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[FREE COURSE] Expert Tips For Facebook Ads & Winning Product Research For Beginners 2019

[FREE COURSE] Expert Tips For Facebook Ads & Winning Product Research For Beginners 2019

Hey everyone, it’s Ricky back here with another daily video beginning a lot of people who are interested in various Various things that they want topics covered on In today’s video. I thought that it seems to be coming up a lot about Obviously Facebook marketing in the store, I’m gonna be making a part two of the store soon. So just be patient It’ll likely be tomorrow. It’s just being very Strict for time at the moment, but I wanted to go into the marketing tips For Facebook to help you all a lot of people are asking me about this and that’s understandable I’ve seen a number of your ad campaigns. It’s the number of your stores and in my opinion, they’re all very impressive At the end of the day there is no one such perfect Strategy for anything including what I do. It just it works for me and I try and provide that value to okay Like it’s it’s you’ve got to keep it simple because the thing is the more complex you make it the more hairs You’re gonna pull out. All right, so I do this for the clients that I help as well So this this strategy will apply to you all obviously there are differences, but this is a general overview. Okay, so Facebook marketing you want to go straight for purchase? I’m going to make an actual ad and show you how to do this How I do it anyway, and it’s very simple I’ve sort of shown in a previous unit of our shoulder game and that’s fine Don’t use PPE ads. Okay. I have tried PPE and PPE does as the name suggests and it Looks for engagement and you can get sales. I have gotten sales and they have been profitable ads, but I just You speak you watch any course you Speak to any other successful drop shipper or marketer in general about this strategy and the one thing that Where everyone ends up is in a website Conversion ad most likely for purchase. Okay at the end of day. It’s Everyone ends up there. So I skip all the crap and go straight there This this myth and I didn’t Did putting their number thing, but anyway Seasoned Pixel myth The whole seasoning of a pixel is a myth when you’re starting off with and that’s why people go PPE so that they can Start gathering some cheaper data to then make a website conversion is the idea of it. I Have tried that and personally there’s no way of even gauging if it’s made a major difference There’s no way of gauging that that’s there’s a lot of myths out there that I’m kind of sick of seeing all these myths That these big in guys talk about and they can talk about they’re probably better than me and good for them But I think it’s nothing but a myth, there’s no substance behind anything or what they say. No nothing like The Facebook pixel is designed to get your objective. Okay, that’s the improving it every day and So it’s what billions of uses the data so just go straight for purchase don’t Go for PPE. A lot of people ask me about PPE I don’t do PPE if I wanted engagement on an ad I would do PPE if I wanted likes on my page I would do a likes campaign to India because I would just get like like like like but I don’t want that I Don’t care for likes I don’t care. I don’t get many comments. I don’t get a huge amount of shares. Why? Because I ran carousel carousel don’t get as much engagement as like a video a video does for instance so It’s less work For me anyway because you know, you have to go. Hey nice to hear from you get yours here. So anyway Season pixel is nothing more than a myth. Anyway, I Have gone straight out to purchase on a new pixel and gotten sales I’ve gone Australia on the new pixel gone peepee and not gotten sales and stuff like it’s made no difference again, it’s nothing more than Calculated guessing. So I You know all these people that do that strategy if it works for them good, but it doesn’t work for me And so I’m not doing it so Don’t ever think your interest targeting again go purely off so Won t Go purely off why you got you know again, this is different per person but again if you are doing I’ll show you this actually like something likes a Skulls t-shirt what comes to mind for you have a think about for a moment, but for me immediately? I think well skulls and t-shirts. There we go. We’ve got two interests and Straightaway, there we go. I have an audience I would go skills interest online shopping because now people that likes girls I like t-shirts and they love online shopping wouldn’t you say? Logically that that would be a pretty detailed and targeted audience Three seconds of thinking that doesn’t take much, okay A lot of people have been asking me for the definition of different words WC website conversion so conversion being your can your sending traffic to your website with the Desire to get a conversion which is a purchase hence wires go straight for purchase whether you’re doing for ATC VC so ATC add to can view content VC IC initiate checkout API ad payment info. I didn’t know that in Now we’re you mainly want to use these is for Your ll ace okay, which is look-alike audiences. It’s a very easy to set up an Advanced method and you don’t do that until you start getting sales on your store a good amount of sales. That is Because you’ll be sending traffic so you can do it off to start with view content our ways Add to Cart Allies Purchase allies and share checking allies. I had payment info LA’s video views analyzer didn’t at that end sorry, BB video views video viewed 3 seconds 10 seconds 25 percent 50 percent 75 percent ninety nine ninety five percent You can’t actually do 100 percent Facebook to find 95 percent. There’s technically a hundred percent And you can do LS off everything in that that in itself You can make llas for the rest of your life and still not have made enough Retargeting as name suggests. Is that someone that’s hypnotist or your retargeting them in a previous video sort of outline this DPA again DPA dynamic product ad which is your catalog of items on your store and it’s through the catalog sales Optimization I’ll run through that momentarily But you can see how You know people sell course isn’t that for this staff, but it’s really it’s not that hard every day I’m seeing posts of people that say it isn’t hard because it really isn’t you just have to try and get some guidance and that’s why I want to give this info because Frankly, a lot of people didn’t give me this info and it was all sort of having an ask question and trying to get blood Out of a stone and I think it’s just wrong. You know, I think that we’re all here to make a bit of cash I Make a bit of cash and I’m happy and why would I want to then make a course just to fleece you all your cash When I think that’s completely inappropriate and it goes against my personal beliefs. So that’s why I give this info I’ve already had some feedback that people get me to do that. I’ll give it up too much info And people have been ask me More for causes I could make a course Perfectly happy doing this. I have other things in my life that I want to do and I might Wait and see but right now not happening. I Use Facebook to find products okay, and Type in the search field get yours here. So I queue. So before we get to that actually sorry. I’ll just show you the Ad manager this was just on Some old store. I just used an emblem there But you can see how there’s heaps of different objectives and it’s important to use the right objective Like if you’re trying to get leads for a business Then you go Allegiant. If you want video views now video views and engagement of funny. They’re very similar If you’d ever want to do PP, you don’t go video views go engagement brand awareness Again, I’m not gonna like brand awareness is if you’re wanting to promote your brand reach just hitting as many people as possible Traffic is you’re sending people to? a page Engagement is they’re going to engage in your post app installs install on your phone video views. They’re watching your video Legion send to a page and get their contact info email address all of that Messages is messenger messages So you can do it that way store visits are so conversions is website conversions as I said before catalog sales DPA ads same thing at just different terminology store visits is physical store visits okay physical store visits your and The thing is this might sound ridiculous. But every one of these Facebook has so much data that they have people that that they know people well that if someone is trying to Build their brand and you’re going brand awareness Well, then you’re they’re going to try and hit people that are more interested in brands if you’re trying Traffic it all find people that are just going to click your link and go go go You might be running a blog so you want heaps of traffic so that they then go to your blog or something Happen stores, if you’re running an app and you want to get people installing your app, so then you can sell them in ingame cells or whatever crap in there in their app Then you do that if you want people that are likely to buy this is where you do convergence And that’s why for us you skip the crap and go for the kill Again, a seasoned pixel. I found makes no difference it helps you As you start getting more sales but starting out. It’s nothing but a myth you can not get sales Without going peepee in the the latest pixel that you’ve all seen I have not gone Peepee at all pure I just literally went purely Website conversion purchase and it worked I have just worked and it’s working, you know today hit 2800 and sales 650 in in advertising a bit higher But again still a highly profitable day, you know, but anyway that’s beside the point I want to get into this so you can see website conversion. I just want to quickly run through this catalog sales So again conversions you name it? Whatever but again, just follow it. You’ll have an ad account just follow the prompts pretty easy as I said like the interest targeting just Always use online shopping is one target mobile Facebook feed and Instagram feed one day click And then put in your interest targeting your you’re going to be most likely targeting women for a lot of these products Obviously it depends but men or women English-speaking most likely is their language and the countries so you start with the big five generally It really depends like if you have done a lot of research and you’re very confident then you do it different But generally that’s where you start. It doesn’t need a huge amount of explanation you Every one is a bit different. There’s no one-size-fits-all That’s why I’m trying to explain time and time again that don’t get too caught up in it I used to get really caught up in audience inside the perfect audience blob-like now Now I just go off by purely gut feeling and I just follow it and I just test it I test it You don’t know if you don’t test it. Okay, and that’s why all these myths about PPE to purchase it’s nothing more than myth. You can’t split test that. All right, so you sort of can But why why would you you can’t optimize a PPE you can optimize a website? Conversion so that they’re very two very different things so with that being said I Wanted to then go back to this one and speak about Briefly going into product research and it really is this simple, okay Now you can buy stores off shop for exchange. You can do all of this You can get someone to do product research for you. And as you scale you will but I’m starting out You’re marketing the Facebook and Instagram. So why don’t you use them? There’s a million different theories out there there’s thievery oh there’s Watch count there’s Amazon and I make videos on this that are very long some of my newest video. So oldest videos But again, I found time time again their Simplicity is always best because I’m not going to pull out my hair’s or pull out my hair all day trying to find one prop when they could have found 10 products and Tested them all like these viral trending products that works but do you want to spend all day I’m presuming not and I’m presuming a lot of you work and I presume a lot of you Have families and other commitments which is perfectly reasonable So these trending products so a lot of general stores, obviously, you know, they do Need products that are warned about with that being said, you know we can get away with it You can do a want or a need of course. That’s why I like a general niche You can have a want to enter need in the store. Not just Need near need which is more general So I already prepared one here L is good truly just me typing in and get yours here As you can see, this is just on a separate Facebook You know I called Andrew just purely stuffing around trying to get ad spam for the account so I can spy on others you can see I talked and getting yours here and I feel I’m crazy skills has a half a million likes and They’re purely drop shipping. You can tell they’re drop shipping because Last 39 units and stop don’t missing out they have huge amounts of engagement and People really like it You can see that they’re targeting third-world countries You know when targeting their work countries when there’s a hmph or how much? They always do that in the third-world countries and that’s not being Unfair but see then you just click the link. So they’re good. They’ve got a Google shortener URL this was done over half a year ago and you can see they’ve got a drop shipping store trends Hill and You can see here there see what I mean by people who have contact me with the most complex one of them complex stores and people Want these amazing stores and that’s cool. That’s cool But at the end of the day, it’s the product that speaks and what they’ve done is they’ve just used a simple thing This is just a free theme and pretty sure this is Brooklyn or des baux And you can see that they’ve modified it just a little bit They’ve got a good description because they want to start out with a couple of sentences But this is copy paste Okay for great reasons to buy from us and then the product description you can see nothing amazing Specifications and then they add that on the end, you know extremely high demand, which is just an absolute lie It’s just because they’re using a packet drop shipping So you can see how like on this product to some just aside from sending it up so it looks nice This is their description and they probably would have outsourced tests. Just paid someone on up work to do it You can see that they got reviews now. They’ve got a reviews widget again that most likely just Purely from Aliexpress. You can see on sale. They’ve got an app that shows Australia. So, you know higher conversions You can see that really trying to upsell these different scale items there are so there a general niche as I’ve always said it can be general but in mesh see how that they’re Specifically the niche is skulls But everything within scales is general so sunglasses hoodies Leggings watches dresses and there is a big amount of people that are interested in skulls and Clearly they’ve done. Well, there’s an add-in called ecommerce inspector So a commerce inspector and you can see here You can see that in the free mode is all you need. You can see sales products You can see that they’re constantly testing new products these people. This is why that they Get the sales that they do Because if we go to traffic you can see that they’ve got a huge amount of traffic on the first of June 129,000 so they get a lot of traffic but they’re targeting third world countries as well. You can see how from this just from this Quick example now we can see sorry. I forgot to show you Yeah, they’re using Brooklyn exactly as I thought they’re using Brooklyn Except that they don’t have it. So that’s they have it. So it’s tact I have it So it’s it’s thumb now, that’s how I prefer to build. My stores is thumbnail. So it’s like a carousel scrolling across I’m finally look like carousel anyway, realistically But you can see how free theme Brooklyn and they get heaps of traffic. Why? Why do I am need to buy booster theme? What do I need to buy optimized these all work? Well? People ask me this all the time Brooklyn works period Because it’s clean it’s easy and that’s all you need So you can see here is well, you can see you can steal or from they use it a retarget app They don’t know Facebook marketing. You never use a retarget app. They charge a premium. You can just use a DPA it simple I don’t know that’s on my stores too. I don’t know what hell it is, but it’s like something stupid That don’t know will you use that as well? You can see it’s a general me ship works. Well, really? Oh is a great product especially with recap you can see here that they use an app called cross cell So they’re trying to get cross outs, which is down the bottom McAfee secure they’ve probably installed it but you can see it’s not running others would see the widget Looks they’re using looks So this is the currency conversion Yeah, so they’re using that I use best currency converter and that’s what’s showing the little emblem of Australia Whereas I like it where it just has aud/usd Because it works using an easy contact form, which is this and they’re running in free mode because that’s where you see soda box Otherwise that watermark would not be there using timers It’s disappeared, but they use time and so I don’t use timers anymore. They’re using hot charts so they can watch their audience They’re also using lucky or lucky orange. So they can watch their audience. They’re two very different pieces of software hot jar I prefer over lucky orange just because you can do a lot more customization in it pixel perfect is An app that is like track afire. I don’t use pixel. Perfect. I Use purely tracker files for optimizing your ads making new campaigns and so on and so forth Social media is just that they got the message of my card back. See I use read cart, but cart back is a Form of messenger remarketing, which is this here and you can see how just from those apps How they would be getting good sense and straight away from this We’ve been out now we can steal heaps of products. You can see what products that Recently released look at all these so two days ago a day ago They would just have people that are just finding these products see again fashion Jewelry fashion jewelry, you know, this is a men’s and women’s because men obviously are interested in skills as much as women You can see how simple this is This is not hard at all and I’ve been able to find all this information just from this You can see how they just have a nice fuller Nothing I make I’ve even had people talk about or don’t have power by Shopify. Well to me it actually adds authority to the website so I have it on my store Add to Cart see how it’s green a Number of stores like to have it black whatever for boutique. That’s fine. That’s up to you You can see how again they have this because it is in u.s. Your their stories in u.s. You go check out and You’ll see wonder if they have conversion pirate. I think they do. Yes They do see how they use conversion pirate and see they they they can be doing a better job I see this way too many times I don’t know why conversion program and fix it But they put by default 34 to 45 with a dot rather than a comment now Most people want to notice that but it just shows that these people aren’t actually that good In my opinion that stuff to me irritates the living shit out of me So you can see how they’re not running an income up cell they sort of are but underneath it and but the the Products are good. They’re clearly doing well, so I’m not going to argue that you can see here They have this similar to this is exactly what I do with my store Our happy customers. I don’t have that about us contact our shop FAQ track your order. They’re probably using after ship. I Know they’re using another app Yeah, so I don’t know why they use them but they use them, but basically you can see here I’ll get yours here And so go away comments Some mug that I presume changes color or something You know, so don’t do that it’s illegal guys more on something to do with Harry Potter You can see, you know scrolling down Again further down get fit, you know you so we’ll go posts. It’s more specific and You’re gonna see if we go see all sorry I’ve got my mic here and I do apologize for yesterday too with the mic issues. That was a fail and a half And you can see here, you know like a gadget So some people like that, this is a product that I’ve seen a lot you can see here look at the amount of From blue Krait I want one Trending product that sold a lot. You can see shit-ton amount of it views and stuff and they’re sending them to blue crate and This is another drop shipping store. You can tell and So they are a general store. That works. Well again, I don’t do it but That’s funny You can see how like they have affiliates warehouse they also use Zota Box Add to Cart buy with PayPal they’ve modified this I think this is a paid theme Retina here that’s on the Shopify store paid theme You can see I don’t know if that’s actually true That’s pretty cool I do like that I might actually see what that is, but you can see here That they’re you know, they’ve been testing a lot new products and that recently seeing that product a lot Seeing that product, you know, you can this heaps approach would be be upon hats geez But you got items for everything and this is again a general store you can test shit tons of things but you can see how there’s a common theme that it’s not hard to find these these people have made a lot of sales because they’ve Boosted a post on a well-known page you can see here again, you know free shipping bar free shipping Barclay video we leo Is your contact form again? It’s very horrified. Hi. Cha full story Rika can’t hook track afire. But the wife’s interest me. I’m gonna have a look Well You can see how again, you know, how much you can learn from doing this. They got all these different categories. You got auto tracking They’ve made a nice product page, but then you can go track my order and They’re using after ship. That’s the after ship widget so they Do it so that they try and keep the issues down most orders arrive in two weeks However, you know, it’s like you can you can copy this. It’s an image. I presume it’s an image They’ve just made an image with a page and they’ve put in the code for track mail order if we go to their Facebook page You can see that I don’t have a huge amount of folders because they’re just boosting posts. They’re probably using satellite pages of stuff You can see they’ve got their catalogue connected here though. You can 12th of July so they are They are putting stuff up here No ads to show. Yeah, they’re using fan pages, but you can see how They they’re finding heaps of general items that look they’re cool. But But yeah, it’s like there’s a number of ways of going about it what I’m I guess an illustrating here is Just how easy it is to find drop shipping stores Go to there check it out initiate check here and then leave because then you’ll get retargeted them You can see how these are all very general items if you want to do something niche for your niche You know, you just do the exact same thing it just this girl and We will find you know, like products This is skull and more, you know, like that’s most likely drop shipped so you can see how You can just find these items just from a few keyword terms for skulls. I imagine t-shirts and that would be pretty popular You got heaps and heaps and heaps again that ones popped up then look at that one and You’ve just got heaps of items and you know, you can put get yours here and get you to your skull get yours here today Simple that’s all I do when doing prior research and you’ll find products that do well you can put 50% Off today because this is these are marketing strategies that people use to try and sell products. That guy’s familiar as hell But awesome gadgets, you know, you can see here 50% off today so I gave product a try and wash your car The list goes on and basically that’s what I’m illustrating here is that it doesn’t look at this whatever This is to help clean out him but basically you can see how This you can get a lot of sales just by Finding products like this and that’s all you need to do All you need to do So just follow this and product descriptions again one to two sentences if we go back Look at that one to two, you know to three sentences. Let’s eat. That’s all you need Just something so them to a page as long as they see what it is. It looks nice. They feel comfortable You have all of this That’s all you need to do, and it’s nothing Amazing what these people do they’re nothing amazing. I’m nothing amazing It’s just purely I’ve spent a lot of time doing this so I know what to look for but that’s all you Need to do so. I hope that has covered a Lot of questions that people have I will be continuing on with making the Shopify store to show you Bit more of the detailed approach of how you install the apps. Okay like like subscribe and comment below if you like this video, you know, give me the thumbs up I Again, appreciate the comments and subscribe. I will be providing a video every day Unless I’m sick a video every day to try and help you along with your journey. Ok and Interact with me. I have a group on Facebook now I made a page silly me mistake, but it’s called Shopify dropshipping lifestyle I’ve got a little bit of work to do there to update it But join that group I will accept you, you know We’re going to grow quick I feel because I’m gonna give a lot of free content and people want to join I want to build a community of people where we can help each other. Ok. I’m sick of this crap of Just making a course it’s about purely helping each other and that’s what we’re all going to do. Ok Let’s all get it out of the 9 to 5 together. It’s not about being rich. It’s about being time Rich in what you love doing? Alright, so That’s pretty much all from today. Thank you very much until tomorrow. I’ll talk to you then

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