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Fox News Ads CRUSH Tucker Carlson

Fox News Ads CRUSH Tucker Carlson


100 thoughts on “Fox News Ads CRUSH Tucker Carlson

  1. I'm a cable cutter,. Because with bish a couple of years ago I couldn't get a package that didn't have fox news in it…

  2. John's ad revenue would go up a lot if we pick up a couple Russian gals and sail across the arctic…okok… he can bring his fiance.

  3. Attacking white supremacy's economy is the only way to bring it down.. Start with the advertisers on Fox Noise..

  4. This will change very little. Tucker has embarrassed the corporate class. They will at best find another Tucker to replace him with.

  5. Fox News is nothing less than tbe media arm of tbe GOP, so even if their advertising and subscription revenue is drastically cut they'll still get funding to continue.

  6. The low IQ trolls in this thread are fucking hilarious. They resort to name calling in emulation of their dear leader. My condolences to those who support drumpf. 16 months from now he will be indicted.

  7. So, in the likes of the, #TheYoungTurks, you guys are shitheads rolled out of the same shit.. anti-American! How clever! Losers! Bums!

  8. Good. It is the only way to get him off the air. Insist that companies feel the pain in their sales if they ARE still advertising on his show. I’d like to make an effort to pressure companies to withdraw from FOX “News” altogether.

  9. Þucker,, if you're listening, my cousin has 2 used car lots, he's always looking for people to push his junkers. 😁

  10. I like the idea of consumers insisting on FOX-FREE cable/satellite packages! That is an excellent idea!

  11. GOOD 🖕 sucker carlson racist piece of shit devil Terrorist PSYCHOPATH SAVAGE😈👿👹👺💀☠👻💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  12. I pray for the day that Cunter Retardson is off the air. Lucifer, if you're listening, get your spawn back into hell where he belongs!

  13. Good , this should teach him that his rhetoric is disgusting & disgraceful . I wouldn’t want to have my business associated with such a Racist Sexist Homophobic presenter & the fox channel.


  15. The question is how do we even get cable and streaming to give us the choice to not buy fox news in the package. I don't care if they sell it to others but I want the option to take it out of my package.

  16. Tucker is amazing. You indocitriated leftist cannot silence or censor him for too much longer. The right will rally behind him.

  17. Eliminate TUCKER, Eliminate FOX NEWS,
    Eliminate the CLOWN PRINCESS !! THAT would truly MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !

  18. Demonically driven misogynist homicide. Demonically driven racist homicide. Demonically driven loud ethnic slander.


  19. Petitions were circulating on Twitter to boycott advertisers while Tucker was on "vacation." There were about 15 companies. They were set up to send a direct tweet to each advertiser stating that you refused to do business with them!
    Aparently, it worked!

  20. This has happened before with Tucker, they eventually get replaced or come back. Much ado about nothing. FOX is still the biggest Network. Money is money…and advertisers know that. CNN can't get anything for their time, ditto for MSNBC…

  21. Tucker Carlson seeks a new job, and if he show enough support for the Donald's father, he is more likely to be offered a position in the Administration…. who knows, the Republican Party is still the Governing Party featuring "Moscow Mitch…" Trump cannot be regarded as a President….period..! His Administrative Staff are certainly not of the highest standard….

  22. We used to live near Tucker Carlson's alma mater, Trinity College, which I'd call the Covvington High School of universities. It's filled with a bunch of douchebag rich kids like Tucker Carlson, with their bowties and date rapist smirks walking to class. Very pretentious pricks if you ask me.

  23. He is a racist he's going too far it's time for him to go Fox News regardless of anything they care about the ratings in the money money go ratings go down he's gone

  24. Everybody should boycott Fox News they're racist and divisions they have hate I used to watch them when they started talking about hate and they went too far Fox News is disgusting I do not watch it and I watched it for 10 years

  25. Media Matters are filthy lying communist scum. This Far Left presenter is LYING when he says Carlson has said racist comments, he NEVER has. I know this b/c I've checked with 3 different dictionaries & NOTHING he has ever said meets their definition of 'racist'. What kind of totalitarian minded scumbag asks companies not to advertise with a particular person simply b/c there are communist scum who don't agree with the comments?

  26. 1:18, most advertisers don't even know they are advertising on Tucker's show. This is why I get my news from Yahoo. To shrink my brain.

  27. Just like that they stopped talking about Russia

    What happen to the Collusion Delusion?

    Just shout RACIST until the election, that's the plan?

  28. Tucker Carlson, like many white people in the US, don't know they are racist because that's just how they grew up.

    They've never seen the hardships black people talk about so they dismiss it as nonsense.

    Their family are good people otherwise & the racial bias doesn't harm anyone in their white community so what's the problem?

    It only becomes a problem IF they eventually meet or work with a group of educated black people and slowly realise what they've been told amounts to sh*t. That they've spent so much time being so wrong on that particular issue.

  29. It is nothing more than a propaganda channel for the alt right aka the white supremacist and corporate industrialist. Murdoch and his rich buddies want to screw over the working people with their agenda of low taxes for the richest 1% and they needed a propaganda outlet to make this acceptable to the common folk. This outlet is fox. Since nobody will accept their corporate agenda, they needed to make a coalition that is going to be their base. 1. White Supremacist. 2. "Evangelicals" 3. NRA. These 3 groups have their own agenda and don't mind the corporate agenda if it means they will get what they want.
    Want proof of what is the priority of the republican party? In the time they had the presidency, the house, and the senate. They could only pass 1 major legislation. Is it an anti immigrant bill for the White Supremacist base? No. Is it an anti abortion bill for the "Evangelicals"? No. Is it a loosening of gun rules for the NRA? Nope.
    It is a tax cut for the wealthy. That is the only one that fox cares about. Murdoch and his buddies who has private jets and multiple yacht. They don't care about you, the working folk. They are just taking you for fools.

  30. According to this article, "Cost of Tucker Carlson Tonight ads nearly doubles despite boycotts". he still has plenty of sponsors and viewership is up. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/cost-of-tucker-carlson-tonight-ads-nearly-doubles-despite-boycotts.

  31. half of FOX's viewers aint even really VIEWING them… 🚫👀 they're mostly older ppl that'll just turn it on, outta habit, &then they go clean house or they go fall asleep… but for the 1's that DO watch it…. 😳 … man, i see why their viewers are always so angry… the way they insult & criticize & the fact that they're always screaming at every1… 😲 YIKES!! … just…. don't even get me started…. 🙄 cuz there's SO MUCH that i could say about FOX… – my most recent issue i have with them, is the fact that they wanna shut their comment section "OFF" & silence the ppl. (that sh!t REALLY chaps my asss❗) they just wanna tell u what to believe & u aint allowed to ask any questions… just like the fukin Briefing Room & the god-dam tweets…. let me stop…. cuz i swear man… i could go all night.. (i just really DON'T wanna do that) they got ISSUES!!

  32. I don't watch 🦊 news or tv. I will never buy a product advertised on fox, period 👎. I don't support hate!

  33. Tucker, you may be on Fox, but money talks. Losing ad revenues isn’t going to make the bosses happy. Such a silly little man.

  34. Who the hell is the bonehead being 'interviewed'?. Joe Dumbo with a couple of guitars.

    Nothing wrong with Carlson, only the retards who don't like him because he speaks much truth.

  35. Tucker must be hitting a nerve. Yeah So many people are leaving FOX that they are destroying every other cable news station. Tucker is suffering so badly he is the #2 cable news show. FOX = white nationalism? You are lunatics.

  36. Fake Nazi propaganda on display this dude did a study on his own anti real news attack and found out he is doing great and yes they are Nazi i did a study to validate my claim

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