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Four Hidden Marketing Techniques You Probably Don’t Notice

Four Hidden Marketing Techniques You Probably Don’t Notice

– There’s a lot of
science behind some of the most successful
advertising and marketing campaigns of our time. It’s science that’s led to
a few techniques marketers are using that you probably
didn’t even notice. The first technique you’re
probably not noticing is the physical placement
of words in an ad. My research shows that rational
messages, such as a health claim like in this
ad for granola bars, work best when placed at
the top of an advertisement, while emotional
messages like [? this ?] work best when physically
placed at the bottom. Similarly, emotional messages
like hope in the iconic Barack Obama campaign poster are also
more effective at the bottom off a poster. Marketers are also
able to change how you feel about their
brands with subtle changes to logo design. For example, logos that
convey a sense of motion result in better attitudes
towards the brand and hold the
reader’s eye longer. A sense of motion plays
a role in using the eye to create a subconscious
connection to a brand’s message, as long
as that message is consistent with the
product’s identity. The right colors
also play a role in creating the right
feeling for a brand. Third, smell plays a very
important role for marketers. Smell is one of the
most powerful senses in terms of triggering
memories and associations. That lemon smell in a
detergent is not there just because we like it. It is used because many
decades ago real lemons were used to clean dishes
for their acidic properties. Finally, sound can make
the invisible visible. Think about Intel. [INTEL SOUND CLIP] Intel makes chips that
go inside of computers, never to be seen
by the consumer. But mention Intel, and
immediately its famous five note chime comes to mind. It’s a sound that made it one
of the most recognizable brands in the world. Because of the sound,
consumers can feel the presence of this invisible chip. The use of sound, motion, smell,
and all aspects of our five senses are part of
sensory marketing. We’ve shown that once a
consumer gets attached to the sensory
aspect of a product, they are much less likely
to give that product up. Sensory marketing
is an evolving field and researchers are
discovering new ways to use the senses to
improve engagement. We’ve even looked at
how to design roadsigns with a sense of
movement to better grab a driver’s attention,
improve reaction times, and reduce accidents. So this science has broader
applications as well. [MUSIC PLAYING]

1 thought on “Four Hidden Marketing Techniques You Probably Don’t Notice

  1. Note the use of subliminal priming to reinforce her third point, on scent:
    "Turd smell plays a very important role for marketers…" (1:11)

    Interesting, thought-provoking, observations, especially on customer's attachment to their sensorial experience of a product.

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