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Fox Host Laura Ingraham STILL Losing Advertisers Months After Controversy

Fox Host Laura Ingraham STILL Losing Advertisers Months After Controversy

Fox News host Laura Ingraham is still having
trouble getting advertisers to come to get program almost 10 months after she attacked
David Hogg, the Parkland shooting survivor. Now, in case you’re not familiar, at the time,
Laura Ingraham made fun of David Hogg. And then later on, a couple weeks, maybe a
couple of months later, she went on and made comments about the children in cages on the
southern border and said it was basically a summer camp. Well, both of those things, mainly the attacking
the Parkland survivors, caused a massive advertiser boycott for Laura Ingraham and she lost a
ton of advertisers. She went from about 229 different brands advertising
on her program to 71. The network itself lost about 30% of their
revenue from that program according to a new report in Politico. And the advertisers aren’t coming back, which
is actually what’s quite remarkable about this. Because even Fox News’ ad executives have
kind of been scratching their heads in recent weeks wondering why the advertisers aren’t
coming back. One woman, her name is Marianne Gambelli,
she’s the head of ad sales for Fox News, said that usually they’d go quiet and come back,
but that hasn’t happened right now. And the real kicker is that Laura Ingraham
pulls in an average of about 2.7 million viewers a night. She is the fourth most watched cable news
talk show host in the United States, behind Hannity, Tucker, Maddow, and then it’s Ingraham. And she’s only got about 80 advertisers right
now. According to the report, these are what they
call the bottom-of-the-barrel bottom feeders who are willing to advertise on her show. Because they understand it’s toxic, but by
God, they don’t care where their ads show up, they just need the exposure. So you’re getting all these crappy companies
with crappy morals advertising on this crappy show that for some reason, a couple million
people every night decide to tune in to. But the big-money advertisers are gone. The big-money advertisers are not coming back,
and that is starting to freak out Fox News. They assumed that all the advertisers would’ve
come back, probably, by the end of the summer. Well, we’re halfway through October right
now, heading in to November, and they’re not coming back. So at this point, if money is what matters
to this network, they’re going to be faced with a really tough decision pretty soon. Yeah, Laura Ingraham’s hugely popular, but
she’s also hugely toxic. And if you’re starting to lose money on her
program, might be time to cut her loose and replace her with somebody who may not be as
offensive and disgusting for advertisers to want to come back to your network. Until then, good luck pushing these pillars
of hatred on the United States. Because the next time they come out there
and they have some vile, horrible comment to make about somebody who’s gone through
one of the worst experiences anyone could imagine, we’ll be right back there with another
advertiser boycott to cost you viewers, and your network even more money.

100 thoughts on “Fox Host Laura Ingraham STILL Losing Advertisers Months After Controversy

  1. one thing I know, this economy cannot sustain itself. I was invested in the NASDAQ and it's great while it's going up… But the law of physics… you may have a long time to ride it out. be prepared peeps. our deficit will Doom us.

  2. Black don't crack she looks horrible very old looking if she didn't have stolen money she'd look homeless can't have it all

  3. Voting with our dollars is one thing that still works !
    Boycott on we have the numbers & none of the the republican Boycotts have gone anywhere They tried Target Rachel Maddow . These are the real polls backed up with our dollars .

  4. Fuck her. The only human on this earth who hates immigration but her kids are immigrants. I just want to know are we sending her immigrant children back to their country?

  5. Give us a list of her 79! Sounds like we need to inform them of a BOYCOTT!!! Serves the racist bitch right!!!

  6. Listen, I won't be shedding any tears for Faux News or Laura Ingraham, but maybe don't sound so darn jubilant about it, Farron. It comes across as unnecessary mean-spirited.

  7. The smug entittled bitch just got what she deserved. All of those fake news folks on fox should heed the example. This made my day!

  8. Good old laura reminds me of another ignorant bimbo by the name of kellyanne conway. Both dyed blondes and both hopelessly and irreversibly stupid and shamelessly, unabashed liars. Wow, two low grade morons separated at birth, but with the same low level of intelligence. Maybe both tasted of the trumpster's fountain of arrogance.

  9. Geeeeez… I have no clue why that might be ?!?!? Perhaps because she's a massive bitch ?!?! Yeah.. I'm gonna go with that.

  10. Dear Laura you need too find a new job something else let's see want you can do. I have a ideal how about the wonderful world of fast food. You and the rest of the you loser on Fox News could also work together in the fast food would.


  12. Fox News Channel is a terrorist organization masquerading as a "news bureau" and Laura Ingraham is one of its chief propagandists and provocateurs.

  13. TWO MAJOR US COMPANIES THAT ARE SAFE AND SECURE : Starbucks and Patagonia. Of course, I am sure, and I do hope, there are more. These are the two names that are coming to my mind.

  14. The advertising demo avoids FOX like the plague. Not just because the owl droppings that fall out of her piehole every night are toxic,
    but the audience is averaging 67 years old. Advertisers aren't interested in old people. Before anyone gets bent, I'm 62 years old and out of the preferred demo. CNN makes more money with their small audience because the viewers aren't old & crabby conservatives that don't have a lot of disposable income. CNNs viewers are more likely to buy a new car or drink more beer or take a night out for a meal. CNN charges much more per minute & sells all the time available around the clock. FOX pushes invest in gold coin commercials. Not the highest paid clients in the world.

  15. Of all the people in the entire world who deserve heavy criticism, this woman picked a school shooting survivor. Let's just let that marinate for a bit. No matter how pro-gun you may be, if you cannot see how someone who nearly died and whose friends were brutally gunned right before your eyes might not share your point of view…then I honestly don't know what to say. If, on top of all that, you see fit to attack these kids whose lives were brutally thrown off course, you are a moral monster.

  16. I dont know why Fox hasnt fired Laura Ingraham, a racist, psycho, Right-Wing dirtbag who needs to sit her ugly flat chested azz down somewhere. Is she really a woman anyway? What box does she check under "Gender"? She looks very masculine to me. She needs to come out of the closet. In her latest hate-spewing rant, she said the Caravan coming toward the US would bring 1000s of brown people to our country who would poison it and kill everybody. Hey, Laura, your blatant racism is showing, you hateful Biatch. Why is Fox just eating the revenue loss she's causing just to keep this viper on the air? The "My Pillow" guy is one of her advertisers; just shows how low her show has sunk. Fox should deep six her.

  17. Good…I do not like this racist witch. She has absolutely no soul or compassion. I wonder how she treats her kids and husband…she definitely does not have the motherly, nurturing genes.

  18. This is a good thing… We need to keep this up.. We need to hit their shows that have Tomi Lahren on them too.. Tucker as well.

  19. They will be back when things cool down. They're more than likely Republicans and own the companies that are paying advertising.

  20. Laura Ingraham use to be one of the most respectable people on radio & some TV
    Since joining Fox News she's change ! IDKW? I wish the old Laura that had compassion & was professional (like when she was in Boston) I miss that Laura Ingraham. 🙁

  21. They're quite willing to advertise when all the racism is dog-whistled. In all of this, don't forget that. When the right yells about 'thugs' and 'welfare queens' because they can't say n—-r, when they yell "Rule of law!" at children in cages because they can't yell "Blood and Soil!", when they talk about the 'alleged murder of Seth Rich' instead of accusing the Hillary campaign directly of murdering him like their audience believes, when they go to CPAC and do hand waves that look an awful lot like the Bellamy salute, many advertisers are quite willing to buy space on that. Why? Because there's a degree of plausible deniability there.

    But when the Laura Ingrahams go on their shows and unambiguously argue in favor of the government going after immigrants that are here LEGALLY and have always been here LEGALLY, and when the Tucker Carlsons go on their shows and pine for a whiter America, then, and only then, do those advertisers get a little anxious and go "Uh, guys? I think maybe these Nazis are Nazis"

  22. Laura said nothing wrong the so called blowback is BS.
    Her show is still #1.

    As for advertisers who cares as time goes by after midterm others will step in. No one cares

    I laugh as I hear the left sad attempt boo hoo Ingraham.

    Reminds me of all the "experts" who told us HRC is gonna win.


    Cannot wait for Nov..

    Hogg the phony who used the tragedy to gain fame.
    What a joke a 17 year old who knows nothing. Still lives with Mama. Has not had to pay a mortgage raise a family go to work with a 100f temperature.
    Candy Ass

    Only people who went ga ga over Hogg were the far left SJW nut jobs. Who look for every reason to proclaim Trump is dead. People are turning YET latest polls have him at 48 to 50+%. Lmao

    He made such an impact where is he now.

    Just as I said 10 months ago Hogg was just the latest prostitute to be used by msm for Anti Trump rhetoric.
    And now he is gone with no accomplishments it was all the typical left.

    Omg were changing the world frenzy EVERYONE is with us. We are so right we are so moral we are so popular.

    Lol Lmao

    And now come Nov. they will lose again.


    As history has proven

    1,000 State Office
    10+ Governorships
    65+ House Seats appr.
    10 Senate Seats appr.

    You remember that's when we were told how great the left is how majority of Americans support them.

    And bang election time the Left, SJW, Antifa, Blm, Progressive Freaks, Geeks, Wierdo's, & deviants who now make up 60% of democratic supporters.

    What happened

    All got their Ass beat in the worst Political Humiliation Ever Recorded In Human History.


    Just a friendly reminder from the
    Puerto Rican in CT.


  23. Meanwhile, no advertiser has ever paid for a spot on a Farron Cousins segment. Laura Ingraham was going to do a story about this fact, but she couldn't 'cause she didn't know about it.

  24. Good and the public needs to know who else advertises on Fox so that we may decide whether or not to buy their products in my case I wouldn't buy any ones products that support FOX in any way.

  25. Oh my, The thumbnail looked like Kellyann Conway. Something quite suspect about both those characters anyway.

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