lot. It’s something that we all don’t do perfectly including myself Scag campaigns did I say that right? I think so. Anyway scare campaign single keyword ad group structure Alright, so this is a fantastic approach. There’s ad sculpting as well But I’m not going to be teaching that today but scag Campaign structure is fantastic. So what what so those keywords you find? Let’s say you make find 50 keywords using that approach. Then what you’re going to do is you’re going to make 50 ad groups so this is going to take you hours of initial set up, but if you really want to make Whatever the product is to work really well Then this is the best way to do it. So the Sorry to give a bit of feedback on what types of products you would do this on massive winning products already validated on Facebook 19% of the time they’re not actually on search people aren’t doing it properly shopping. There’s tons of people But search there isn’t because people don’t know how to do it properly And like for me for instance with my new baby niche Planning to purely do that here in Australia And that’s just a project between myself and my partner We want to be a small brand Have a bit of fun with it make some money and I I just want to use Google purely use Google for it and using this approach I’m absolutely adamant that I’ll be able to crush it and it’s just so so much less work Anyway, so as I said, it consumes a lot of time upfront but Google will give you that time back if you do it properly Okay, you have to be willing to spend a bit of money. Okay? The reality is Google isn’t like Facebook where you can spend a little bit But even Google is becoming harder now Google you have Facebook’s becoming harder Google you have to do the same So please be patient that is definitely something that you have to keep in mind. Okay? so the the reason that scag approach works, so well is For every keyword we have an ad group Okay And that ad group has the keywords of the of what we’re actually searching for Which means that people are typing it in Google’s going to a hundred nearly like a hundred percent Related to that and as long as we have a page that relates to exactly what they’re looking for voila you now have Something that’s going to have a very high chance of converting if someone’s typing in the word buy a dog leash Or some I don’t know what some training product The some women’s facial thing or whatever you call it You know some face moisturizer Women’s face moisturizer or some main winning product like that if they type that in they’re looking for that exact thing imagine if you’re sitting at the top Okay with the exact keywords tailored to exactly what they’re after and then they land on a page It’s exactly again what they’re expecting when they click you’re out It’s pretty foolproof, isn’t it for the most part and then it I’ll be explaining it more in a second But you can sort of see how this all of a sudden goes from a guessing game to a nearly Analytical just spend money get money back spend money get money back type game And I just love this approach so much more Because I’m going out there rather than just testing products because I have a good feeling or you know, I used my my methods I’m using my methods and I’m going out there with Nils Nearly certainty that this pikes going to convert whereas with Facebook again Just want to touch on that it may or may not work, you know It will work for two people out of a hundred Whereas this can work for a lot more people because we’re doing it properly and this is only scratching the surface Ah, we’re now up to making the actual campaign. All right, the part you’ve all been waiting for I’m sure All right, so we got a new campaign. All right we go create without a goals guidance You want to choose search you want to put in your website visits you put in wwe.com That doesn’t matter Whatever your website is okay actual homepage you want to name it something appropriate? Okay, so What I’ve learnt from from others tof top of funnel, and then you name it. So let’s call the dog leash campaign You don’t want the Display Network display networks for more remarketing for cold traffic It doesn’t work that well, you want the start date to be straightaway campaign URL fine Dynamic search ads you want to leave those on that something you can test down a line Basically, all that is is it’s like dynamic ads on Facebook. It’s just different text. That’s it And so you it’ll optimize on what combinations work best, but up front. You don’t want to do that So, you know you choose you choose your type country. You want to go in the United States? Okay. Yeah, OOP sorry, I’m United States All right, we’ll leave that you can go location options and Pete so exclude people in your excluded locations, so You want to put target people in who show interest in your target locations people who? people in or show interest in your excluded locations, so we want to experience cluded locations so We want to exclude Any other country other than the United States is what that says just a it’s just going to remove a little bit of overlap Obviously if you’re marketing to United States, you’re just going to leave it as English. There is also I know there’s not All right audiences. That’s for more remarketing or alaways so in In Google you can actually do They’re Similar audiences what they call them. So you make a custom audience and all it’ll pretty much make an Al la Equivalent of it straight away and that’s to further help with scaling That’s way down the line though, but starting out, this is what you want to do. You want to set you about $50 a day? Delivery method you want to leave its standard? Okay, so if you’re running shopping you do accelerated Because very different but for search we want to leave it as standard because you can spend your budget really quick We want to optimize it over 24 hours day So here you want to change it from manual convert, see how we’ve got target CPA Tyga price if you get target roll ass Man, man. Oh man, that is the king but you want to go manual CPC untick this because that is ECBC you want purely manual CPC in the beginning? All right. You got show more settings You always want to you can actually if you’ve got multiple conversion. Let’s say in your ad account You’ve got this like four different conversion types for different things like you might be using Google tag manager Different things you always want to use you and My default term you said as that I’m all you could manually choose it I actually manually choose it just to make sure 100% going to the one I want that’s just me being pedantic If you don’t do that, it’s not in the world ad schedule all day Always you want to always leave your rotation for the best performing ad sets Sitelink extensions call-out extensions and call extensions are extremely powerful do not discount them. You don’t need them straightaway But I would recommend definitely especially if you’re getting traction to spend the time to do and once you’ve made them they’re always there So sitelink extensions are really powerful Because you You’re using more space and so with call out and call extensions so you could say Happy customers and link them to your happy customers page you could say flash-sale flat and link them to your flash style page all of that call-out extensions are Again to try and buy from you free shipping over $50 100% money back guarantee 24/7 support 30 day money back guarantee hassle-free exchanges call extensions as it says is you can add your number and it adds a lot of trust Okay and it helps we click to write and if you’re using something like looks in that your star review will show there and as a Result you star review builds more trust uses more space Okay, it uses the space properly and then as a result you get more clicks. So if we have a look here Am I seeing any ads? No, we’re not seeing any ads. Okay, which is actually ironic So let’s put in by dog leash So I want to try and see some ads block Okay, there we go so something so this is so at the bottom of page beat and then there’s top of a page bid so you can see here that Like I’m typing in buy dog leash and this is showing up for dog. Collars Straightaway you like that’s not really relevant. I don’t want a dog collar. I want a dog leash Okay, it might be in the same field and it may work for them But it might probably work as well as if we’re doing, you know, our buy dog leash Creative and comfortable dog leashes. There we go. Just a few change because your headlines super important. All right So where was I I apologize, okay So if we go save and continue for now Those are really easy to set up the site link and all that. So you want to name it? You can name it whatever bit just for Structure wise I name it the name of the keyword alright, so then when you put our default bid I put it as a dollar fifty remember search is more expensive because it’s more competitive But we have a lot more volume then we want to copy our next field and we paste it in there. There we go We now have our ad group. You know what we know it’s name is our bid and the keywords We’re targeting we go save and continue’ that’s it. Alright, and then we want to we’ve got our final URL Alright, so you need to have HTTPS. Google is very specific on that Otherwise, it’s not gonna let you do it so What normally would do? Okay. So for this keyword, which is I’m sorry a Retractable dog leash you want to put that loop sorry you want to put that keyword in the actual headline? because again, it’s 100% relevant the typing that he and they’re seeing exactly what they’re doing now always put capitalization at the start of each of these It helps Google allows it’s a pattern interrupt and helps with click-through rate So copy that in if you got a word that’s too long. Just put it in the second headline. So You know And then you want to put a unique selling proposition and this is the part where you just have to think for a bit Retract double dog leashes Sorry for all dogs Small and large lovely. Okay. So do you see how that makes sense? Okay. We’re putting in the word You know, we’re telling people retractable dog leash for all the dogs small and large Okay so because that’s going to be something just from doing the keyword research that I see that’s That is something of a bit of a concern for customers and I don’t even put that on my landing page Which you should have if you haven’t dog leashes You’re gonna have a size type chart and then you want to put it like why why you’re so much better than the others. So fit 50% off now with Google you can’t do massive capitalizations You can do just only that 50% off flash sale today only Lovely, there we go So that’s this is again just a preview Now you want to try and use the same keywords in your display path Display path is just purely what the customers are going to see. This is the file URL is the most important part So we’re gonna put it in retrac God damn it retractable dog Leash. There we go. So look at WWE act a bull and then dog leash how specific how hundred-percent specific is this to the people we’re marketing to Alright, and then you want to put in in your description and description too. I try and use these as much as possible. So And it’s always a part where you have to think and when you whenever your error ideas I generally use my competitors to get an idea for the keyword that I was looking for clearly here in Australia. It’s You know, not not a great example. So what we do? I’m just gonna so your one-stop shop for So city, that’s why they got leashes. They’re your one-stop shop for For Quality you dog leash so Quality can I fit that word in there quality? Yep, beautiful quality retractable dog leash All right, I just like that word because quality it just sort of really really helps with building more trust so your one-stop shop for Quality dog leashes, you know based in Melbourne, Australia Shop now Okay, having the word shop now in there as silly as it seems actually helps you to click through rate You’re giving a strong call to action and then the second one you want to put in like free shipping over $50 13 whoops day money-back Guarantee 24/7 support 24/7 support Hassle-free Exchanges There we go, hassle free exchange. There we go. So we’re trying to use up the whole space doesn’t have to be 100% Perfect You’re going to improve on an overtime, but you know, they’re gonna see quality retractable dog leash. Okay, sorry, so No, we’re not gonna put that their apologies. So R equality Retractable dog leashes. I Don’t know if I want leashes now leash, okay You might want to split test that I actually feel better having leashes to be honest for all dogs For dogs small and large 50% off sale today Your one-stop shop for quality dog leashes based in Melbourne, Australia shop now free shipping over $50. There we go alright done and you can make new ads so it’s as simple as this if you want to make new variants I which is actually what I do Google recommends that you make 3 variants of the exact ad Just change a few keywords and you can see a huge difference in click-through rate Huge so you can see how it were I mean by this strategy takes hours originally to set up but it’s it’s really easy just in terms of text alright, and then we just go save and continue and gonna take you to a confirmation page Continue to campaign and we’ve made the campaign. Alright? Made the campaign. We now have our ad group which is this ad group here. Alright, and What you want to do is you want to copy it and then you want to paste Alright, and we want to paste all Right, and now you then wanna you want to do a similar thing for other ad groups just make more and more and more ad Groups. Ok, you know you want to rename it as well So it as I said, it takes time, which is a bit of a pain But once you have gone through it and made all your ad groups. Ok, then it actually becomes much much easier So you go here you get your groups and you can rename the ad group to the different keyword go through the motions because what we’re doing by doing it this way is we’ve set up a template and then it’s just making a group a group AB group AB group a group and you just do back and forth back and forth and there you go you’ve then made a successful Scag type campaign that’s going to allow you to use cold traffic that makes 100% sense Alright guys, so I will go back to the slide Alright, so once you now have conversions, let’s say you have five conversions on the same product Hypothetically, you know clearly something’s working Once you get like five conversions, you know that the products something people are searching for you may not be profitable But there’s ways we can do it you want to use a landing page build a few winning products, especially as you scout It’s something I personally not done enough myself, but this is what I’m trying to use Google. It’s Google’s a lot more passive So it gives me more time to do these other things where it’s Facebook’s just day in day out So you want to choose gem landing pages? All right. It’s $19 a month. I found this from another youtuber. I’m like wow, this is really cool tool And it integrates easily with your store. It’s like as if I page is 20 bucks a month easy to set up It everything just integrates, really? Well, you’re gonna have no problems with getting it set up and what you’re gonna do is you go into then You know have quality images, you know jump on Fiverr get someone on Fiverr you got your graphics on and do it yourself, whatever I’m gonna have videos you can you can make a proper landing page? centered around that and what you do is you you want to make a new ad Group sorry add within your ad groups from just rename it so that it’s going to the new landing page and see if the new landing page does better so you have Let’s say your best a group that’s doing well. Make the new a group padmi And then point those new ads To new URLs because it’s going to make a new URL and your website’s not going to change your current default shop by one makes A new one. So send them to this one and split test I’ve found a lot of times that the proper landing pages do convert better because you know It’s all on the one page it explains the product especially for need items. That’s really good. You have a nice video Okay you can’t have that on shop five pages as easily nice video and then you have Testimonials and then you have FA cues and and all of this and it helps with getting more conversions Okay so I Wanted to add that in that’s really important it and really helps once you have it set up and you find it works better Well, then you can scale it even more you can reduce your cost per purchase. Alright, so and lastly So we want to skip on scaling on Google I just want to add this in anyway Because this will be something that people asked I wanted to touch on base briefly. So if you do if you’re scaling you Remarketing is just a is just a must right if you’re getting 10 hours a day just spend in 5 10 bucks on Remarketing you could get a couple of extra sales So display search ads Comment if you want a video on this I can teach about display search ads very very helpful Very very good for Google Remarketing our Google Shopping campaigns with relevant keywords. I’ve done a bit on this already But if you guys want a video on that comment below Google shopping they work best when you’re actually smart shopping. They work best when you already got a shopping campaign that’s getting conversions I find because it uses the Display Network. So it’s sort of like a remarketing campaign So shopping video so you can actually run them on YouTube I’m only still testing this but it’s a great feature that I think has a lot of opportunity So beside a video they’re watching on YouTube. They see your products, which is which is cool. I like that YouTube ads that’s becoming a big one right now That’s still something I’m testing but you know, you mainly want to use it for remarketing. You can use a called traffic I’ve mainly used for remarketing You know vc3 seven thirty days a TC three seven thirty days with video of the product. Okay a testimonial I actually swatch this video someone thought of great idea You know jump on Fiverr you pay this person and they’d all reveal your plant really professionally and you can use that video And that really helps, you know, testimonial videos work really really well And I personally do all my custom audiences now in Google Analytics I find it easier and it’s actually better and so if you want a video on Google Analytics as well Give me a bell down below DPI ads so I already have videos on DPA ads I’ll add a link after this to where that video is so you can do that that’s super easy to set up and it should be you should be doing that because the DPI ads are very powerful And also with Google, but that’s a bit of a different ballgame Custom audience Facebook Ads to tailor your message again the more you can tailor a message the more in theory That you should have a higher chance of conversions, you know If someone’s and if you’re getting got a large enough audience of people initiate checkout, and you say hey we see you initiated checker But you didn’t complete your purchase come back and complete your order with a 15% discount using discount code in this shape 15 You know, you should have a pretty high conversion rate So I wanted to add that in a lot of this stuff is in my youtube channel And so I’ll be adding a of extra links to help you guys with this You can just jump to but that concludes today’s Video, I I really hope you did enjoy today’s video. It took me a long time to put this together I really try to make an instruction as possible. I really enjoy it. I love Google Ads. It’s actually my favorite marketing platform And if you’re not using it you definitely should be and something like this should now really give you the tools the means and the know-how to go out there with a lot more confidence to Do it if you’re doing Facebook ads in you’re doing well. Naturally. You should be doing Google and I just think that that’s absolutely necessary If you did enjoy today’s video Please like today’s video me would mean a lot hit the subscribe button Comment down below crush it to go and chance win one of two 15-minute coaching calls as well as any videos you want the ones? That are listed here. Just comment down below guys really trying to tailor my videos to what you want. I’ve got my video Video editing video coming up for high converting Facebook ads as well as more winning practices I’m going to be speaking to you and giving to you guys I know you guys really want that and more and more and more value to really try and help you crush it in 2019 okay, because it really has taken me a long time. This is like a 30 minute video I think at least and it’s take me like an hour an hour and a half to put all this together So I really appreciate if you would do all of those means a lot to me. I hope you do crush it I hope you have a lovely day as well. Take care and good. Bye You

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