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FORTNITE SHIELD POTION DIY | Cooking with Marshmello

FORTNITE SHIELD POTION DIY | Cooking with Marshmello

What’s Wrong guys I’m ninja and you’re watching cooking with marshmallows enjoying the new season of fortnight well just wait until you hear what we’ve got planned for today we’ll be making a hot night shield potion let’s get started for today’s recipe we’ll meet I scream every minute lemon orange and cherry flavoring blue food dyes heavy whipping cream and vanilla extract first off add a heavy whipping cream sugar and vanilla extract to a mixer wisk slowly at first and gradually increase the speed [Music] keyword once which will turn to a blender in the blender add the ice cream and milk add the lemon ice cream beautiful isn’t it mellow pour the blended mixture into a mason jar or potion glass top it off with our whipped cream you’ve got your very own milkshake or earnings for one shield potion if you’re ever in need of protection this drink is sure to do the trick results may vary [Music]

100 thoughts on “FORTNITE SHIELD POTION DIY | Cooking with Marshmello

  1. 1:01 sound like a part of a movie from pewie Herman I know I typt it wrong but don't care about it but with the balloons part sound like it

  2. Can somebody tell how many grams of each ingredient i need like theey don't tell you. And i still wanna make it…

  3. Wayyyyy brother love Marshmello right Happier 😊😇😇❤❤💙💙💙💋💋💋💋😻😻😻😻😻😍😍😍

  4. I love your music marshmello keep them up maybe when I graduate from 9th grade this year I'll try to play moving on at it

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