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[Free Course] Facebook Ads Secrets 2019 | $51,938 in 30 Days Dropshipping with FB Ads

[Free Course] Facebook Ads Secrets 2019 | $51,938 in 30 Days Dropshipping with FB Ads

(Facebook Ads Free Course 2019) Hey guys in this video I’m giving out the full free Facebook Ads course and just to prove that the things in this course that I’m gonna teach you work we took a brand-new absolutely brand-new store brand new pixel brand-new fish attacks counter brightening products and took it in the past 30 days to more than let’s say February 11 to February up to March 11 more than 51,000 almost fifty two thousand dollars in 30 days. And as you can see this store was absolutely brand new than getting sales So all of February and I’m gonna just pull up all of January all the way to February Absolutely, no sales during the sign so from February 11th Which was the day that we started all the way to March 11th one at? 51,000 dollars with the exact strategies that I’m going to teach you in this full breakdown free course So the things that I’m gonna teach you your work, I mean just a little bit more proof I know there’s a lot of skeptics out there watching this if you pick a random day the third The first they’re all more than 3000 $4000 and already we’re like 10 a.m. Today already $700 I’m gonna refresh the page just so you have a little bit more proof Yeah The things that I’m going to teach you in this course this all feature caps the exact step-by-step blueprint for free for you to make you know More than fifty thousand dollars into the next 30 days with a brand new account. Freddy takes two abandoned products everything So the free course basic ass mastery I’m Raphael as you guys know what you will learn a what we will cover in this video is the first how to create ads Back over and get profitable sales and in there We’re also gonna talk about profitable added samples and video ads mastery Then we’re gonna go step by step into a hundred cake per month strategy. I do consistently 150 to join them fifty thousand dollars every single month and I’m gonna teach you exactly the things that we do the methods the scaling methods and how to master look-alike audiences and how to Use them scale the third thing the science of basic gets the exact numbers you need to look at and when to scale or kill ads This is a module from my inner circle mentoring program. And this is just the best thing I’ve ever put out there my students Absolutely Love it and you’re gonna love it as well. And then Retargeting on Facebook ads how to master that Plus exact ad excite ad copies that I use they’ll work for me My students my employees literally everyone and then the fifth one I want you to stay on till the end of this video because if you say until the end We have a special module that I created only for a mentoring program You get it on yours go into the course and as always subscribe to my channel for more amazing videos Alright, what is up guys in this lesson? I’m going to teach you how to create and how to craft Converting ads because you know making converting ads ads that get you sales at it gets you a higher return of the ad spend are It’s essentially an art right? It’s creating ads that get people just stop scrolling on Facebook that get people to stop what they’re doing Go to your website and buy from your stores. So how to craft converting ads You have to analyze your audience and put yourself in their shoes That’s the first thing you have to do, right because I get a lot of students asking like hey How do I do copywriting? How do I write good ads do you think this ad is good? But the first thing you have to think about is think of your audience and think about how they interact with Facebook on Facebook for example most people when they go on Facebook They’re just scrolling mindlessly through the platform. They’re scrolling mindlessly through the network For example, most people that use Facebook use fit like this. Let me wait for it to load a little bit They use Facebook like that. They start just scrolling through I know it’s loading a little bit slow, but Because I’m recording probably But essentially what it comes down to is analyzing the audience and how they are interacting with the platform So in order to for example, let’s say one of my student he’s selling spa products so products for women that want to Relax and want to have like a home spa and he crafted an ad and he was like hey What do you think of this ad and I’m like well you’re not thinking of the audience in this ad you’re not thinking of what the audience needs in terms of these types of products and in order to do that audience features a Research in order to see hey, what does that audience struggle with? What are their needs? What are their wants? What are these people want in a product that will make them feel better? what you can do about that is just go and actively research for those types of products if you’re selling spa products, if you’re selling weight-loss products, let’s say struggles with weight loss products and Then you’ll see 10 most dangerous Let me see All right you can go through all of these articles like the one sort of the most recent or the best and just Spend 20 30 minutes to an hour reading and understanding What that audience is struggling with if you’re selling to mothers, which is my case For example, if you’re selling to moms of children If you’re selling to moms or very little kids toddlers you want to find out what their struggles are For example, I’ll show you one of the best ads that’s doing for us right now Right here what to make diapers more fun. And then I have the URL right here We’re giving away 100 diverse for free just pay shipping. So this is a free plus shipping ad that we’re doing and it’s working Absolutely. Well, it’s doing a cost per purchase about three dollars giving us a $10 shipping So we’re essentially 3xe our money on every single sale and the diaper costs about a dollar So we’re making six dollars on a $10 sale and we’re essentially three Xing our money on a 60% profit margin Which is great for free less shipping. So essentially how do I craft an ad that fits to my audience in this case mothers? I want to find out what the biggest problem It is with diapers or with pampers with mothers and the biggest Problem that they have is that they’re just really boring, right? They’re just like, you know, they use the pamper and the kids really don’t want to put on the pamper It’s like it’s a big struggle for some mothers to use diapers So we kind of twisted that and understood the audience say, okay, what are their struggles with diapers now? we want to take it the other way around and look at that struggle and Make a product that takes care of that struggle that essentially helps the customer or helps our potential customer Pay attention to our app and pay attention to what we’re offering. So essentially we’re saying what to make diapers were fun We’re giving away a hundred died Just giving away the hundred diapers That’s just a huge thing that pulls in a lot of people essentially you don’t have to do free plus shipping in this case We’re doing it just to test out we have a lot of other ads. For example, I’m going to show you right now here Girls are going crazy for these fancy boots. Dr. Martens style That’s a brand but this is just a styles are the actual brand and then amazing style floral boots So this is also understanding the audience so Who are we selling to we’re selling to mothers of young girls write of young kids young children And essentially we’re talking to parents. We’re saying to mothers So in order to create this ad that captures attention It’s like we tell them hey your child is gonna love these boots so all these ads we’re gonna go into exactly how we craft them how we write them, but it’s all about understanding the audience and Understanding what can attract him So if you’re selling spa products For example your first line of the of the ad should be you know Are you struggling to find, you know, are you struggling to find good spa products? Do you want to have more relaxation in your life? Do you want to you want a better way to relax like you understand their struggle, which is they don’t have good spa products They can’t really find them easily in retail and then you go through that struggle and you find a way To show off your product in the way that it’ll solve that struggle So in order to actually create the ad yourself the first thing I recommend is asking a rhetorical question so you can see that in the Pampers ad. So want to make diapers more fun? It’s a rhetorical question. It’s an obvious question Yeah, obviously you want to make diapers more fun, but it’s a question that a person asks themselves that question like Oh, you want to make diapers more fun? Well, yeah, I have a kid they use diapers It’d be cool to make it more fun But you can also do that with any type of ad like want to make this thing easier Want to make cooking easier then here’s a kitchen gadget to do it That’s the first line that I always do for my most converting ads this one in particular the boots We didn’t actually do in a question We just did hey girls are going crazy for these fancy boots Which is also the third line that I always use is your audience, you know, whether it be girls mothers You know teachers whatever it is who you’re selling are going crazy So if you’re selling a product for kitchen Then you can just say hey moms are going crazy for this parents are going crazy for this bah-bah-bah there You can also do for example Oh one of my students He’s selling travel products, you know travelers are going crazy for this. No meds are going crazy for this That’s a great line that I use on a lot of my ads and try to get people to just you know See the ad like the first thing you want to do is get people to stop Mindlessly scrolling, which is what a lot of people do not sure why this isn’t loading that fast But what a lot of people do is they just scroll mindlessly to facers. That’s what most people are doing They’re just scrolling scrolling scrolling mindlessly and you want to stop them you want to create that sense of you know? Stop and watch my ad. So how you do that is just creating these ads that either they have a rhetorical question. That is very fitting to that audience, right as you know in the targeting section you make You know you make targeting basically based on brands influencers and things that people would like That they are more willing to buy that product and now in the ad now that you’ve targeted the right people Let’s say you’re choosing two different brands of for example, let’s say Johnson & Johnson and Pampers those people are definitely interested in things for children, right? They’re definitely interested in a product that will help their children that will help their toddler their babies. Whatever it is and now we make an ad that pulls them in and gets them to read the rest of the ad gets them to see the video gets them to watch our page like the first Line of the ad copy is what just gets them to read the rest of the ad copy It’s not like your ad copy has to be perfectly crafted. It’s just the first line makes you read it They makes you and then it makes you watch the image makes you watch the video ba ba ba and then you’re essentially like pulling Them in from that crazy just mindless scrolling Now fourth thing that I’m gonna talk about is test CTA button versus no bun We’ve seen that CTA bun on the top This shop now is actually working a lot better as you can see in the other one It’s also here chopped now on the bottom it’s actually working a lot better than just having a regular page post like just having a regular patron isn’t working as well as having the button on the on the actual app and how you create that is you just create a regular at so instead of doing a A page post and then using the post ID just create a brand new ad, you know You know how to do that with the with the Facebook section But you create an ad and then that ad you use it for every single one of your campaigns or new ad sets But you create it with that shop now button and then with a lot of you know Basically explaining the product in the headline down below The fifth thing that I want to talk about is videos video ads tend to do a lot better than picture ads in products that aren’t really Explicitly and that aren’t really explicit in what they do so if you have a product that people can tell what it does from just Looking at the product like if you’re selling a dress if you’re selling things for example A painting a canvas a t-shirt people can tell what the product does or what the product is you’re offering by just a picture But for videos they work a lot better for products that you can’t really tell what they are. So for example, these cute diapers Yeah, they’re cute. But what would really make some cute so we made a video for that and then the These boots we made a video of just children using the boots and actually walking Actively on them and then for the third one that I have here. Oh yeah, this one is I’m gonna talk about retargeting and a little bit but this one was also a video ad so How do you actually get those videos and how do you actually create those video ads? So what I do and the easiest thing you need to pay anyone If you want, you can just go on up work and hire someone to make a video for you but just the easier ways to go directly to your Aliexpress supplier and you Can do let’s say I’m selling like home home I don’t know home alarm. Whatever it is. I just want to find a supplier and then I find the supplier right here and Then you can contact them straight through Aliexpress so you can essentially check their contact You can send them an email You can send a message through You know contact now right here through Ally you sign in to your account and cognitum that are directly through Aliexpress You can see how many years have been open, you know What badges they have whatever it is and you contact them straight there and you ask them Hey, do you have a video for me to use on my ads a lot of the times they will have? Your drop your suppliers are used to drop shipping and having people drop sure their products So they’re usually used to making videos. So having a lot of creatives all images, so don’t feel bad to just ask them Hey, do you have a video? Yes, no, okay, if they don’t you can look it up on YouTube So let’s say I want to sell What am I soon as you sound like spa products so you can do like spa. I don’t like a spa balm It’s called like one of these right you can see if there’s videos for those specific products and if they’re huge Influencers if they have like, you know, let me see 450,000 that’s like a lot if they have 1.4 million views then you want to ask them for permission to use your video as a As a fair use so you use their video for your ad But you want to ask them for permission first? If it’s just some random video with like 10 20 views about some spa balm like here like 43 views and stuff 520 views you don’t really need to ask for permission because they don’t really care like look look at this one like 1k views Spa bath balm review like you’re gonna use something like this and then you’ll use a service called it’s called YouTube to YouTube to mp4 It’s called online video converter and what you do is you put that video Take the video from YouTube put it here convert it into mp4 Download it into your computer or your USB whatever it is and then use iMovie to edit that video So what you do is you just edit it on video. It’s really easy. They have their own tutorial So I’m not gonna go into video editing that much but you just edit it yourself Make sure to put the most important things and make it within 45 to 50 seconds. Those are usually 45 to 50 seconds usually does the best for add videos those that’s essentially how I find those videos is I either go to the supplier or I go on YouTube download that video on youtube to my IMovie and then edit it on iMovie But yeah videos do a lot better for products that you can’t really tell what they do offer the first bat now. Why do tinyurl as you can see in some of these tiny around Tinyurl instead of bitly. What are you signing? You’re out because it lets you pull the Google Analytics Parameters so it lets you so on bitly when you use parameters for Google Analytics Like we use Google Analytics on a daily basis and we really look at where traffic is coming from attribution audience everything in the platform and tinyurl lets you pull the parameters from Google Analytics Into your URL bitly doesn’t let you do that. It kind of loses that those parameters So if you want to use tiny URL, that’s essentially why I use it. I just use it to have a better attribution model and Have a better way of tracking where my people are coming from and where they are Essentially how would they are buying like what process are they going through to buy the last thing I’m gonna talk about is stating clear Sale amount so now that you know your audience you’ve talked about your audience in the ad you’ve talked about, you know They’re going crazy or asking a rhetorical question. You’re making a strong video you’re adding fuel to the fire Then you state a clear sale mat so you can do for example in this one Dr. Martin style with 70% off today so you want to state a clear reason why they should buy from this ad and not buy it anytime else so you can say like 50% off this week or we’re giving away so many or Use coupon code to get it today for 15% off. Whatever it is. You want to create that urgency? It’s not fakes Carson It’s not fake urgency. It’s real urgency. It’s okay Our product is 60% off today that actually we tested it over across a lot of ads and just adding 70% off today 50% off today does improve the conversion rate by a lot and doesn’t prove the click-through rate by a lot So that really helps out and just getting people to the site because you know, they see 50% off today Oh Let me just check it out and see if it’s really 50 we shut up if it is Obviously have the price on your page be the same as your advertising So if it’s 50% off today have a 50% off sale on the page And the last thing that I want to talk about is the rest of the ad copy So how you write for example in this case? Long ad copy is essentially putting in more information about the audience so another thing that I was talking about with a student yesterday is CY, and then you add a number what does that mean? So if you’re selling to mothers for example, CY more than two thousand three hundred and seventy six mother’s trust us and Then you can put an emoji and a link and then link This creates a lot of social proof even in the ad, right? So if your ad doesn’t have that most social proof And also I want to talk about that because I got that question a bunch of times social proof on ads Isn’t really gonna make or break your campaign so this right here, the thirty-six likes eighteen comments five chairs if our 36,000 The actual CTR the actual click-through rate on the ad goes up with more social proof But the sales are usually the same so the ad performs better it gets cheaper clicks It gets more CTR But it doesn’t actually perform better in a sales perspective and you got to think about it in the whole funnel You got to think about it in the sales process and in the sales process absolute Losey Social proof tend to do the same then ads with high social proof They tend to do better in CTR and like front end, but not the actual back end so this is also a great line to use see more more than you know and a number see you are more than Number of audience trust us and The last thing is just adding more information about that audience. As I said if you do a lot of Research into the audience. So let’s say spa products Best and you find blog posts about that. Let’s say While seriously awesome beauty lines the best products for a spa day at home professionals Choice Awards if you go through these blog posts and these You know these posts and these Magazines these blogs you’ll understand the audience a lot better and you’ll know how to craft the ad a lot better for that audience Alright, so step by step blueprint 200,000 in one month, so the first before you start You need a store that converts you need to have some sales already you need to you know It has to look appealing the store needs to look good. Look at your competitors Look at Google ads and look at the people running Google ads in your niche. Look at how their stores look other products Look, what images are they using check other check your competition. Check your niche. What are they ignoring? You need to be aware and you need to be sure that your store converts It’s not and that it’s appealing right and you want to run facebook video ads not only images ads You want to run Facebook videos YouTube video ads work a lot better Than normal ads if you want to know more about facebook video ads and how to find them There’s a video on the channel right here They can find then you need to have a product that appeals to a large audience Not just like a very niche very little audience I have a student that sells products for a specific age range for a very specific type of people It’s hard to get to a hundred K a month very fast So I told them hey you know you have these people but you need to expand a little bit more in order to get better numbers and then you can Perfect that product that increase it and make sure it’s the best product out there for the specific audience So you in order to make more money you need to add it, you know You need to essentially expand your audience a little bit that it appeals For a larger audience a larger audience would be more than about a million people more than a million people would be a large enough Audience to scale to that level then you want to do Google smart and standard shopping campaigns running both of them at the same time So I show you how to do that in the Google ads training I’m here on my youtube channels for free, you know, you don’t have to buy a course or anything It’s all for free on here on YouTube Now test products for Facebook ads potential to find two three to four products that test on face against right you first test products on facebook ads and you see which one gets you more sales and Which one has the highest profitability you want to learn how to space your guts also here on my channel Then you find the words the one that converts the best with the largest audience So you want to find that product that converts with the largest audience and you want to find that fit of? Best product combined with largest audience remember a million or more and then make sure your conversion rate is above 1.5 – 2 % CB art that you know 1 for 5 – 2 % more and more conversion rate That’s what I recommend for your store. And that’s how you essentially get the numbers that we’re getting right and I’m gonna Refresh on this so that you know that it’s real and I’m making this number so, you know, I’m refreshing Last month Last 30 days You know 59 thousand pounds 58,000. This is real right. These are real numbers. This is actual like data like real date I’m not lying you I’m not trying to like this is not edited and by any chance, I’m this is real This is real money. So, alright, let’s go back to the blueprint You want to make sure commercial raised above 1.5 to 2 CBR? We have it about 6 to 7 percent right now, and that’s that should be your goal to have it I like 6 to 7 percent. Then you want to start by doing look-alike audiences? So you got some sales already. Now you want to scale 200,000 in a month, right? So you start by running CBO campaigns with the look-alikes inside the CBO campaigns so how you do that is you want to go ahead and watch the video on how on I show you how to make $3,000 every single day. That’s the strategy and I fall I follow a CBO CBO campaign is a campaign budget Optimization campaign. It’s a new feature that Facebook added and you put multiple audiences and multiple look-alikes inside that campaign But that’s a hard way to scale. It’s really hard to scale what you want to do is start with CBO and then start with moving losing audiences and then you transition to traditional campaign strategy all campaigns would be a normal campaign ad set budget levels and You take your best audiences from the CBO campaign and put them in their own ad sets on the traditional campaign You scale that way you scale by duplicating and then you scale by for you know? Horizontally, which is duplicating and changing the audience a little bit audience or you scale by Vertically, so you scale by increasing 50% every 24 hours Then you scale horizontally by country’s devices platforms ages You can you can scale, you know, literally everywhere You can scale to UK US UK, Australia Canada, New Zealand Europe, whatever it is You scare my countries and you divide that ad set in each country Then you divide by device mobile tablet desktop then platforms Facebook Instagram If you’re doing retargeting you can do all placements ages You can do 20 to 30 30 to 40 40 or 50 it goes on and on Right. So you scale that way you scale horizontally? By dividing all these together and then you scale vertically add sets with higher than one point seven to two Return on adspend so you have yeah If you have an accent that has a larger than to return on adspend that you want to scale that every 24 hours 50% the 50% every 24 hours you want to keep scaling it and scaling in a scaling now The freezer guidance is to test would be 180 days website visitors 1% la sorry, I didn’t add that in there 180 days all wet visitors 1% look-alike 180 days view content look-alike 1% 2% 3 to 4% and The way you do that is, you know, you want to know how to create look-alike audiences You just go on to your Facebook Ads manager and Yeah, I’m just gonna do it here so you create a new campaign conversions Create a new commercial and Then you click on the create new and then you do create new audience Website traffic and then in this case you would do all website visitors 1% look-alike. So 1% You know website visitors web web visitors 180 days We create that and now you create a look-alike audience. So you create a new look-alike You pulled 180 days and then you put a 1% look-alike in the United States So you take the US and then you create that audience based on this on the original one So the original would be like I just talked about percent view content 2% View content three to four percent view content one percent of website visitors and this one can also go two percent two percent Three to four percent as well. So you can just keep scaling and after three to four start mating gene So 3 to 4 4 to 5 5 to 6 8 to 10 So you start managing them and then you start scaling that way So more and more people see your ad that are relevant to it that are you know They look like the people that have either visited your site buuuut content on your site Add it to card initiate a checkout purchase, whatever it is You want to use all these audiences and scale that way so you scaled my audience You’re gonna have a lot of audiences that you’re gonna scale in the same campaign, right? I told you so with the CBO but then transition to traditional campaigns with ad set budgets So you have all these different ad sets in one campaign per product. That’s how you scale and then you can also do Retargeting to scale that way. So remember I told you to have a Google smart and standard shopping campaign running Both of us are gonna be running at the same time Now you retarget all website visitors, so we would, you know, create the campaign that I just told you that Campaign that you had right here. So the 180 be 180 D or website visitors when you’re in 80 days and we target that on the country or you know You can do worldwide if you’re targeting a lot of countries. You can just reach target that audience and Then we target that audience retarget 30 day view view content Add to Cart Initiated check out and then obviously exclude purchase and all of your ad set so you take the purchase audience out and then used to view content at the Carnegie and check out 30 days and then you can also do 180 days you do 180 d all of these Then you do 7 day So the 7 day what you can do is add a new ad So the 7 thing you can do like the sale is over in two days with 3 days. So it’s a more Fresh audience, so they’ll see your ad again, and they’ll think Oh I missed it at that site, you know a couple days ago. You can be more aggressive with it The people have visited like 180 days ago They might not even remember you are so you have to kind of give it like a more, you know A less aggressive taste a less aggressive add to those people you can you know You have to write a less aggressive add to those people. So people out visit at 7:00 or 30 days You can be more aggressive in the end. Okay, the sale is over in two three days You’re gonna be more aggressive of that and then extra tips that I want to give you to get to 100k month is test excluding get shoppers with You know test some ad set with engaged shoppers and then test some at sets without engaged shoppers So you want to test those two same audience same ad set duplicate it one would engage one without it So you do one with engage one without engaged? Alright guys, welcome to the retargeting on Facebook ads module and this module we’re gonna essentially talk about setting up the audiences to retarget Creating a retargeting ads ad copies videos what works for retargeting essentially, right? So what what do you write in your ad copy? That works and then top retargeting audiences to test So these is these are essentially the audience’s that we test with when we’re starting out These are the top four ones that do the best essential that get the best results or the best return on investment And then we’re gonna talk about the metrics for retarget anis That’s exactly what you need to look at when you’re creating a retargeting campaign So should you get the same CPC the same CTR as with normal? Targeting or should you get better like what exactly should you go for? Alright, so let’s begin by setting up the audiences to retarget So these are essentially the best is seven days view content BC means view content ATC means at the cart I see means initiate checkout essentially people in the past week that have been said at your website added to cart on your website or initiate a check on our website and then the same thing for 30 days 90 days and 180 days and then seven days. You set it up for all website traffic I’m gonna show you exactly how to set up right now and then 75% of the video views in the last seven days. These are the ones that we use And essentially the ones that we do the best with so that’s essentially what I’m gonna talk about and I’m gonna pull up Some of them here. So let me Pull this one up So this is the one that I was just talking about. So the top results as you can see here, so Seven days website traffic. Those are all retargeting us sixteen to eighteen to sixty five So what you want to do and retargeting is leave your audience is pretty broad in terms of either gender So in this case, it’s women only because we’re only targeting women, but you can leave it to men and women 18 to 65 so it doesn’t have to be like a bunch of very detailed audiences all the detail comes in the actual pixels So in the actual choosing of the audience as you can see here VC seven days a TC seven days IC seven days, they all have pretty solid cost for purchases pretty solid return on investment So from a 264 investment we’ve made 850 and that’s pretty consistent. So, you know 33 purchases we get That’s per day. Right? So 33 purchases per day. We’re essentially making, you know about $600 profit with product cost That’s about 400 bucks on Retargeting on this particular campaign. We also have other campaigns running But this one is the one that I’m going to show you exactly how to set up so essentially what you’ll do is you will go to the Creation here on the campaign creation you choose conversions and you will do let’s say retargeting demo Set it up in this case you you don’t necessarily want to do CBO Although you can we don’t set it up on CBO for retargeting You can set it up on CBO for your targeting. But since we want to target every single audience on its own Then we set up one campaign for retargeting put all all of those ad sets inside the campaign So we don’t actually do a CBO because we don’t want all the traffic to just go to one we want the traffic to pretty much be spread out right here is this one is the one that has spent the most and then You want to scale them like a tea try to scale if they’re profitable the first 48 hours Scale them fifty percent every 24 hours So you’re essentially going from like let’s say five dollars a day to seven dollars a day ten dollars a day 15:28 cetera etc, 2030 essentially and going off in there. So you want to choose purchase here and Let’s say we’re doing United States United States and then to set up a custom audience All you have to do is create new and then you’ll create a new custom audience Website traffic you choose your pixel and then you’ll choose by event. Right? So you want to do add to cart’ past seven days We’ll just do ATC Past seven days if you’re doing buy a particular product or a particular collection that you can refine by URL So what you can do is essentially if you’re targeting Like five different products and one of them is a stroller You can do Add to Cart contains stroke and that would be like for the stroller only right so stroller The only for the stroller essentially that’s that’s how you set up that campaign only for that specific product or collection But in this case, you’re gonna leave it open you leave it open ATC past seven days Create that audience and Then that is how you would leave it as a retargeting and then what you can do is exclude The purchases so you’ll have let’s say the best so our top audiences are seven days You content at the cart and initiate a checkout I’m going to show you and seven days all website traffic that one how you set it up as you create a new one Custom web traffic all web visitors so all website visitors past seven days all web visits Past seven days that Essentially how you create that one? So what you can do is exclude the purchases always so you’ll do create new custom website traffic Purchase in the past 180 days P. You are 180 days. Exclude And you will set that up to Exclude purchases because you obviously don’t want to target people and then it’s gonna put it on top here. What you can do is click Exclude so you exclude purchase because obviously you want to target people that have a GC one one Audience per ad sets on this case. I’m only gonna choose 80 see past seven days Exclude purchase 180 days. You don’t want to target people have already bought from you 18 is 65 you can uncheck this thing on the bottom You can either do automatic placements or you can edit placements and do both Instagram feed and Facebook feed this I mean essentially there’s no really like all devices tends to do pretty much the same as conversions in my experience, but for you You can test doing all devices and then if let’s say Facebook feeds Does a lot better then the Facebook feeds is just gonna get more traffic. This is gonna get more results It’s gonna optimize itself on Facebook. So it really depends on you I would suggest leaving and all devices If you’re just starting out Retargeting and then putting it at a low budget depending on how much traffic you have So I would put in a $5 a day and then start running it from there from $5 a day Other things to note is also the other type of audience that I would do which is the 75 percent video views So you would essentially do a create new book create new custom engagement Video and then you would do people who viewed 75% of you would choose the video and then pass 7 or pass 180 days 180 days is fine past 7 days obviously is gonna perform a lot better although video view Retargeting doesn’t really work as well as event 2 retargeting like I just talked about but you can still do that And test it so you can every niche is different. Every audience is different. So pull that HC P 180 decks exclude all placements $5 per day and then I also get this question a lot. What’s better? Conversions or reach for retargeting you want to test both? So for us conversions works a lot better, which is the one that I just showed you. This is all conversions so right you were optimizing for purchase if you have a really large audience, so let’s say you have an audience of more than 10,000 to 20,000 people on your website on a monthly basis you want to test both so you want to test purchase and reach? You want us both purchase and reach sometimes reach does better for one of my students he’s doing about 30,000 a month he Tested reach and purchase and reach is actually better So you want to test both how you create a reach campaign as you essentially do the same thing Let me actually pull that up. It will create a reach campaign in a little bit but first let me show you how you create the ad so for add text right so text for the Testing ad copies, what you want to do is test them with very aggressive intent. So if you’re doing 7-day Traffic those people know who you are. They know what your website is. They know where you’re selling so you want to test aggressively aggressively what it means is sale and soon So you want to use very aggressive ad copy a sale and soon the life get in the way We know you’re visiting your site So it’s like very just three punch it ad copy like this one that I’m gonna show you so as you can see here Did life get in the way don’t worry, I’m gonna pull that up. Whoops then life get in the way Don’t worry, the sale goes on for three more days This is our top top top top performing ad copy did life get in the way Don’t worry sale goes on for three more days. So acknowledging that they visit our website is very aggressive We’re acknowledging and they visited the website we’re saying that the sale is on We’re saying that it’s a best-seller sixty-five percent off and then three details about the product So maybe save five star reviews whatever it is. So we’re going on really hard on the actual product, right? It’s like that very aggressive for those people have visited Seven to ten days ago right there. You’re gonna remember who you are. Remember our website what you can also do is build The same winning ad that you’re using on the cold audience So if you’re using them, you know you’re obviously doing cold traffic the cold traffic ad that is doing the best you can use it on the Retargeting as well. So you’ll choose your best winning ad. Let’s say it’s like the ad that you used on the cold Targeting interest targeting brands whatever you were targeting you’re gonna use it as well for your retargeting if it’s a top return-on-investment Ad let’s say you’re making like a solid 2 to 2.5 return on investment from that ad on coal traffic you want to just use the same ad on retargeting that works really well as well instead of doing the crazy intent the hard intent ad you can use both so use the hard intent and then you can test it with the Same winning ad that you on retargeting. And then the last thing you can do is use reviews or testimonials in your ad copy so this And Then the last thing you can do is use reviews or testimonials in your ad copy so essentially letting the letting the customer know that other people have visited your website before so what you can do is here on The ad copy let me pull up the you want to just pulled up this one So for example in this ad copy what you can do is you can do the lighting the way don’t worry or something in that way and then you can put a Testimonial for one of your past customers or if you don’t have any past customers then you know if you’re starting to be targeting you Should at least get like one or two sales just so that you prove that the product sells instead of wasting on retargeting But you can have let’s say the name of the person on the top and then the reviews right? So you’d have like the name of the person or five stars and the name of the person and then the actual review? So thank you so much for this product. I love it and make it very detailed Right don’t don’t say just thank you for the order just say for example ours is a high quality soft plush soft plush toy For kids you can say thank you so much for this. You know, it’s a basic I’m not gonna say the animal that it is, but thank you so much for this Let’s say giraffe toy. Thank you so much for this giraffe toy. My daughter really loves it and then you would put that in your ad copy so that would be the Testimonial the review that you’re putting in the ad copy. This one works the best the review does really well as well for Retargeting the retargeting. So if it’s people that Visited the website. Let’s say like 30 60 180 days ago Reviews work well, because they remind them of like oh wait. Yeah. I remember this website Oh, it has a good review, but it has that impact of like bringing them back into you Bringing them back into because this like this doesn’t really make sense the life get in the way Don’t worry, the cell goes on for three more days to 180 days. That kind of doesn’t make sense So the better way to do it is by doing a review on a website putting a review on the ad putting the five little emoji stars you can for example do Do this. So, let’s pull up the stars So we would have stars here 5 stars Then you can do Melissa From Virginia. I Love this soft giraffe toy My daughter is super happy See why more than 1376 moms trust us and Then the link to your site so you would put the little emoji of the arrow here and then link So it’s also one you can use to your advantage really well is doing the five star review and the person the actual reviews of you know If you don’t have any reviews just invent something that is similar to what someone would say about a product and make it very detailed so it’s not just like some random review and then see why more than and then put a number or if you already have a lot of customers and you just put the number of the customers and then Your niche so if it’s mom’s father’s outdoor gear lovers Whatever your niche is trust us the little arrow and then the link that’s also a really good one and I suggest creating Normal ads with normal headlines. So when I suggest creating ads with like website URL Headlines here. And then what you also can do is put the reviews on the headline So what you’ll do is do and this has been working really well for us. So put four point eight out of five stars down here on the at the actual headline right or instead of the headline on the newsfeed link description and then you can say Take advantage Of our Sixty five percent off sale The solid ad copy that you can use is essentially, you know talk about the product Obviously you want to talk about the product in review and have the review be from like person That sounds real or real person that you actually have on your website and then see why more than a thousand mom’s trust us link Take advantage of our sale and then the stars on the bottom. This one is just from personal experience that works insanely Well, so if you want to go ahead and test this for past seven day This works really well for past seven day everything so passive and debut content at the cart initiated checkout past seven day I’ll website traffic and then you can also use it for the review you can use it for like old Traffic’s like 90 day 180 day But I got some metrics for retargeting You want to kind of stay in that range of frequency of one point two to two point two? so the frequency you will see it in the You will see it in the ads manager So when you pull up the actual ad here’s like Ross purchase conversion web purchases. All you have to do is choose the actual Let’s that’s great. Let’s just create this ad really quickly. Just gonna put seven figure shop calm here Yeah, all right So we’ll publish that so you publish your ad once it starts running for like the first 24 hours You want to stay at the frequency of one point two to two point two? You don’t want to go above two point two frequency means like the people that have seen your website of a hundred people How many have seen it twice and if it’s one point two then you’re messing around with like, you know Some people have seen it a couple of times some people sit at once if you’re going to the two point two It means a lot of people have seen it twice and I love you ever even see it at three times So you don’t really want to go higher than two point two three If you’re going higher than three your ad is essentially get like it’s gonna start losing performance because people are just seeing it way Too many times for CPC. It is usually higher but no higher than two point five So it’s higher than normal click values for cold traffic But it’s not it’s probably not gonna be higher than two point five You’re spending like five ten dollars without a click. You should probably pause that and get some more cool traffic into it So let’s say you know, we have this returning demo here what you can just click columns Customize columns and then put frequency And then you want to look at the frequency right here So the frequency is higher than two point two, you want to really review your your audience? Maybe it’s too slow too small and you want to get more cold traffic in before keeping retargeting in that audience The CTR since it’s retargeted You want to look for above two point five all the way just 6% because we do have audiences that like 5.56% Click the ratio. So that’s really good And you want to be above two point five not like on the cold traffic where you’re above one here You want to be above two point five around three or four because we targeted traffic right? So that’s pretty much it I mean there’s you know, you can scale with retargeting as well It’s just the more cold traffic you get onto your website the better your retargeting audiences are gonna be So go ahead and set up these the seven-day is obviously gonna be better if your store is new then you want to set up Seven and thirty if your store is pretty old you want to set up these three? And if your startup isn’t running for more than six months to a year You want to set up all of them and the website traffic as well. So seven days, and then the thirty days and the ninety days And 180 days website traffic so you want to set up all those up 75 percent video views last 7 days These are the best audiences to test with our top ones or 7 days just because of fresh and then we use this the the ad copy that I just showed you right the sale ends and three more days the life get on the way cell and Three more days or you can do the review I copy just a motor for more older audiences, but it all comes down to testing and it really comes down to the audience They’re gonna test but this essentially how you set that up. This is a science of Facebook ads and exactly what you need to do when you launch a new campaign, so Your goal with Facebook ads when launching a new campaign has to be to find a product audience ad Fit right. It’s not just about the product many people just talk about the product If you have any product a winning product are gonna win. Well, that’s partly true. You know when you find a winning product Yes, you can do a lot of better numbers and a non winning product It has to be a product audience fit because there’s a lot of tools out there that they share winning products that they share a lot of Inside and Tanisha’s and products that sell with everybody So you want to stay ahead of the competition by having that product audience ad fit, right? So you take your product let’s say your product is a winning product from you know Whether that be Aliexpress or you found it on Google or you find it on Facebook. I told you about it You found it on some other you to you know other coaches Video, whatever it is, you found that winning product. You’re gonna pick your core audience What does core audience mean core audience is defined as exactly? Two interests or behaviors right in the other face of trainings I show you how to find interest which are more brands influencers TV shows in that niche or two behaviors that are truly you truly believe People in that niche or in those interests will love this product Let’s say your product is, you know a product for people that own cars You know to clean the car or whatever it is and you’re targeting men and women 25 to 40 that are interested in a in a lot of brands of cars and they’re also Owners of cars on facebook if you’re Tori that that is your core audience Your core audience is exactly the audience that you think these people will like this product Will you pick that audience and it has to be within? It could be within two hundred thousand to two million try and get it between that those numbers two hundred thousand to two million I know that’s a big range, but you don’t want to go More than two million because it’s not gonna be really that target So you pick that target an audience to interesting behaviors or to just interest or to just behaviors that you know Those people are gonna be interested in the product and you’re gonna click on your ad from that core audience You find three or more audience that would be offshoots or variations of that core audience So that’s it’s people that like vnw and they own a car so it’s people that like Mercedes and they own a car or it’s people that like BMW and Mercedes or there’s people that for example like car repair shops like autozone or Auto auto parts repair shops. I’m like it’s called it’s called like there’s a huge brand of auto repair so you big three or four more audience that are offshoots or Variations are very similar to that that you know are gonna like this product If it’s a general product you can just pick for random audiences with different interests and behaviors that you think are gonna like this product and Then you’ve set all of those up in one campaign for that specific product that can be either a CBO with twenty to twenty five dollars per day on those four audiences or a Traditional campaign with let’s say like those four audiences at five dollars each. That’s what you’re gonna do You’re gonna pick your core audience, you’re gonna find three to four audiences. That would be options for that core audience You’re gonna send them all in one campaign and then you’re gonna run it for their after 24 hours if people don’t click the ad Right AP is theirs just if you’re spending money If you spend like 20 dollars and you got like two clicks if people are just not clicking the add at all That means your ad pretty much sucks. It’s ineffective. It’s not gonna work for that You have to go to the lesson to the module called creating converting ads crafting converting ads. It’s a great module I created it very recently. So you go and find that and make a better app So if you do that and you create an ad you probably shouldn’t have this problem if people click your product But they don’t Add to Cart. It could be either the product or the audience, right? so I say this with caution because I know I told you guys sometimes it could be the product and what I say with the product is that It could be the product price So when you’re setting it at that level a lot of people are clicking you’re getting a lot of cheap clicks You know lower than one dollar which you’re gonna talk about a little bit lower than one dollar You’re getting a lot of clicks CTR is higher than one to two percent. It’s a product price so you lower the product price of about 25% and you try a new product price if It’s not that then it’s the audience if your product is very very low price Then you try the audience’s that means you need to test More audience to see if that product has potential in the market. What you can do is test four to six more targeted audience and Audiences than the one you already tested the core and the three other ones test four to six more If that doesn’t work, if you still don’t get out to courts if you still don’t get initiated checkouts That just means the product is a loser and you need to write it off as a loser All right. So this is my process you pick a core audience you pick three or four more audiences You run it if people don’t click the add them as your ad sucks which it shouldn’t and people click but they don’t buy it’s because the product pricing you need to lower it or the audience if you Test more audiences, but they don’t work then you can just write the product off as a loser But what specific KPIs what specific key performance indicators should you look at when you’re running your ads, right? What numbers you look at? So we’re gonna look at link clicks which are essentially view contents You want to look for 10 to 20 per audience to start right 10 to 20 per audience add product So you test one ad for audience per product or one ad? For all the audience’s right has the same ad one ad one product one audience We’re shooting for less than one dollar per CBC and then we’re shooting for more. I forgot to write and send more than one percent CTR if those two criteria Man, you’re not getting lower than $1 CPC and you’re not getting higher the 1% CTR It probably isn’t going to be a winner from the first 10 to 20 clicks that you get right so this is what you have to shoot for if you’re not getting that it could be that the ad is really bad if you Follow my crafting converting ads module then it’s probably not gonna be that For at the cards you want at least one percent conversion? From the first 10 to 20 clicks. So what does that mean 10 to 20 clicks? You want to get at least 1 to 2 add 2 cards, right? Sorry, at least 10% conversion not 1 percent 10 percent conversion. So you want to get at least? 10 percent conversion to ATC from the first 10 to 20 clicks So if you get 10 to 20 clicks, you want at least 1/2 to add two cards now from initiated checkouts I forgot to Sorry about these numbers guys 5% here. Sorry, I wrote them off as 1% Huh. So Add to Cart at least 10% conversion So from those 10 to 20 clicks there you start off You want to get at least wanted to add two cards if you’re not getting them. Why is that? Because it could be the product is too expensive or just the audience to suck So you lower the price of the product and then you test the next 10 to 20 clicks. Do you get out to Cart? No, okay. Let me test more audiences. Do I do the same thing 4 to 6 audiences? It still doesn’t work still not getting out. The cards product is probably not a winner for initiated checkouts I want to get at least 5 percent conversion to initiate a checkouts from the first 30 to 40 clicks. I’m sorry. I put those numbers wrong. You want to get at least 5 percent conversion to? Initiate a checkout for the first 30 to 40 clicks. What does that mean? You want to get at least 1 to 2 initiated checkouts for the first 30 to 40 clicks? So let’s say you start an ad you get 20 clicks you get to enter cards. We’re rolling, right? The product is awesome We’re getting less than 1 1 dot CP see we’re getting a high CTR. It’s awesome Now we’re going for the checkout. We get 30 clicks 40 clicks 50 clicks. Ooh No, no check outs. What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Okay, couple things you have to go through your checkout process to make sure at the checkouts, you know, they’re processing Well if you have shipping You might want to try and lower the cost of the shipping. If you don’t have shipping you can just like, you know, keep it If you know I’m shipping is free shipping, then it’s obviously not that you just want to test the process Are there any pop-ups ruining your checkout process? Are there any apps any? scarce City things that are ruining your checkout process You want to check all that if you don’t get in the first 30 to 40 clicks? If you don’t get at least one in each year to checkout, let’s say you get like 10 out of cards. No checkouts There’s definitely a problem there, right? There’s definitely a problem in your initiated checkouts with purchases What do we want to look for shoot for a profit after the first 48 hours? So this is it’s pretty general, right? But you want to go for a profitable at set so it doesn’t have to be a profitable campaign It does have to be a profitable product. It has to be a profitable ad set and I’m gonna add that in here Profitable ad set. So you want to look for a profitable at set meaning you have the perfect? product to audience to add fit this is your goal right find the Product audience add fit because you will have some ad suits that are better than others You will have some ad sets that suck and you’ll pause the ones that suck and you’ll keep the ones that are winning. So You shoot for a pro federal accent in the first 48 hours and you want at least a conversion rate of one to two percent After like 40 clicks, so if you get you know 50 clicks You want one conversion or if you get a hundred clicks you want at least one conversion? So that’s 50 put fifty to a hundred here. So if you get 50 clicks and you get no sales Then that might just be it’s not gonna be you know, you’re not gonna get purchases if you get 50 clicks But you don’t get sales But you get a lot of initiated checkouts then keep it running because it still has potential right? Sometimes you guys tell me Hey, you know I’ve gone like 10 10 checkouts with no sales. Check your checkout process. Make sure free shipping Is there make sure pop-ups are good and then keep it running if? After 48 hours of you letting it run right you make sure that it has that add to your conversion rate That initiate checkout conversion rate But your purchase conversion rate sucks. Then you want to kill it right after you know if you get like 10 checkouts And it’s killing it you want to run it for about 48 hours Wait at least 48 hours to start killing and pausing Adsense, right? This is at the purchase level This is why ecommerce is hard to predict like anything else purchase level It’s hard to predict because you were talking about different products. We’re talking about different things here that were selling different niches different audiences. So If in the first 24 hours, these metrics are horrible initiate a checkout Add to Cart and link clicks They just suck your link. Click suck after a day your link clicks suck after you know 1224 hours then that’s ok to start bossing Adsense when it comes to the purchase level if These three metrics are done. You’re getting out the carts. You’re getting checkouts. You want to leave it for 48 hours if after 48 hours you don’t have any profitable ad sets that probably means The product is not a good fit right the product. You can write it off as a loser You can test four to six more target audiences if that doesn’t work. Then the products probably a loser So you want to shoot for at least like one sale in those first 50 to 100 clicks? So let’s actually write it off as one to two sales After yeah, that’s that’s a lot better. I’m gonna write that down. Sorry, I’ve I’ve been doing taxing today. So this is too many numbers in my head so Shoot for a profitable ad set after the first 48 hours and then you want to do one to two sales after 50 or 100 Clicks, that’s the goal That’s to go with purchases not initiate a check on Add to Cart sound line clicks You want to get at least and I’m gonna write these numbers. So wanted to Check out For the first 30 to 40 clicks at least one to two 80 see There we go After courts, at least 1 to 2 in the first 10 to 20 clicks initiated checkouts At least 1 to 2 in the first 30 to 40 clicks purchases at least 1 to 2 in the first 50 to 100 clicks and Obviously having a profitable at set what you can do is start The ad sets that don’t work and then just keeping the ad sets that work Best data is to look at three two to three days data So two to three days obviously is gonna work a lot better if you have some sales, but you’re not profitable yet You want to leave that for two to three days to see if? You can kill all the bad ad sets and you’re still having some profitable ad sets if you don’t have any profitable ad sets after 48 hours You want to test more audiences like I talked about here in the in the in the section test four to six more targeted audiences And that still doesn’t work. You can ride the product off as a loser Well, you can make sure is if you have a lot of check outs, you know, you have a lot of sales But not that many is you want to make sure abandoned carts are on there You want to make sure you’re retargeting you want to make sure you’re you know, you’re obviously doing the most to get those sales so you have abandoned cart Sequences You have SMS foam you have re cart you have Retargeting Campaign whether that be dynamic retargeting or normal retargeting. I talked about that in the crafting converting ad section You can check it there how to write a proper retargeting ad as long as you have these four things running You can follow this metric after 48 hours start killing Unprofitable ad sets and if after two to three days, right 48 to 72 hours You don’t have a profitable ad set right an ad set that essentially is making you money with that sale You can write that product off as a loser. These are metrics for you to follow right now, right? These are essentially the metrics that you can fall from now on to you know Essentially kill these products and as I wrote down here You don’t want to spend more than 125 percent of the product price on an ad set on an ad set Without a sale, if you do it’s not a winning product or your audience isn’t a fit so that’s essentially what I mean I’m gonna take this out because I explain it on the top, but let’s say your product cost Fifty dollars and you spend let’s let’s make it easier. Let’s say it costs $40 Your product prices $40 and you? Spent 50 which is 125 percent without a sale in an ad set You pause Doesn’t matter if you have a bunch of checkouts, there’s a matter of yah two cars as a matter of your link clicks as Long as you have these in place abandoned car sequences as a mass bump recon targeting you spend 50 bucks for a $40 product Without a sale and an odd set. You kill it the product audience Add fit isn’t there If you don’t get any sales after like 48 hours, that probably isn’t a winning product right? You want to test if you test even for audiences here on the top But you picked your core and then you build three to four more audiences and that doesn’t work It’s just not gonna work at least one or two of those is gonna work if not you got to go back to the drawing board and Pick a new product try and find a new product and then go from there guys. This is ecommerce. It’s not easy, right? It’s simple you can break it down into words, but it’s there’s a lot of machinery to it There’s a lot of math to it There’s a lot of testing products again and again and again to find a winner But once you find that product Audience fit you’re gonna kill it from there And that’s how you make those 10k days and I showed you guys how to make all right Thank you so much for checking out this full in-depth step-by-step face of gaps for e-commerce course for 2019 2020 2021 whenever you are watching this this course is applicable So what to do now start implementing when you learn the course start creating some good-ass start Analyzing your ass better with my strategies and then start to scale Kidnap potential on your thousand even 200 thousand even have a really knowledge Let me say one the second thing check out the ecommerce secrets mentoring program that is my one on one mentoring program where I take you I become your mentor and I take you personally to $100,000 per month that’s cold with literally everyone in the mentoring program. I have multiple students I’ve gotten to that level a lot of Sooners got 10,000 20,000 50,000 and then I will see 100 to $150,000 so check out that program out The link is in the description and then the third thing schedule a free one on one call in I sent about it mentoring is a right fit for you or if you’re the right fit for mentoring with me schedule a free 101 call it’s a first link in the description schedule If you want to call with me to talk to me figure out the right Strategy for you and figure out if you’re the right fit for mentoring, so take it to the next level implement The course is the the things that you learn in this course And if you want a special module just like I promised the special. What a Module that I created from a mentoring program All you have to do is comment Secrets comments secrets down in the comment section. If you comment secrets I’ll send you that product testing and Scaling module that I did for my inner circle last week It’s only for them for my mentoring program But in the comments secrets down below and your engage for the channel you help us grow. I’ll send it to you right away Thank you so much for watching subscribe to this channel like this video if you liked it share it share this pre-course with everybody that needs it and again, Like this video subscribe to this channel click the notification bell for videos just like this one amazing project a lot of value Thank you for watching. I will see you guys in the next

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  14. Secret. It’s might be my dump question, but when we about going to create FB ad and build the audience EtC. Do I should use my personal FB or create news FB account just for the businesses? I am very serious about this!

  15. Please, how do I do all this and I am at the beginning I do not have any visits and you talk about 30/60 days and I am in the first day What ever in what is the ideal option at the beginning until I come to this stage I do not have any visit and I need you to Determines how to start

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